EQ Chanter Person

More EQ art... /nods... Yup!

Since I moved into my new house I have gotten a ton more commissions, I am shocked at the amount of people willing to wait my wait time. (Its estimated 4 months atm...)

Anywho, here is one of them finished... Finally!

You can CC me, cause I will consider it on future images, but this one, it is done for now.



Vandra / Hellsing / Vamp Outfit at Daz / Cyren
Total Updo 2

The girl is a mix of Jayna and Nyte Elf by VAMP, wearing Vexxis Skins also by VAMP
The backgrounds are Eve's ... ALSO at VAMP.

I am a total VAMP promo whore.

Sabby 15 years ago
P.S. I think 800 pixels wide shouldn't be resized!!! /pokes Vex
Eve 15 years ago
I love the border on that sig! Specially how you put it within the sig too there, just awesome!
Lessa 15 years ago
beautiful as always hun

Ive got a couple of commissions atm and am procrastinating horribly.. one of those over detailed images that you just know is gonna take multiple attempts to make the customer happy..

I had some other thing I wanted to ask you but im spacing it at the moment.. lol
Janthin 15 years ago
I loves it!
Vex 15 years ago
well i do it 600 + the avatar/postdetails column = fits within 1024x768 without side scrolling.

side-scrolling = bad.

this picture = good
Sabby 15 years ago
thanks Vex
Adiene 15 years ago
rofl @ Vex

Beautiful work hun. I know what ya mean I got people lined up for the next 4 months as well. its like ... lalala nothing to do .. then BAM all at once with me =( lol Now I signed my contract to work constantly at that "one place" I get tons of people and they are waiting for them o.O crazy huh