Patrick Swayze Short Termed

Patrick Swayze, best known for his role in Dirty Dancing, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and told that he has just five weeks to live. Swayze, 55, has been sick with the disease since he was diagnosed in late January with pancreatic cancer. The cancer has since spread to other organs and now the actor/dancer is dying.
For the past month, Swayze has been traveling to Stanford University’s prestigious cancer center in Palo Alto for radical chemotherapy, but his doctors are no longer optimistic that the treatments will be successful, according to the National Enquirer.
Swayze received three treatments of chemotherapy, causing the tumor to shrink, but less than his doctors had hoped for. He was then told that he should prepare for the end.


Sergon 15 years ago

ROzbeans 15 years ago
Oh my god. That's horrible =/
Lolanae 15 years ago
Holy shit...
FyreGarnett 15 years ago
does it not bother anyone else that they are citing the National Enquirer as the only source? Even the official fan site, which was updated in the last few days has nothing about him even having been diagnosed with cancer.

it's a serious bummer if true (though honestly, I don't give much credence to the whole "yu have xxx to live". they put my adoptd gramma in hospice 2 years ago... and she's still alive and kicking!!)
Den 15 years ago
Yea Fyre, that's exactly what I said to Mileron too. You can find a bunch of sites referencing this 'rumor' but none reputable like CNN, MSN, etc.

Yet while I hope it is just a rumor, something tells me it isn't.
Temprah 15 years ago
GAH I adore him. He went to my high school too.. I grew up around people who knew him in my neighborhood. How horrible if it's true..
katlienc 15 years ago
My first reaction was to google "Patrick Swayze" + Cancer. There isn't a lot out there that doesn't refer to the National Enquirer article. calls it a mystery.
ROzbeans 15 years ago

Swayze's spokesperson has confirmed the actor was "home and happy" after the operation but has refused to comment on the nature of his illness.

And an insider on the set of his unnamed new film tells celebrity blogger Perez Hilton that Swayze appears to be in good health, stating, "Patrick has been at rehearsals for a new cheerleading movie at a Century City studio frequently... and he definitely does not look like he has five more weeks of life left…

"I'm not sure of his medical condition, but, if he is gravely ill, he is hiding it very well."

I suppose it could have been a way worse rumor than cancer. =/
Darsa 15 years ago
Wow, I also hope that it's only rumor. Loved Dirty Dancing when I was younger
Den 15 years ago
Well, this source seems more reputable, and the news isn't QUITE as dire, but still not wonderful.

more news
Lillaanya 15 years ago
That's just really sad. I have known a couple people to have that type of cancer. One lived for only a year after diagnonsis, and that was with chemo and stuff. The other was my grandmother, she lived about 3 months. The thing with that kind is you just usually can't tell the person is even sick until right at the end. My grandma was out shoe shopping and stuff even a week before she passed away.
ROzbeans 15 years ago
UPDATE: His rep issued this statement to TMZ, "Patrick Swayze has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. Patrick's physician Dr. George Fisher states, 'Patrick has a very limited amount of disease and he appears to be responding well to treatment thus far. All of the reports stating the timeframe of his prognosis and his physical side effects are absolutely untrue. We are considerably more optimistic.' Patrick is continuing his normal schedule during this time, which includes working on upcoming projects. The outpouring of support and concern he has already received from the public is deeply appreciated by Patrick and his family."

FyreGarnett 15 years ago
I suspected that once this spread far enough an official statement would be made. And people wonder how rumours get spread!!!

Personally, I wish him the best. There is rarely any upside to cancer - and depending on the type, rarely an easy battle to be fought. My best wishes to him and to his family at this time!
katlienc 15 years ago
It was very distressing to see the story on "Good Morning America." It might just be my perception, but it seemed like they talked about him in the past tense already.

Anything affecting the pancreas can be dire. One of our neighbors is 4 years out from her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. She is only 43. The way she explained it, her cancer was in a portion of her pancreas that could be surgically removed. If they had been unable to surgically remove it, her life span would be greatly diminished. She is healthy and active today, but the treatment was very rough for her.
Rainee 15 years ago
Very sad. Hopefully the treatment does well for him.

Kinda eerie, day before this came out I was searching Dirty Dancing videos on youtube, on a whim. That was one of my fav movies back in the day.