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I found and manipulated this a little. You may want to use it.

High School you attend/attended:
Current Profession:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Place(s) to eat:
Favorite place(s) to vacation:
Favorite Movie(s):
Favorite Book(s):
Favorite Car(s):
Favorite TV Show(s):
Favorite Type of Music:
Favorite Singer(s)/Band(s):
Political Leaning:
Three People in history (alive or dead) you would like to have a long dinner with:
What is your dream job?
When did you start playing online games?:
What game do you now play?:
Online gamers you've met:
Favorite memory of Online Gaming?:

ROzbeans 19 years ago
Hey this is kinda cool, thanks Shak =)

Name: ROz
Location: The great YUKON
Hometown: ...Grew up Navy, west coast I guess
High School you attend/attended: Oak Harbor High School, Washington State
College: 2 community colleges
Current Profession: Mom and freelance sig artist
Age: WTF? 31 =D
Gender: Decidely female
Married: Very much so
Children: 1 kiddo, Catherine
Pets: 1 spastic dog, Shadow
Hobbies: Photoshop, EQ, learning to braid my daughter's hair
Favorite Food: mexican and guacomole!
Favorite Place(s) to eat: just found a new mexican restuarant in town!
Favorite place(s) to vacation: Hawaii is nice in the summer
Favorite Movie(s): Clue, Aliens, Alien4
Favorite Book(s): 13 crimes of science fiction
Favorite Car(s): Mazda 6
Favorite TV Show(s): Seinfeld
Favorite Type of Music: All but country and christian rock - an oxymoron if you ask me
Favorite Singer(s)/Band(s): U2
Political Leaning: Democrat!
Three People in history (alive or dead) you would like to have a long dinner with: This is a good question...can I have sex with them afterwards?
What is your dream job?
When did you start playing online games?:
What game do you now play?: Everquest...damnit
Online gamers you've met: ...at least 100
Favorite memory of Online Gaming?: Its now a toss up between late winter 2003, early 2004 with Triadica and AOT now.
Guest 19 years ago
I know this isnt for me, but I always loved these things cause it helped others know who you are. You can even send one of these to your best friend and chances are youll find out something you didnt know I did it with a few of my friends.

