Round 2 Voting

*booming voice of Godliness*

Cast your votes here! This thread will be closed tonight at 11 PM EST. At that time the person with the most votes will surely perish.

Please bold the name of your vote.

If you cast your vote, and then change your mind, you may edit your post but you must not remove any information; simply make a note of your voting change and switch the boldination from your old vote to the new one.

Thou shalt only post once in this thread; all other discussion can go in the /ooc thread or IMs/Emails/PMs...and so on.

Remember that after 3 missed votes we will smite you down in some horribly gruesome way for being vote!

Blackrabbit 16 years ago
Once again. I had thought Domo was the SK in the last lynch, but Domo said I couldn't be further from the truth and apparently that was the case. I don't need anymore evidence from what's been posted. But I have until 11 to change my vote, lol.

Sorry Domo... I know it's your first game!
Jinheim 16 years ago
I have to head out for a few hours and I'll probably be back before the deadline, but if not:

Domo, because the final paragraph of his bio takes place in a chuck e cheese, and the chuck e cheese reference in the mafia hit is completely out of place and must be a clue.
MEC 16 years ago
I definitely think that Domo is mafia, the current arguments against him are too overpowering.
Rae 16 years ago
Jetamio 16 years ago
Domo, got the feeling from the first paragraph of the SK hit.
pharren 16 years ago
Domo ~ adios sucker
Keera 16 years ago

Splazmonnotroid - Seems he most probably is the SK.

Yes, please kill me before the voices consume you all.

Sadly I fear you are all in for a big surprise. Since most of you seem to want to judge my fate by simply my long bio and how mentally unstable I seem to be.

Mods I ask only one thing. That you give me a death worthy of the crazy mother fucker I am!!! =)
nickenstien 16 years ago
Den 16 years ago
Wow...had I known everyone was finally going to wise up, I wouldn't have spent the past hour writing up clues!

CaptainBinky 16 years ago
I see some evidence pointing to Domo as SK, I see some more pointing to mafia. It looks like a lot except that he can't be both so really there's half as much evidence as it looks and it's not enough for me to justify lynching him. And I think Domo being SK is out because the Shepherd thing is too on the nose.

edit: In many ways, Domo's biggest problem is the sheer length of his bio. It's going to be so much easier to find links in a lengthy bio than for people with more concise descriptions.

edit2: 10 votes for Domo. Are we to assume that *all* 10 of those votes are townies? Because if just one of the people who has voted is mafia, then Domo's not mafia (unless it's already a lost cause). And as I said I'm pretty sure he's not SK either.

At the moment, I still like the evidence pointing towards Splazmonnotroid as S.K.
Tor 16 years ago
MashPotato 16 years ago
I'm still unconvinced about Domo... Splazmonnotroid "Sporkmundoframp" Gralanglioprelammbiac
Hvesha 16 years ago
Bye Domo.
Lillaanya 16 years ago
Mike 16 years ago
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
Jiminy - don't have access to the internet for a few hours and the theories fly... but as i'm running out of time, i'm gonna have to go with the flow - Domo
SnowDragon 16 years ago
Dear God,

I wanted to vote Domo the other night there was just something about him that just wasn't right. Besides him being crazy. So now finally tonight I get to vote DOMO.
God 16 years ago

Voting is closed, Domo is dead. Scene to come.