Assignments have been sent!

Alrighty, I sent out everyone's assignment so if you didn't get one...well then I should just crash the website and blame it on hackers because that would really suck if I fucked up assignments. ner I kid, please let me know ASAP but I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything wrong (see Battle School Mafia usergroup error where everyone saw who was on what team, /cough).

Please remember - this is not a 3D ONLY event, ALL MEDIUMS ARE WELCOMED. Freehand, photo manip (please credit), any 2D, 3D...shit 4D is welcomed. Dolls, crayons - we dinna no care, just please have at least a desktop and sig done for the turn in on December 7th. You read my PM, it's my mother's birthday - don't make me call her from jail after my arraignment on felony assault, now!

I kid! Please enjoy, save often and thank you SO much for participating in another TAC art event! MAZOLTOV! le