I think of my own life and how I teeter from one extreme to another. Sometimes it's dreamworld and screw everything else. Then I put the nose to the grindstone in my day job and my dreamworld grows cold and dormant until I feed it my attention.

What if we can bring forward a champion from our dreamworld that can withstand the harsh banality of our every-day lives? What creature or hero or mysterious shadowy presence would comfort you or remind you of the riches that are tucked away in your creative life. What would you love to have knock the head of some lady bringing seventeen items into the ten-item-or-less check out line? Who would bring light and joy into the gray tedium of endless days? Who would extract bloody vengeance from the jerk who keeps stealing your stapler?

Show us your hero, champion or familiar. It might be a pink unicorn with a heart tattoo on it's ass who likes to set up tea parties for you. It could be a leather-and-stud clad vampire that rips the face off of the dude who wears way too much cologne at the office. Who will step forward from your dreamworld to look after your better interests?

Verileah 16 years ago
This is a fun idea! Look forward to trying it out .
ROzbeans 16 years ago

Sometimes Muse's aren't all fucking fairies and sunshine. =D
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
ooohhhhh!!!! this one I gotta do!!! greats idea!
DawnStar 16 years ago
this is a good where did i put that tablet...