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If you are not familiar with the Battle School universe, you may want to read this wiki entry about Battle School before creating your character. For the purposes of this game, you may play a student between the ages of six and fourteen years old. At the beginning of the game you will be assigned to Dragon Army.

Here are some guidelines you may use to create your character.

Hair color:
Eye color:
Place of Origin:
Specialty: (Such as mathematics, gunnery, mechanics)
Former Armies: (n/a if you are a launchy)


About the Mod Characters:
Col. Hyrum Graff – Administrator of Battle School, Graff has the unenviable task of finding soldiers that can stand against the formics, and a commander who can lead them to victory.

Dap – A sort of school Counselor, he is quoted as saying that he is ‘the only person here who’s paid to be nice to you. But not too nice.’ He went over Graff’s head, to the chief of the International Fleet Military Police, when he thought Ender was in danger, and in Ender’s Shadow we see further evidence of how deeply he cares for these kids.

Captain Dimak – A teacher at Battle School, Dimak holds an intense rivalry with Dap, each wanting ‘their’ children to succeed. He appears in Ender’s Shadow and adopts Bean as his protégé, leading Graff to suggest that “…it is considered good advice for us not to get crushes on our students.” Dimak can be very free with Graff with regard to protocol, leading some to call him insubordinate.

About the ‘Throw Away’ Character:
Pinual – Pinual is a cannon character from Ender’s Game, but we know very little about him aside from the fact that his was the first tragic death at Battle School.

“Don’t you see what’s going on here? He’s stuck at the Giant’s Drink in the mind game. Is the boy suicidal? You never mentioned it.”

“Everybody gets the Giant sometime.”

“But Ender won’t leave it alone. Like Pinual.”
Pinual’s alleged suicide haunts Graff and the other school administrators even as they continue to push the students to their limits. But was his death –really- a suicide?


Attention: I have edited any bios I cannot read to take out the font formatting. I'm sorry if your bio no longer looks pretty.

MEC 16 years ago
Name: Zenan X Clark
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 90lbs
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Place of Origin: USA
Former Armies: Ferret, Asp, Badger, Condor, Phoenix, Hound
History: Zenan comes from Montana, USA. Even at an extremely young age it was obvious that Zenan was a very gifted child, he had much more advanced mental capacities than children who were older than him. Thus he was considered for entry into Battle school, unfortunately his social skills weren't as great. He rarely made friends and was extremely quite, so quite in fact that his parents never realized what his first word was as by the time they noticed he was talking, he could already speak in complete sentences. Regardless of this he was admitted to the school anyway. It turned out to be the best choice for him indeed, for without his parents around, he quickly came out of his shell. In fact Zenan now says that he is much happier in Battle school than he ever was at home.

During his early launchy time however a new problem developed. Zenan seemed to have a strong animosity against most people who were put in charge of him. Fortunately this did not reflect badly on his own leadership skills, although it did cause him to be placed as a Toon Leader much later than he should have, and he has never been an Army Commander. Zenan started out in Ferret Army and was traded several times (Usually as a result of not getting along with superiors) until he finally joined Hound army, where he was made into a Toon Leader. He quickly became one of the best Toon Leaders in the school. In addition to his leadership skills, Zenan is also a great marksmen, strategist, and overall combatant.

-I might change some stufff, please ignore the bad grammer.
Den 16 years ago

Name: BizzBizz
Age: 6
Weight: 40lbs
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Place of Origin: The States

Specialty: Mechanics-no matter what it is, if it has moving parts, BizzBizz can take it apart and put it back together, with a high success rate in repairing it if necessary.

Former Armies: na

History: BizzBizz was orphaned at the age of four, when her family was killed in a traffic accident. Her father, mother, and older brother had gone on a cross country van trip, and while crossing an intersection they were broadsided by a semi that lost its brakes.
Strangely enough, Bizz was the only one NOT wearing a shoulder harness, and was thrown from the vehicle upon impact. Everyone else in the car died when it exploded and they were unable to get out.

Unable to locate any relatives from information found in the vehicle remains, Bizz was placed in a children's home. She lasted there for six months until she was driven to runaway. Being the 'new kid', she had been teased and tormented mercilessly by kids who had already claimed the home as their own personal turf. Bizz tried to fit in, and tried keeping a low profile, but nothing seemed to appease the older kids.

Given an opportunity one day, while on a day trip to a local tourist point of interest, Bizz disappeared from the group, and was never seen by the authorities again.

Living on her own was not the fairytale she imagined, and was soon dirty, scarred, hungry, and scared. When asked to join the school, and offered a meal, and place to sleep, Bizz jumped at the chance. She promised to follow orders, train, and do whatever she could to help her saviors.

