Could Jail Be in Your Future?

Could fake crime in online games be treated like real world crimes?

Personally I think this is all bullshit, although the child pornography angle does make you think a little bit. Anyone who does anything to a kid in real life should just be taken out behind a building and shot in the head, or maybe the groin.

Den 17 years ago
In World of Warcraft, the most popular online game, with an estimated 8 million participants worldwide, some regions of this fantasy domain have grown so lawless that players said they fear to brave them alone. Gangs of animated characters have repeatedly preyed upon lone travelers, killing them and making off with their virtual belongings.

RE the WOW does another character take something from you? I mean I can see a bunch of players lying in wait to pounce on another, but can't imagine how they can take anyone's belongings. Is that a PVP thing? (never have PVP'd so I don't know a thing about it).
Maelgrim 17 years ago
You can't in WoW, but in Ultima Online you could be pk'd and they would loot your corpse of all your good items, money etc. I remember the first time I was pk'd there and lost all my stuff, it still pisses me off. heh
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Early eq used to suck. There was this guild back on rallos zek, Veb's first server, that used to pvp grief people, take their shit and then post screenshots on their website. This was before anyone had a website too. Then eq changed it to taking just 1 item, of course usually the best item on that person. Then coin, then to nothing.
Laschae 17 years ago
Uhm people need to get a life. A real life. That's what customer service and GMs are for not the police.
SnowDragon 17 years ago
I will agree the kid thing is just plain sick. But damn it's a fantasy game and now the police want to get involved in everything we do. It's just sad. No nothing can be looted on WOW but I remember UO you got everything looted. Eventually I became a pker and just to piss people off I would cut up their armor and leave it in their pack. But then they went and made care bear land. Talk about people talking smack. Hated that land. UO went down hill after that.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
The game itself needs to ban these users, not that its really effective, but the game creators need to set some sort of precedence - otherwise I guess you could see another civil liberty being taken away. Begging for the police to step in could, some day, potentially turn into them being a constant presence.

H2u Big Brother.
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
i actually had to read that one twice. and told my dad about it and even he's shaking his head over it. you'd think, with crime rates being what they, that some people would have enough to do.

wonder how long before someone trys to pass a law banning looting, sex and murder in online gaming.

(though i;m still trying to figure out the sex one...)
Mylec 17 years ago
People take this stuff WAY too seriously. Its a freakin game. Getting the police involved is just stupid. OMG I'm calling the cops, YOU SANK MY BATTLESHIP!!!!!!11!!
ROzbeans 17 years ago

Good times.
Maelgrim 17 years ago
I just want to know what happened to the good old days when all you had to worry about was who was the "guild whore"?
Verileah 17 years ago
Wait, Roz, isn't that exactly what Xanithor did to Ssoulz?
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Wait, Roz, isn't that exactly what Xanithor did to Ssoulz?

Mizen 17 years ago
I miss Ssoulz =/
SinnedAria 17 years ago
Not a fan of the Big Brother bullshit, at all. I don't need people holding my hand and doing my shopping for me and picking my entertainment for me and pre-chewing my food for me, and I sure as hell don't need people policing my online experience because I was too much of a dumb fuck to realize that an MMO is a world full of people who are made bold by their anonymity, and will do any number of stupid things that they wouldn't have the balls to do in real life. Come on... "u pk'd me so I'm callin teh copz on ur azz" is just a step beyond "REPORTED!!!111////".

Oh and re: sex in online games... visit the Second Life marketplace, wherein there exists a wide variety of sexual poses for your avatar and a pal!

... or so I've heard.
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
i think i'd be too scared to check that out. might destroy my innocence!!
Calimaryn 17 years ago
UO was (and may still be) the only game where you can kill and steal loot from another player character. When EQ was new you could if given /consent but that changed quickly.

Now, I play Second Life a bit. hehe You can actually be hired by 'club' owners to be an escort or give out lap dances. Yeah, the sex trade is booming there. One of my RL friends did the escort thing for a while, she laughed it up too, because its pretty hilarious.
SnowDragon 17 years ago
/shock Fyre your innocent?????