Name: Dana Carter
Location: Jawja. (translated Georgia for you northerners..)
Hometown: Dallas
High School you attend/attended: Bremen City High School
College: N/A (for the moment anyway)
Current Profession:Mother, Artist, Lover, Friend
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Married: YES!
Children: 2, Blake and Alyssa
Pets: none atm, our father in law wont let us have a puppy, and atm we stay with him
Hobbies: Reading, mostly.
Favorite Food: I have no favorite. I like it all. But especially Mustard Greens, Fried chicken /or stir fry meat (that i cook), bell peppers, broccoli and squash/zuccini stir fried, and cheesy toast.
Favorite Place(s) to eat: The Grapevine, a Greek Resturant here.
Favorite place(s) to vacation: THe mountains, or TN.
Favorite Movie(s): The Crow, TLoTR:RotK
Favorite Book(s): Too damn many to write in this space. STephen King or Diana Gabaldon you can pretty much name it.
Favorite Car(s): Mine =P Actually I have a 2004 Saturn L300 and it suffices, but I want want WANT the new Mustang 2005's. They kick bootie.
Favorite TV Show(s): I dont really watch tv anymore, but I like Comedy Central Presents.
Favorite Type of Music: Classic Rock I guess, but I like a lot of music.
Favorite Singer(s)/Band(s): Zeppelin, Skynyrd, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd. ...
Political Leaning: They all suck =/
Three People in history (alive or dead) you would like to have a long dinner with: Stephen King, Pres Lincoln, and any General of a Highland (as in scotland) battle.
What is your dream job? Neonatal Nurse
When did you start playing online games?: in Feb of 2001
What game do you now play?: Everquest, some, when I have time
Online gamers you've met: Too many to mention, and I care for them all.
Favorite memory of Online Gaming?: Staying up all night talking to my first online friend that I didnt know irl. Then it was Oombop, or soemthing to that effect, LAter that night we both got raped by the GM Name Taker and mine was changed from Laddidragon to Draiven (as in my fave movie, the crow, Eric Draiven) and his to Dharius, now known to some as Gharret Ar'dere.
Guest 19 years ago
Location: Dallas, TX
Hometown: Seattle, WA
High School you attend/attended: Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts - Las Vegas, NV
College: UNLV, Art Institute Online
Current Profession: Student, assistant team leader for an appraisal company
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Married: Engaged
Children: are the debil
Pets: not yet
Hobbies: Digital art, EQ2, reading, creating techno mixes, make-up
Favorite Food: Potatoes
Favorite Place(s) to eat: Outback, PF Chang's, Marrakech (Morroccan restaurant in Las Vegas)
Favorite place(s) to vacation: Venice, Hawaii, San Francisco, NY
Favorite Movie(s): The Matrix, LOTR trilogy, Kill Bill 1&2, many more
Favorite Book(s): currently Harry Potter
Favorite Car(s): BMW 325i, Nissan Z350
Favorite TV Show(s): Six Feet Under, Stargate
Favorite Type of Music: Techno
Favorite Singer(s)/Band(s): No Doubt
Political Leaning: Liberal
Three People in history (alive or dead) you would like to have a long dinner with: Elizabeth I, Quentin Tarantino, and Bill Clinton
What is your dream job? Professional game tester
When did you start playing online games?: 1998
What game do you now play?: EQ2
Online gamers you've met: My fiance, Starrydance, Saraney, Braitha/Kaytana, bunch of other people not on this board
Favorite memory of Online Gaming?: hmmm...too many to decide on one
Sarah 19 years ago
Name: Sarah Smith (Yes, that is my real name)
Location: Austin
Hometown: Arlington, tx
High School you attend/attended: James w. Martin, Arlington
College: a bit of JC
Current Profession: Mommy
Age: 26
Married: six years now
Children: 2, Beth and Kate 6 and 3
Pets: nope, we're allergic
Hobbies: dolling and WoW
Favorite Food: As long it's not spicey I'll try it
Favorite Place(s) to eat: Bucca di Bepo
Favorite place(s) to vacation: What's a vacation?
Favorite Movie(s): Just too many to name, fav right now is the Harry Potter series
Favorite Book(s): Trashy romance go go Harliquin!
Favorite Car(s): Chevy Trailblazer (the big giant three rows of seats one)
Favorite TV Show(s): Crossing Jordan and CSI:
Favorite Type of Music: I'll listen to just about anything except hard rap and any kind of metal.
Favorite Singer(s)/Band(s): 3rd Day and Delerious?
Political Leaning: Democrat
Three People in history (alive or dead) you would like to have a long dinner with:T.S. Elliot, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Lady Bird Johnson
What is your dream job? I'm doing it, or teaching 10th grade Lit.
When did you start playing online games?: Feb 2001
What game do you now play?: WoW
Online gamers you've met: Some folks from N/S Ryala!! and a few others.
Favorite memory of Online Gaming?:My guilding ceremony into Clan MacLear.
Nektar 19 years ago
I found and manipulated this a little. You may want to use it.

Name: Nick Ray (Nicolas Raymond)
Location: Montreal
Hometown: Bethesda MD
High School you attend/attended: Lycée Rochambeau
College: Concordia
Current Profession: Graphic design (student)
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Married: Hell no
Children: Idem
Pets: Tabby
Hobbies: Graphic design, photography, travel, alcohol
Favorite Food: Gratin Dauphinois
Favorite Place(s) to eat: Uno, Houston's
Favorite place(s) to vacation: Anywhere where people are laid back (Parisians can blow me)
Favorite Movie(s): Braveheart, Harold and Kumar, Silence of the Lambs
Favorite Book(s): Silmarilion
Favorite Car(s): Benz
Favorite TV Show(s): Stargate, Outer Limits, Jon Stewart, Just for Laughs
Favorite Type of Music: What makes me move in a night club
Political Leaning: Liberal
What is your dream job? Graphic artist
When did you start playing online games? 1996 (M59)
What game do you now play? None
Online gamers you've met? 1
Favorite memory of Online Gaming? Online gaming was plague to me