Round 6 - Vote Thread

Sorry for the delay. Voting ends tonight at 12 a.m. EST

MashPotato 15 years ago
Captain Lilith

(I don't like voting so early before all the discussions are done, but I'll be without a computer tonight )
Hiejinx 15 years ago
Ok, I'll support you on that one. Captain Lilith. It's time to go home to the sugarcane plantation, Dahling.
CaptainBinky 15 years ago
BWAAAAARK! Caitri Ambrai-Greystone BWAAAAARK!

/ruffles feathers

/eats a cracker

/isn't completely sure in himself yet
lemmy101 15 years ago
*Attaches flimsy accusation stick to arm hole *

Captain Lilith
Lillaanya 15 years ago
Captian Lilith
SnowDragon 15 years ago
I vote for Captain Lilith
Verileah 15 years ago
Mmm. Devilish Mary
nickenstien 15 years ago
Devilish Mary
Blackrabbit 15 years ago
Mike 15 years ago
Captain Lilith
Rae 15 years ago
voting is closed