Sure she had just exchanged one home for another, but at least with this one she was told she would no longer be considered odd kid out - no one was considered too odd.

After only a few days in the ranks, BizzBizz understood the word odd.[/i]
pharren 16 years ago
The icy silence of the Armadillo army barracks had started as Major Anderson entered the battleroom to thaw the two frozen members from Phoenix, and then grew more frigid with each Armadillo member he released. The only sounds on the trip back to the barracks were the dejected shuffling of feet, the sound of flash suits as they walked, and the occasional sniffle or throat being cleared. Nobody had been bold enough to talk.

Andrews sat on his bunk and tugged nervously at the sleeve of his flash suit. He was conscious of the childish reluctance to take off the suit, for fear that he might never put it on again, yet he did nothing about it. He had seemingly exhausted all his other options, which made denial that much more appealing. But refusing to accept a fact does not make it any less of a fact, and no amount of denial could change the inevitable. The next logical step in Andrews' military career was icing out.

The symbolism was not lost on Major Anderson. He saw the surreptitious glances in Andrews' direction as he strode to the back of the barracks. Some were angry, but he could see the pity in most. Pity, and fear. For it was their fear as well. For most Battle School students, being iced and sent earthside was akin to death. In many cases, worse.

"Andrews." The Major stopped short directly in front of Andrews' bunk and stared with a look and a posture specially tailored for intimidation. He was very much aware of the fear he was able to inspire in his boys, and he took no small measure of satisfaction from it.

Andrews stopped tugging on his sleeve and glanced up at Major Anderson so casually that it bordered on insubordination. With nothing left to lose, the twelve-year-old boy slipped into the role of the pouty child and lazily flopped off the top bunk onto the floor facing the officer and sketched a sloppy salute. "Sir."

Anderson answered with a salute so sharp, Andrews thought he might have to check himself for cuts. Instead, he blinked once, slowly, and stared vacantly at a spot somewhere off to the side of the Major's face. "Andrews, grab your things." Those few Armadillos who hadn't already left the barracks, either for the showers, or out of an unwillingness to witness the shame of one of their comrades tried to stop what they were doing to listen, and pretend to ignore the conversation at the same time. "You're being transferred to a new army, effective immediately." The momentary silence that followed was broken when somebody dropped a shoe.

Name: Michael Andrews
Age: 12
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 36 kg
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Place of Origin: United Kingdom
Specialty: Logistics
Former Armies: Phoenix, Dog, Salamander, Armadillo, Rat (current)
History: The only remarkable thing about Michael Andrews is the amount of times he has been traded between armies. While no less intelligent than any other Battle School student, Andrews is trapped by his own unwillingness to take risks, and a crippling inability to 'think outside the box'. His innate organizational abilities make him an efficient army commander... under a by-the-book scenario. His final failure as commander of Armadillo army resulted in his mysterious transfer.
SnowDragon 16 years ago
I am in also.

Name: Stormie
Age: 8
Height: 4'3
Weight: 55
Hair color: white with red streaks usually up in pigtails
Eye color: Hazel (Change colors depending on her mood or clothes)
Place of Origin: Born in Ireland but shipped to the states now resides in Texas
Specialty: (Such as mathematics, gunnery, mechanics) Intelligence and weapons
Former Armies: (n/a if you are a launchy) Launchy

Stormie was born April 17th into a very loved family. She had always been a very outgoing and energectic child. Happy go lucky some would say. She was different from most of the children from an early age. She had a high IQ and understood things far beyond her age. Her parents worked for the government of Ireland in Intelligence. From the age of 3 she was placed into a top secret government program for children like her. She was taught history, math and english like any other child. She learned the history of her country but she also learned the history of every other country out their including their intelligence. At the age of 5 she learned how to use and shoot a gun. She was proficient in every weapon. She could put together a gun blindfolded. She was tied for top in her class with her best friend, Tinker.
She was excited the school had said that when she turned 8 would be leaving to go to a very elite school Battle School. The month after she turned 7 she was called into the head office and gently told that her parents had been murdered. Her world came crashing down around her. She would be leaving the school she attended and be going to the states to her Aunt Holly's. She would still keep in contact with the school discreetly and when she turned 8 they would make sure to get her to Battle School. She had no clue who this Aunt Holly was. She had never known she exsisted.
Aunt Holly was the total opposite from her parents. She was loud and obnoxious. People called her a slut behind her back not like Aunt Holly cared what others said about her. Stormie knew she was a burden to her Aunt Holly bcause she told her every chance she could. She hated living in Texas it was hot, humid and so ugly compared to Ireland. She was an outcast at school. She knew to much to fast and all the children shunned her. They made fun of the way she looked and the way she dressed. Even the teachers hated her. She counted the days down till her 8th birthday. Finally the day came and she walked to school wondering how they would come get her. As she was walking to school out of no where a van pulled up beside her and snatched her. She hit her head as she was pulled into the van and awoke at Battle Magic School very groggy and disoriented.
Keera 16 years ago
Count me in for this and die Pharren for not telling me about this earlier!!

