Our New "Pet"

My youngest daughter recently did a report on Praying Mantids and today after church she found one on the rock path and I caught it in my soda cup.

We have decided to keep it as a pet and let her take it up to school to show it to her friends.

So with out further ado I give you

Pumpkin the Praying Mantis

And Pumpkin's Food, the crickets:


Den 16 years ago
The ones we have are a pretty spring green color, and blend in with the rose bushes... I don't kill em, but they still freak the hell out of me when I'm out pruning and one just appears. Fortunately, ours aren't that big either...the biggest I've seen was about 3 inches long.

Can we say CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPY, kids!!??!!
Jetamio 16 years ago
I used to keep woodlice as pets as a kid ;S Hmm, and caterpillars....but then I found a frog in my garden and put it in the same tub and it ate my caterpillars -.- I was not impressed, I was only like 10 or so lol.
katlienc 16 years ago
Very cool...that is one big praying mantis. I am with Den on this, the only ones I have seen are spring green and although they are big, they don't look as big as yours. What do you feed a praying mantis? Are those crickets?
Sarah 16 years ago
Yup, crickets.

He gets three tiny crickets every other day.
Rainee 16 years ago
I've seen some huge praying mantises. And the babies are absolutely adorable. I used to pick up every one I saw as a kid until one day I got one that was a good 4-5 inches long. I had him sitting on my fingers and suddenly he lunged out with those big front legs and locked them on my finger.. lemme tell ya, those "spikes" on the legs tickle! I still love them, but I've been a bit more wary since that day, lol.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
/shudders...eeep. BUGS. =x
Den 16 years ago
/shudders...eeep. BUGS. =x

LOL - oh ROz! What you have in store for yourself, for the next four to eight years!