Shading Excercises - NSFW

I'm not all that happy with either of these, but I thought I would share anyways. Feel free to CC if you like.

Wystro 17 years ago
Have you tried using a blending stump? I think with a little smoothing that you'll find yourself a lot more pleased with your pictures. There are proportion issues with the legs in the first figure, but overall these are lovely, sensitive renderings!
Den 17 years ago
I agree with the issues of the legs in the first picture, but I like them both, and I like the shading as it is. Sure, you can smooth it out, and it will give you a softer looking picture, but then not all styles are like that.
Asha 17 years ago
Hey guys thanks for the feedback.

Nope, never used a blending stump. Just an ear bud thingy. I didnt want to smudge it in the beginning, but i felt i needed to bacause the paper was more textured than i thought (It was a gift) and looked way to rough.

I think ill have a go at some pastels next.

I think the perspective is stuffed cos my shading stinks, in regards to the first one. There is forshortening in her legs as they are closer to the camera. But when i look back at the drawing, it really doesn't look that way.

Oh well, practice makes perfect and all that.