Ok well here is my character hope he doesn't suck to much ass.

Name: Domo (A.K.A. "15156")
Age: 9
Height: 4 feet 5 inches
Weight: 147 lbs.
Hair color: Bald
Eye color: Grey
Place of Origin: Unknown
Specialty: Mechanics
Former Armies: (n/a if you are a launchy)
Golden light bathed his being as Domo entered the grove. Masculine trees with their mates swinging among the breeze, for miles his eyes could see the unspeakable majesty. Green was the color of choice which variation took his voice. Strolling among the streams he gazed hazily at the reflecting beams. Excruciating was the pain to close his eyes to look upon the tame, beautiful he would dare to call but yet comes to such a fall. Standard forms of names fall short of such a plane. Drawn from the depths of the sapient sea destruction manifests into Domo. He shall leave this sacred ground to live among other sounds. This place shall be preserved; he turns to cast one Last Look for he must close the chapter of this book. Last Breaths taken away for the imagination has naught more to say.

Cold, dark, and brilliant are the only words Domo can call to mind as the black whole swirls before him. He looks on with fascination through the main viewing panel as the other children crowd around him. He understands the true nature of the universe that surrounds him. Call it intuition, call it a gift but to Domo it is an unwanted extravagance. The little he is able to recall about his earlier childhood is derived from his dreams. "Dreams", Domo whispers to himself, "dreams are not supposed to be drenched in death and then painted black to hide among the stars for eternity."

He is exhausted from the long day oiling, refueling, and repairing various equipment. Domo returns to his room and begins dreaming long before his subconscious mind seeks refuge into the deepest recesses of escape. The last vestiges of conscious thought slip away; Domo lives thoughts of universal domination as the chaos begins. A dark voice uses the vocal cords of a young child "Oh how the children will love a world of radiated candy and melted dreams." With this Domo has a strange image form before him, he sees Santa falling asleep on the execution table as millions of children cry blood red tears but at the same time he sees angels singing with joy over the fat bastard's death.

He awakes among the chaos of a ship under attack. His bones shiver with delight; Domo can taste the battle about to ensue. These feelings have been suppressed since the beginning of time. He loses control of his physical and mental body; the dark voice assumes control. The voice speaks with the sound of tortured children that carries as thunder.

What is the weight of sorrow? The stopping point of tragedy? How much must one lose before they lose themselves? Is there any limit to how much pain one can incur and if so what is the limit? Must the universe cede into darkness before man realizes his destruction? Time had run out as I asked these questions. I was unable to take anymore of the selfishness; a new world had to be found to escape this impending death of reason. I found my way to the new world with the help of someone. As they claimed they would join me in my dance, they stood up and walked in a trance. Before long I realized my world had become my prison of solitude and so I tried to escape but my life was already gone because I had fallen beneath the void. In my final nothingness everything was gone, the illusion of happiness gave way to sorrow. My dreams of the perfect world crumbled around me; I faded into the unread chapters of time.

I have lost all hope in your humanity. Hate is the only emotion I feel. Its touch is southing, its infection keep me sane. There is one last bastion of purity and happiness left to the universe leading to an early death yet I have no fear. My sanctuary of peace is to be my tomb. I have seen worse fates than dying among the last reminants of true life. I will not be understood by most of those to come. This brings great sadness to the remaining pieces of my soul yet even a small child know the universe gives nothing for greatness or the attainment of perfection. Today marks the leaving of mortality from this body. Ironically the power vested in me is given by the darkness that as taken residence among mortal souls. I drink greedily from the goblet of man's pride. Women and children will be slaughtered; Men will fight on stepping silently into Hell but I shall live on as the Shepard of death until my lost love is returned to me through last breaths. My vengeance is insatiable as hate forever burns; I deserve the fate which lies at the end of my long path. Consumed by the thoughts of betrayal, I am nothing but an empty shell covered by a destructive longingness. The silent darkness of space was my only answer and for that i have gained power unimaginable but alas lost everything I ever loved." A black rose held high in an immortal hand, a deadly beauty.

"She lays her head beside the stars.
Her hair as black night.
The songs of space carry on her breath,
she breathes in the light.

Across the universe she lays,
her body maps the skies.
To see heaven without death,
look deep into her eyes."

"I will journey the landscape
from the earth to far above.
I will be drawn into your breath.
And be with you, always, my love.

You are space and time.
You are yes and never.
You are my life and death.
You are my forever."

