Sitting @ my desk writting

This isn’t just an ambiguous poem… Can you guess what we all reach for in life…


Holding on - we hold on because
She is like a woman on a pedestal
Never truly reaching her, but drawn to her
She beckons with her lips
She pulls us with her eyes
Her arms are always inviting yet teasing us to continue
Men have killed for her
Nations have blossomed because of her
The powerful thinks she is not needed
Yet because of her are driven to their knees
The weak & poor are sustained by her
Yet their efforts are futile
We hold on because she is eternal
We reached out in spite of our self control
We hold because she is named - HOPE

ROzbeans 18 years ago
Is this about Hope, the junior you dated in your senior year.
prego3 18 years ago
LMAO! No its about a JOB! Thats what we Hope for...
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Lies. :P
prego3 18 years ago
Shouldnt your Avatar be colored green & not blue.... Green with envy @ my poetic prowess
ROzbeans 18 years ago
I am perfectly ok with not being able to write poems. I have an adverse reaction to all the rhyming. Despite the fact that I can't write poems =D Its a good one though, Paul. Your creative prowess is impressive! :P Post more!
Guest 18 years ago
That poem is great! wow post more! more!
prego3 18 years ago
Im such a sucker for a lady who is every f*cking thing + more!
Aziyade 18 years ago
LMAO! No its about a JOB! Thats what we Hope for...

I thought it was about love.

Another very nice poem in any case. My poetic prowess includes limericks.
prego3 18 years ago
Nope, Its about getting a new job. Im very tired of where Im at & I have been tryn for the last 7yrs to get a new job... Thus, this poem came to life... Alot of people yearn for a new job - look over the poem & think in context of reaching for that new or dream job... I feel that once humans settle or become complacent, they become the "living dead" & at that point they either need salvations' grace or need to be banished to hell.
Aziyade 18 years ago
You know, you just described my first marriage. Maybe that's why I read the poem and think of love. I didn't quite become the living dead at least. Good luck finding the perfect job.
prego3 18 years ago
Well honeslty - You will see whatever you need to see or whatever is relevant for the moment... That said, my vision for the poem is Irrelevant. The only lasting thing of importance is what you see... Or in laymen terms Its all about you baby :P