Halloween - Rob Zombie

Written and Directed by Rob Zombie


BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love these movies! This is an extreme remake of the very first one, right down to the white sheet with the glasses!

Adiene 16 years ago
I <3 Rob .. i want to see it hehe
Kelefane 16 years ago
Starting to see alot of remakes of old horror movies lately.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
This is not a scary movie. This is, in fact, a fucking hilarious movie. It's just as twisted as you'd think it would be by Rob Zombie, but it's not over the top like 'The Devil's Rejects' etc. He put a nice twist to the original story and added a few things that I think really lends to the twisted...ness that is Michael Myers.

Starts off with seemingly normal kid that loves animals - till you find out that he tortures and kills them after loving on them. He adores his baby sister and mother but hates everyone else in his family. There is of course the hot sister who gets fucked then butchered - but there's a shitty step father that constantly fucks with him and fights with this stripper mother. You meet Dr. Loomis early on and with him you watch Michael's downward spiral and starts off by killing a bully who says something nasty about his stripper mother. That kid's death was pretty harsh, but not anything I wouldn't have loved to do to a bully - well all but the cold blooded blunt object beating his face into a pulp part. After going to a mental hospital for his legendary Halloween rampage, he clearly does not remember what happened and asks how everyone (everyone he's killed that is) is doing. Then his mask making begins, having already hid behind his infamous clown mask. He then starts into the not speaking for 15 years and finally cuts off his loving mother by killing a nurse with a fork and barking at her. Mom blows her head off while watching home movies of happier times. She does seem like a mother who genuinely loves her children, especially Michael - just unfortunately they're white trash =x

15 years and what looks like 200 lbs and 40inch biceps later...the carnage begins again.

There's a nice twist to the plot which I won't give away but you'll be able to spot fairly quickly and there's lots of fucking, teenage titties, blood and murder. It's not like John Carpenter's 'suspenseful killing' this is straight up in your face, dead in 2 seconds with a drawn out murder scene killing. I much prefer Zombie's style - some of it you just don't see coming which makes you all giggly and shit when they're dying. Towards the end people were jumping, screaming and laughing because slasher horror is downright funny. It's a pretty disturbing, well kinda disturbing but bloody ending. Jello, her husband, Mike and I walked out of there laughing our asses off. It was a good slasher flick - not scary but it really takes you back to those early days of horror that have a faster more mind numbing modern speed.

Trakhina 16 years ago
Definitely different, yet unique take on the original. Where Rob placed some of the original music was giggle worthy as well. I jumped once... seriously caught me offguard which rarely happens! The other I knew was coming (thanks to the commercials) but still made me jump. I liked it but was saddened by the person who brought their 8-10yr old. Two things I wouldn't take a child to... anything done by Rob or the Saw creators. Gotta have limits! *giggles*
ROzbeans 16 years ago
SERIOUSLY Someone brought their TODDLERS to this movie. Who the fuck brings their kid to a horror movie?
Verileah 16 years ago
I loved pulp horror when I was about 8-12...as I got older I got more and more sensitive to the blood and guts, now I can't stand it. My mom used to rent movies like Friday the 13th and Freddy when my dad would go tdy. Good times...

Never took us to the theater to see movies like that though.
Kelefane 16 years ago
SERIOUSLY Someone brought their TODDLERS to this movie. Who the fuck brings their kid to a horror movie?

I grew up watching horror films lol -- My father made me sit and watch the original Night of the Living Dead back when I was 8 =x
ROzbeans 16 years ago
I saw Alien at 6, but that was through the fruity goodness of pirated beta tapes back in the day. However, if you can't get a babysitter, I still think you should bow out of rated R movies with your preschool aged kids.
Wystro 16 years ago
I saw it when I was visiting friends and family in MD -- I thought it was exactly as it should have been. I liked it!
Four Winds 16 years ago

15 years and what looks like 200 lbs and 40inch biceps later...the carnage begins again.

Tyler Mane (6ft 8in) does for Michael Myers what Kane Hodder (

6ft 3in) did for Jason Vorhees in the four Friday the 13th Movies he was in. Mane makes Myer more than the mask and the kitchen knife - he makes him a freaking man-monster!

Oh yes, this Michael Myers can certainly take a beating without so much as flinching, and has no compulsion about physically beating his victims to a pulp with his bare hands (forget the damned kitchen knife!)

I alternately laughed and winced at some of the brutal displays of dispassionate killing that the fully grown Myers was capable of in this movie.

The actor who portrayed Myers as a kid did a reasonable job, and although it was a stretch to believe what the 10 year old Myers had done (although this is a horror), that little actor had me chilled.

There aren't too many Horror flicks these days where you actually root for (and laugh I must admit) at the antics of the villain, but I really enjoyed Rob Zombie's take on Halloween.

I'm not sure if Rob would do a good job of "re-imagining" other cinema bad guys like Fred Krueger or Jason Voorhees (possibly Candyman might be worth seeing), but I'd sure be interested to see Rob Zombie tackle one of John Carpenter's other classics, "The Thing," and possibly give him a shot at "Evil Dead."

Jello 16 years ago
The best part was when the girl fell in the pool and Roz started yelling,

Swim away, swim away!!!"

ROzbeans 16 years ago
HAHAHA - Jello failed to mention it was an EMPTY POOL. I was laughing so hard, she was all trying to climb up the side and was screaming so loud and hard her voice was hoarse. 'SOMEONE H

ELp meeeeee!


ELp meeeeee!'

ROzbeans 16 years ago
Was talking to one of Mike's co-workers today. He said he downloaded the movie to watch it again (he saw it in the theatre) and he said it was a completely different movie. Apparently in the version he downloaded there's a rape in Michael Myers room which causes him to kill everyone and break out. Plus the ending is way different, he doesn't kill Loomis and it ends right after he pulls chick out of the car. The cops show up and they shoot him up.


Kelefane 16 years ago
Just seen this and IMO it was just as good if not better then the original and I am shocked by saying this.....Maybe it was due to being more bloody /shrug =x