Sweeping hazily through a death and frost clad land, images of thousands flowing and crashing upon their destination invaded all channels of thought. These thousands lay littered about never to flow again in their primordial waves. These thousands now rest rigidly behind their facades of obsidian pride.

The battelground from above took on the form of a desolate foreign planet deplete of life and dank with crawling death. The battle raged on into the darkness while destruction began to spill forth from the goblet of man's pride. Darkness like that looked upon behind one's cloaked orbs of vision covered the land. Just as the lone wolf cries to the night in vain; one can grasp his mortality upon this forsaken land seethed in the purest essence of starlight.

As the last of the survivors forsake their final breaths, which shall remain among the living, I feel cold, coarse hands upon me. Black clouds turn to gran and gray to blue. Senses awakened as the war, dreams, and pain all rushed into me at once as my lungs burned for sustenence. Scenes not meant to be looked upon by human eyes penetrated the very being of one's soul. The sun rose reachings its tendrils of warmth out among the desolate, frost encrusted plain. Looking out at the expanse of highlands one would expect to find leaves dancing about and covering the ground like dust in an abandoned house. No, wind would not travel this plain today with leaves pulling at its mane.

I was thrust into a world that was not my own. Tides, currents, and winds flowed viciously all meeting upon one stone etched as an ancient manuscript. I read as blazoned letters appeared, "As you once were, so once was I: as I am now you soon will be, so prepare to die and follow me." Presentiment can mark one's soul like blood upon satin sheets. All the lonely child can feel as he slips into oblivion is the rest of his kind galloping quickly behind.

Domo awakens cowering under a table at the age of three accompanied by pizza shavings and the smell of dried coke. Visions of a ghastly creature covered in thick fur with a long pointy snout as he drifted into a subconcious state of panic and fear. As the loathsome creature began to chant, "Hey kids . . ." every muscle locked in his body as Domo grasped for anything to grip ahold on for dear life. His struggle was in vain for his father yanked him from the haven Domo so never wanted to leave while the monster roamed. He was held up and placed in the paws of the beast seemingly as a sacrifice to be devoured and given to the gods at any moment. The epitamy of his trepidation quickly took hold as death was surely eminant. Surprisingly nothing came to pass as fury whiskers tickled Domo's face and he began to stop quivering. Ironically, as it was time to depart he was in a state of bliss for he had overcome his fear and found a friend. Remembering the fury embrace, Domo mentally shivered as a coolness invaded his thoughts letting him know this was the first of many terrifying events to come.

Domo awoke in the infirmary with a splitting headache and the feeling of molestation only a deep mind raping can produce.
Jetamio 16 years ago
Grrrr, wtf wont it let me copy and paste?

Name ~ Talia Brady
Age ~ 7
Height ~ 4'3
Weight ~ Erm.... 5 stones?
Hair colour ~ Dark blonde, curly
Eye colour ~ bright blue, though the bottm half of her left eye is slightly discoloured with a green tinge, only noticeable close up.
Place of Origin ~ Scotland, but was sent to live with her grandfather in New York.
Specialiality ~ Weaponry, Linguistics.
Former Armies ~ N/A

History ~

Talia had a normal childhood with her family in Scotland until she was sent to live with her grandparents in New York when her own parents were brutally murdered in front of her. Haunted by this memory and naturally quick tempered anyway, leads her into trouble alot, often in trouble for fighting and such at school. Despite her wild ways, she was top of her class in most subjects, particularly linguistics. Her grandfather dispaired of ever managing to control her as her behaviour got worse but her skill in combat improved.
So it was to his great relief when she recieved the invitation to attend the battle school, and he fervently hoped that they could teach her to channel her rage into something far more productive.
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
Name: Najda Sorrento
Age: 11
Height: 4’5”
Weight: 72lbs
Hair color: dishwater blond – that odd shade that isn’t quite blond, isn’t quite brown. Cut short to accommodate the helmet and stay out of her eyes. Tends to the messy side – no interest in keeping it neat and tidy.
Eye color: Dark brown, almost black
Place of Origin: New York City
Specialty: Battle History/Strategy
Former Armies: Phoenix

Najda had been around the block enough times to know that this was the price of screwing up. She had no idea if she’d been traded or if she’d just tripped over her own two feet one too many times. But Battle school was what it was. And she’d figured out pretty quick how to work the system.

You did not grow up on the streets of NYC without picking up a trick or two. Only problem was, she’d barely started to figure out the streets when they’d dragged her up here, out to the middle of nowhere and tossed her into the Games. Yeah, she’d been pretty tough as a 5 year old punk. Probably a bit too smart for her own good all things considered. She really hadn’t grasped the importance of the monitor she’d worn from the get go – it simply was a part of her and it was a part she didn’t really give a damn about. Making sure her baby brother ate, though, that was important. Her parents had died before she truly grasped what they were about – Grams had taken them in and made sure that Najda went to school, kept going on about how important an education was. Only problem there was the lack of challenge. She just figured things out too quick some days. Wouldn’t surprise her to find out that that was how she ended up here.

