[Poser 7] Blurry Render Fix / Texture Filtering missing

Texture filtering has been moved to the mat room and is controlled with the texture map nodes now.

at the bottom of every image map node, you'll see "Filtering: Quality". change this to "none" and it'll crispen up your renders by a lot =)

Eve 16 years ago
Every node? Ugh >< Er, every mat zone I mean...
Vex 16 years ago

im hoping some python wizard will make a script that changes them all to 'none'
Eve 16 years ago
At least per figure/prop whatever.
Adiene 16 years ago
so lame .. was wondering why all my renders in 7 looked like crap .. on the up side its has encourged me to do more postwork/painting tho lol =/
WildHunt 16 years ago
I've never been COMPLETELY satisfied with my renders until I found what AerySoul uses, and now I think my stuff looks a heck of a lot better. I'll have to look into that filtering: quality thingy, though--if I can actually find it. It took me 4 months to realize what the program was talking about when it said to change make buckets smaller for complicated renders. LOL.
Vex 16 years ago
go into mat room
click on advanced tab

there will be little blocks with strings connecting to "poserSurface"

find the ones that have an image thumbnail at the bottom, right above that image is "Filtering: Quality" setting. click on Quality and it will give you "None" "Fast" "quality" options.

Sabiha will come with a p7 material that already sets this to 'none'.
WildHunt 16 years ago
That will be helpful, because the Poser bodies have a lot of things to set to none. LOL!
Vex 16 years ago
Found a script to turn off all texture filtering!!!

By Stewer ( file attached )

drop into your runtime\python\poseScripts\scriptsMenu\ folder and you can access it by the Scripts dropdown on the toolbar ( file..edit.. etc )