Once Upon A Crayon Book Discussion

It's been so cool seeing all the different books that people loved enough to want fan art! Here we can talk more about the books we picked, why we loved them, and why other people should read them too. If you didn't sign up for the exchange, please do feel free to talk about any of the books brought up in that thread, or you could tell us which book/character you -would- have picked if you had been able to sign up.

Lunna 16 years ago
I have to say I'm all bouncey that someone picked Armond. He was one of my favs in Anne Rice's vampire books.

I hope we can do this one again sometime 'cause I have more favorite characters! I almost put two choices up because at the last minute I had a hard time choosing. I love Asher with his damaged beauty but I don't know that he's an absolute favorite character of all time, I just think he really works for this challenge and I like him alot.

I was telling Roz that I'm pretty sure I can blame all of my artistic ability and career path on Walter Farley's Black Stallion series. My Mom read the Black Stallion to me when I was about 5 or 6 and I obsessively drew horses until I was in college and I had a professor ask if I could draw anything else. Ultimately I decided not to put The Black Stallion in because as silly as it sounds I'm not sure I want to trust anyone else with my vision of him. ops
tamaelia 16 years ago
ROFL I know what you mean! Its how I felt when they first started talking about putting a voice to Garfield the cat. When you read a comic as a kid, you have your own version of how they "sound" and I "knew" they would get it wrong if they gave him a voice. I have to say they managed to get the best possible "voice" in the movies and my fear was negated. Same sort of thing with LoTR movies.... I was dreading who they would pick for everyone but was generally pleased with the choices they made.
Jetamio 16 years ago
OMFG The Black Stallion owned!!! I forgot about those lol. I read them all so many times, borrowed them from the school library so mana times that I think I was the top borrower of them lol. I'd love to read them again. I want a Shetan..../drool

And I was the same, only drew horses til like last year. I dropped art at school cos I didnt want to draw anything else, and the art teacher walked in on a French class one day and saw me doodling a horse and lectured me in front of the entire class about why did I not continue art >.<
ROzbeans 16 years ago
I'm not signing up because 1 - I couldn't think of a character I really liked and 2 - I'm chicken shit to do art. I wanted to do mine on Ellis...again...but she's an RP character, not published, so I don't think that counts =D
tamaelia 16 years ago
Roz = banned :P

You made ME sign up and piked out yourself /whips Roz

<3 anyway cos you are with child and of delicate constitution presently. /snickers

And besides, its not like you would be doing art of Ellis, someone else would get that delightful opportunity, and you CAN do art, you have done it plenty of times before, I'm sure you will again! *hugs the silly woman*

AAAAAND, its your fucking board, if you want to say that Ellis counts... she fuckin counts OK!?!
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Lessa 16 years ago
/agree :P
Laschae 16 years ago
I'm so excited. I wish I had read all the books all the characters sound so interesting. /bounce bounce
Lessa 16 years ago
I had a big old long response about my books, then it disapeared when i hit enter, or something.. so Itll have to wait til I can write it again

And yeah, I really liked Armond, and was disappointed when Antonio Banderas portrayed him in the movie. I like the actor but he doesnt look like Armond
Laschae 16 years ago
I wish Erik would come home so I could make him take me to the book store. I think I can get away with demanding a few books for research purposes.
Verileah 16 years ago
I thought I was pretty well read, but I haven't read a quarter of the books listed. It's great that everyone is coming out with such original choices. I also liked the mix of good and evil characters . Both of the ones I picked were morally grey - I guess I'm drawn to the ones that you think are evil, and then you think are good, evil, good, good, evil...and then your head asplodes. I definitely want to read up more on my person's favorite character .

I have to admit, I was expecting to see someone choose Aragorn - hell, I nearly put him up there myself.
brierlea 16 years ago
I noticed alot were vampire novels, which I'm not into, so I haven't read them. But some I have. I was happy to see some of my old favorites. They even made me go, "Oh! I could have picked that character too!", like Tonks from HP, who was my favorite character in that series, and Alia and Jessica from Dune. Probably the only two sci-fi characters too!

It's weird I didn't pick a sci-fi character considering I read about 95% Sci-Fi, and 5% everything else!

When I picked my person, Halley, it was on a re-read, which tells you it's a good book, so I recommend it if anyone is looking for a new read!
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Yeah there are a lot of vampire fans here, especially with our rp vamp board. I can't seem to get into vamp novels though, even though I enjoy rp'ing it over on SA.com. Vex swears her character's books are not the romance kind which I guess Linda Hamilton ( I think her name is ) tends to do. I need more blood and guts! I am going to try and pick up some of the books though, I'm definitely not as well read as I'd like to be.
Jetamio 16 years ago
I like anything supernatural really, just out and out monsters I can't do lol, watches Alien and The Thing when I was about 3 and am scarred for life >.<

But general blood and guts dont bother me, vampires, werewolves etc etc, np. and anything horsey...lol. The Silver Brumby was another fave horsey story of mine.
Lessa 16 years ago
I alternate my reading between sword and sorcery/fantasy stuff and murder mysterys for the most part. I dont think Ive read vampires since the Interview with a Vampire series ( first through Queen) when I was a teenager. I need to go find another copy of the Witching Hour.. that was a great book!