Only “here” had changed. She’d been Phoenix for so long she’d forgotten what it meant to be anything else. Or at least she didn’t dwell on it. There were times, deep in the night that she remembered the little things that made up her life before being carted off like so much luggage to Battle School. The smell of Tony’s hair after she’d help Grams to bath him. Or the taste of Aunt Trin’s apple pie. The view from the top of the tenement building they lived in. brief flashes of memory, quickly suppressed so as not to loose the homesickness that threatened when least expected.

“Here” was standing outside the entrance to Dragon, wondering just what exactly had happened. Yeah, she could be mouthy at times – some habits just wouldn’t break when she got too worked up or too nervous. Amazing sometimes how easy it could be to talk someone down by acting tough. But as often as she might get on the Commander’s nerves, she’d never gotten more than a slap on the wrist. She knew, within a hair, how far she could push without getting slammed for it. Made her a good soldier, all things considered. Got her bumped from toon leader once or twice, taking risks the Commander hadn’t planned on, but in the end they’d won those battles. So what the hell had happened? Near as she could remember it’d been awhile since she’d ticked anybody off – it was always safer to play from within the system than to buck it too hard. The occasional tweaking was one thing – just enough to let them know you were still there. But she’d been toeing the line pretty close lately. Maybe too close?

Maybe she should have bucked harder?
The Azig 16 years ago
Name: Dantes Jean-Paul Valentino Villanova
Age: 13
Height: 5’9, Tall for his age with an athletic build.
Weight: 115 lbs (52 Kg.) Lean and muscular
Hair Color: Brown, cut short with long bangs hanging over his eye that he is constantly head-flipping or blowing out of the way.
Eye color: Brown
Place of Origin: Mexico City Metroplex
Specialty: Athletics and perhaps Close Combat it would seem.
Former Armies: Launchy
Born and raised in the less than privileged area of the sprawling Mexico City Metroplex, Dantes (Dan) is a smart kid, but a drop out. The schools available to him taught him nothing that challenged him, and like many in his social stratus he had to start contributing financially to his household very early. Starting at the age of 11 he took on courier jobs for his Uncle’s store. He learned very quickly how to get around in a tall and confusing environment, as well as how to watch for strangers who meant trouble. He began to study Parkour at that same age, and used his courier job to stay in constant practice.

When he turned 12, a friend of his Uncle who ran a sporting good store signed him up for the stores' tournament paintball team. Dan was the youngest on the team by at least 5 years, but using his size and Parkour training he was their secret weapon. These tournaments were how he caught the eye of the Battle School recruiters. In a game against a well-to-do team from America, his team eked out a victory (and upset). A BS recruiter was in the audience that day, and was impressed by Dan’s prowess and determination – but what impressed the man most was when he interviewed the child, and the young boy instinctively saw right through all the recruiters’ salesman lies. For a chance at a better life, however, little Danny asked the recruiter, “Where do I sign?” The answer was “It’s not that easy, son.” And he wasn’t lying that time. The rigorous, invasive, and sometimes brutal examinations that followed to qualify for BS were very tough for a child with his poor formal education. Many times he just knew he had failed and would be sent home, but the tests kept coming. Toward the end the tests were less cerebral, and mostly psychological. Ethics, decision making, emotional response were all heavily emphasized. He was uncertain how to self-evaluate these tests.

The day of the last exam, Dan was sure he was sunk, and going back home to the ghetto. The examiner came in holding the last exam in his had. “Are you ready for the final?”
The examiner put the test in front of Dan. There was only one question on the paper.
Do the ends justify the means?
a.) Yes.
b.) No.
c.) Only if the ends are justifiable.
d.) Only if the means are justifiable.
e.) Only if both the ends and the means are justifiable.
Dan looked at the examiner a little concerned. “Just one question?”
“And this determines if I go on to school, or go home?”
Without further hesitation Dan marked the answer his pen had been hovering over and handed the exam back to the man standing in front of him.
“That was quick,” the man said looking down at the exam. “Are you sure of your answer?”

