Iron Man - May 2008

Robert Downey Jr?

Clip from Comic Con

Mileron 16 years ago

It's gonna be -good-.

Might be as popular as Spiderman.
Temprah 16 years ago
As popular as Spiderman? You really think? I dunno about that.. Looks OK.
Adiene 16 years ago
I used to like Robert Downey Jr back in the days before all the hoopla .. now days I just try to avoid anything with him if I can >( He just turns me off and ruions shit /shrug Hope its ok someone let me know and I'll try not to eat anything before I check it out ... ya know ,,... just incase
ROzbeans 16 years ago
After watching that trailer again - how could this not be a friggin kick ass movie? I'm not a huge comic person, so the little details that are different or skewed won't bother me - but I think Downey is a great choice for such an arrogant man like Stark is portrayed. He's funny and single minded - 100% ambition. I was a little dumbfounded to see Downey as a super hero, but really he's in a suit when he's doing the kick ass stuff so I can just imagine it's Brad Pitt or someone else. =D

I think this will be big - as big as Spiderman though? Probably not, even though Spidey3 failed its followers horribly as the biggest piece of shit that hollywood has ever dumped from a comic book.
Sergon 16 years ago
I'm a fan of Downey and I'm glad he finally got his head out of his ass and realized just how much of his life and career he wasted doing drugs. I will probably go see this.

Adiene 16 years ago
It looks like it might be pretty decent I'll prolly end up going to see it , I suck at peer pressure! lol
ROzbeans 15 years ago

I think I love Robert Downey Jr. This new trailer is the shit.
Mileron 15 years ago
I want to watch that as much as I wanted to watch the first Spider-man.
Den 15 years ago
I'm a fan of Downey and I'm glad he finally got his head out of his ass and realized just how much of his life and career he wasted doing drugs. I will probably go see this.


I too am really glad he seems to have turned his life around...he's one of the best actors around today, and I'm glad we may now have a chance to see a long career for him.

I'm not huge on comic book movies, or even ones with a lot of blowing things up, etc., but even I want to see this. It just looks freaking awesome.

Sure hope we're all just as hyped up after it opens lol
Adiene 15 years ago
All I can say us What a great come back movie for Robert Downey Jr~!
I liked him back in the day , then he went thru all his shit and I just lost all manner of interest in him .. but he's back baby~! I just hope he can stay strait.
He is so fuckin' yumalicious in the movie~! /le sigh
Den 15 years ago
Awesome to hear Adiene! I'm going to see it Sunday
Trakhina 15 years ago
Lives up to the hype. Stay through the credits!
Adiene 15 years ago
yes, for sure ... We didn't get to stay after credits because we were with someone else but I figured we would take the kids and we'd stay then. Thanks for the notice hehe *waits for kids to wake up* lol
ladyduece 15 years ago
Aye stay through the credits. The boys went last night and we had a girls' night in. They had a blast and said it was an Awesome movie. Hubby was skeptical that it'd be another awesome trailer and big let down in theater but it was anything but!
Trakhina 15 years ago
Adiene 15 years ago
Lessa 15 years ago
Mileron 15 years ago

The gf isn't much of a superhero movie gal but the trailer intrigued her... And thankfully the movie knocked her socks off.

I had to explain very few things to her but she "got it" and enjoyed it and wants the score/soundtrack.

In fact, the first thing she says as the credits started is, "wait, it's over?" and I said "no, hon, it's just beginning. bwahaha." which of course earned me an eye roll until the post-credit scene

I had one minor quibble, but it's so minor I don't remember it at the moment... But I probably will once I see it again with my brother.