This is Dante’s first year at Battle School. Inducted a bit late at the age of 13, he arrives at the school looking more like an out of place tourist that hopped the wrong shuttle. His dark brown hair is cut short and neat, except for the long bangs that hang over his left eye, which he flips or blows aside every few minutes. His tanned Latino skin and dirty denim clothing stand in dark contrast to the bright and clean surroundings he finds himself in. His brown eyes survey the flight deck of the station, and his posture is cautious, but not uncomfortable.
“Wow, it IS just like the VR games.” He thinks to himself as the awe of everything slowly fades. “Wonder what they want with a barrio-kid up here?”
Lillaanya 16 years ago
Name: Janie Adams
Age: 6
Height: 3' 6"
Weight: 48 lbs
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Piercing green
Place of Origin: Montgomery, Alabama
Specialty: (Such as mathematics, gunnery, mechanics) intelligence
Former Armies: (n/a if you are a launchy) launchy

On first glance you would mistake Janie for a child years younger because she was so small, but 5 minutes of speaking to her would reveal an intelligence far beyond her young years, and an uncanny ability to manipulate even the hardest person into doing what she wants. She grew up in a well-to-do good ol' southern family, and with her baby doll looks might have been one of those "pagent children" had she not been "chosen" when she was spotted reading a copy of "1984" in the corner at one of her mother's "afternoon teas" at age 5.
pooka 16 years ago
Name: Adina Bat Aram Yousef (ABAY for short)
Age: 13
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Place of Origin: Egypt
Specialty: Computational Linguistics
Former Armies: Dog
History: incognitare non Incognitemus was the motto of the IF Linguistics Wing. While the bulk of humanity seeks to unite under one language, many believe that in doing so we allow the formics to make us less human. Adina's Mother founded the IFLW, justifying its activities with the idea that "not understanding is not not being understood. The fact that we can't understand the buggers does not mean they are not monitoring and successfully decrypting our communications. It would be foolish, then, to make their life easier by communicating in only one language." So children like Adina who are able to learn many languages and trained to be sent out on fighting/colony vessels. One function is to communicate with other ships' linguists. Another is to preserve a seed of human linguistic diversity on any new worlds. It is the leading reason any girl makes it into Battle School.
MashPotato 16 years ago
Name: Ezekial Rainsfeld
Age: 13
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: brown
Place of Origin: Saskatchewan, Canada
Specialty: mathematics and physics
Former Armies: n/a

History: growing up in a rural area of the vast prairies of Saskatchewan, Ezekial was an only child who was raised and home-schooled by his mother. Her unconventional teaching method focused solely on creativity and the expression of feelings, and resulted in Ezekial being an extremely sensitive child, whose major academic accomplishment was to be able to compose bad haikus at the drop of a hat.

However, at age 11, Ezekial and his motherwere forced to move to Saskatoon in order for his mother to receive treatment for an neurodegenerative illness, and Ezekial was enrolled in a regular school. He immediately showed a remarkable talent for math and physics--his unusual education allowed him to have a unique, creative approach to numbers, and he could see patterns and alternatives that others could not. Quickly outpacing his teachers at his elementary school, then the teachers at the local highschool, then the professors at the Saskatoon university, he took to self-study while simultaneously caring for his mother. He came to the attention of Battle School when at 12 he became the youngest-ever contributor to the Journal for the Study of Topological Astrophysics. Over the next year he was monitored, and while he was deemed suitable for entry into Battle School, he refused due to his attachment to his mother, whom he could never leave. Later in the year, however, she suddenly took a turn for the worse, and soon died. Left by himself, Ezekial accepted the school's invitation.

Extremely quiet, Ezekial enjoys solitude, and prefers the company of numbers and words over people. He is never seen without his red pen and notebook, which he constantly fills with equations, diagrams... and bad poetry.

Numbers speak volumes
Equations tell countless taies
We just need to hear
nickenstien 16 years ago
Name: Splazmonnotroid "Sporkmundoframp" Gralanglioprelammbiac
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 108 lbs.
Hair color: brown
Eye color: Brown
Place of Origin: Madrid (possibly?)
Specialty: Explosives, Lock-Picking, standing _very very_ still indeed.
Former Armies: Hedgehog, Gibbon, Makak, Baboon, Goat.

Splazmonnotroid was found abandoned as a baby on Christamas morn, in a small paddle boat, adrift the lake in Retiro Park, Madrid. Taken to an orphanage by a street entertainer who pretended to be a rubbish gold-statue in the park all day, Splazmonnotroid found it difficult to empathise with and befriend the other abandoned souls there. This caused him to embark on many a daring escape-mission, so that he could fulfill his dream of also pretending to be a rubbish gold statue in the park. Although always re-captured and taken back to the orphanage (screaming and kicking with snot bubbles forming at the nose, like crying children do), it was Splazmonnotroid's continual cunning escapes from a high security broom cupboard that caught the attention of the visiting Battle-School recruitment officers. His keen use of donated broken-toys and household sanitisation products to effect his miraculous escapes, was what led to his early training in lock-picking and explosives. Also his formative experiences of immitating a man, who was imitating a rubbish gold statue, has instilled within Splazmonnotroid the uncanny abilty to stand _very very_ still indeed.
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
Name: Emilio Salvaggio

Age: 13

Height: 58" (4'10")

Weight: 100 lbs

Hair color: Blonde, dark skin

Eye color: Light blue

Place of Origin: Curitiba, Brazil

Specialty: (Such as mathematics, gunnery, mechanics): Stealth, infantry tactics, sharpshooting.

Former Armies: (n/a if you are a launchy): Rat, Condor, Rabbit

History: Emilio was born the first of identical twins. With a family history of multiple births (his mother was a triplet), this came as no surprise. It was expected that children of exceptional parents would themselves be exceptional, and Emilio and Armando lived up to that expectation in every sense of the word.

Though as close as two twins could be, Emilio and Armando grew up with a tiny fissure between them; sibling rivalry. Emilio was ever the smooth-talker, getting into mischief but never anywhere to be found when the trouble was discovered, leaving Armando to sort it out. As they grew older, the canny Emilio managed to make his mischief look more and more as if it were Armando's mischief. Armando's retribution came later; a dish served cold, months down the road. The twins learned planning and foresight; how to prepare for long-term eventualities, even if only through their rivalry.

But even so, the brothers were close. This bond, their friendship, was the first thing that had to go. To make them each a leader in his own right, the twins had to be separated so that neither on could rely on the other for a crutch.
Emilio, the best shot in his toon, a cunning fighter in null-grav, showing signs of being a master tactician, was sent away from his brother as soon as possible. Their instructors made a point of setting the twins against each other in every battle, doing their best to cleave the memory of childhood closeness from their minds, bolstering instead the fissure of rivalry, growing it into a gaping chasm so that when the twins encountered each other again they couldn't be entirely sure where they stood with each other - could they?
Britt 16 years ago
Name: Lynn Armond
Age: 6
Height: Tall
Weight: Lanky
Hair color: Light brunett
Eye color: Hazle
Place of Origin: US
Specialty: Reverse engineering and mathematics
Former Armies: Launchy
History: The govenment initially became interested in Lynn when she built a laser out of an average wrist watch. After rigorous testing, it was discovered that the young girl was a borderline genius when it came to taking things apart and making them better. Her parents are very average, but she hates her older brother who is completely condescending towards her because he knows that she is smarter than him. She is very easily influenced by gossip and constantly talks to the point where people are too annoyed to hang around her for very long.
Tor 16 years ago
Name: Willie "Pinky" Cleene
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 85 lbs
Hair color: Platinum Blond
Eye color: Red / Pink
Place of Origin: Seattle, WA USA
Specialty: Visual geometry and vectoring, pattern recognition, spatial savant
Former Armies: Hawk
History: Willie's parents were saddened when the genetic scan of their growing fetus revealed a possible complication, but opted to bring him into the world despite the anomaly. Born a type 2 albino in a pigmented world was a bit of a strain, but one that Willie took in stride. He understood the need of others to fear what they didn't understand, and didn't blame the other children for any outbursts that his appearance may catalyze. After all, he was the aberration, not them.

Even growing up with his brothers and sisters he had felt a bit "other" - once he was sent to Battle School, the feeling polarized. He was very much singled out by other kids in the Games, but also very close to his comrades in Hawk. Traded away to Dragon after the rise of a new leader within his former group, he looks forward to building the same camaraderie within a new unit.
lemmy101 16 years ago
Name: Teresa Sol
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Height: 4'8''
Weight: 85lbs
Hair color: Mousey brown
Eye color: Grey
Place of Origin: Wellington, New Zealand
Specialty: Psychology and empathy
Former Armies: Tiger, Bear, Hawk, Panther
Possessions: Ringo the bear, a picollo, a photo of a stern faced woman in her thirties, an inexpensive silver necklace.

History: Teresa is quiet and as timid as a mouse. She has moved from army to army, and has never managed to fit in anywhere. Teresa is socially awkward close to the point of delusional paranoia, yet exceptionally intelligent and has keen senses when it comes to the emotions of those around her. She can pick up the slightest changes in body language and breathing, yet despite this incredible empathy she still fails in gelling with her fellow classmates or gaining the recognition of her army commander. The more venemous of kids may say she will never have what it takes to go up against the buggers, but despite her failures in her previous armies, someone in high places is clearly pulling strings to keep Teresa on her way to Command School, but to what end? And will she finally manage to make it in the Dragon army?

Teresa's past is a mystery to all in the Dragon Army. There are rumours amongst the other children that her father is Mazer Rackham, but this is almost entirely down to her accent, and an apparent favouritsm from the administration of Battle School.
Hvesha 16 years ago
Name: Grenn Rosby
Age: 10
Height: Tall
Weight: Meaty, but not in a chubby way
Hair color: Dirt brown
Eye color: Dull gray
Place of Origin: Midwestern USA
Specialty: Visual Mathematics
Former Armies: Salamander
History: Grenn's father was a mathematics professor before he died under mysterious circumstances when the boy was five years old. He and his mother then moved from the east coast to the farming heartland of the country. When it was discovered that he would have to be held back in school, further investigation into his lack of education uncovered a unique ability. With just a glance at a room, Grenn could accurately measure to within a fraction of a centimeter the height, width, square footage, and volume of the space. Whether his ability would carry him anywhere along with his burden of thick headedness was something that the authorities decided that they would test in battle school. So far he has been found to have a strong sense of loyalty and an unfailing determination to do what needs to be done.
CaptainBinky 16 years ago
Name: Eduardo Perceptibule Jones
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Height: 3'9''
Weight: 60lbs
Hair color: n/a
Eye color: Brown/Green
Place of Origin: Wellstaple on the Water, Somerset, England
Specialty: Introjection
Former Armies: Lemming

History: Eduardo is a likeable if quiet kid born to a local village woman and the Spanish milkman. When under pressure he retreats into his own fantasy world where he tackles the object of his stress in a metaphorical battle in his mind - frequently involving dragons and knights. This way, he is able to complete the bravest and most amazing of feats without ever consciously realising he's doing it.

In this manner, Eduardo has yet to consciously realise he's at battle school - at the moment he believes that the great wizard Hapneed is training him in the art of ancient magic so that he can save his village from the evil orcs.

If Eduardo should ever be dragged forcefully out of his fantasy world it would likely do him serious psychological damage.
Jinheim 16 years ago
Name: Jacob
Age: 6
Height: 110cm
Weight: 20 kg
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Place of Origin: Missouri, America
Specialty: Math, specifically: probability, combinatorics, and logic
Former Armies: I just got here
History: Jacob lived a mundane and uneventful life in America's Midwest until the age of 5. When he entered kindergarten he immediately excelled at math and quickly devoured all the material that his teacher had to offer. Shortly after, he was identified as a math genius who excelled at predicting near-future events and trends based entirely on mathematical analysis of probabilities. He was put to work designing decision-making algorithms for artificial intelligences, and many of his innovations have been used for military applications without his knowledge or consent. He was brought to the Battle School in hopes that, with training, his abilities would allow him to be an excellent commander.
Mike 16 years ago
Name: Armando Salvaggio

Age: 13

Height: 58" (4'10")

Weight: 100 lbs

Hair color: Blonde, dark skin

Eye color: Light blue

Place of Origin: Curitiba, Brazil

Specialty: (Such as mathematics, gunnery, mechanics): Computers, particularly hacking and programming, chess, physics, calculas

Former Armies: (n/a if you are a launchy): Phoenix and tiger

History: Armando is the second born the first of identical twins. With a family history of multiple births (his mother was a triplet), this came as no surprise. It was expected that children of exceptional parents would themselves be exceptional, and Armando and Emilio lived up to that expectation in every sense of the word.

Though as close as two twins could be, Armando and Emilio grew up with a tiny fissure between them; sibling rivalry. Emilio was ever the smooth-talker, getting into mischief but never anywhere to be found when the trouble was discovered, leaving Armando to sort it out. Armando, ever logical and practical could nearly always put things to right and smooth things over unfortunately, when he couldn’t Armando was left holding the bag. This, however, taught Armando the value of retaliation and patience. Knowing how he brother though and was likely to react in most situations he would slowly and surly lay a snare that even the wilily Emilio couldn’t talk his way out of and that he was well clear of. The twins learned planning and foresight; how to prepare for long-term eventualities, even if only through their rivalry. However, this subtlety could easily be misunderstood and he was almost over looked for battle school. It was only Emilio’s superb scores that convinced the IF to test him.

But even so, the brothers were close. This bond, their friendship, was the first thing that had to go. To make them each a leader in his own right, the twins had to be separated so that neither on could rely on the other for a crutch.

Once out of their launch group Armando was sent to Phoenix. Being more dependant on Emilio than Emilio was on him, at first he was both hesitant and often over looked. It was in their first battle against each other that Armando found his stride. Having his brother completely disable him in battle was a wake up call and forced him into action. Finding his voice and established him self as a valued soldier. But still with the instructors making a point of setting the twins against each other in every battle, doing their best to cleave the memory of childhood closeness from their minds, bolstering instead the fissure of rivalry, growing it into a gaping chasm so that when the twins encountered each other again they couldn't be entirely sure where they stood with each other - could they?