Round 7:Vote Thread

Votes due in by tonight 12 EST. Best of luck to all ye hearties!

lemmy101 15 years ago
MashPotato 15 years ago
Squirrel Lips
nickenstien 15 years ago
Rosa must die!

Clearly one of you two is mafia and I think the probability of it actually being Squirrel Lips is just ridiculously small. Mashe's theory of a mafia posing as the sheriff _and_ being saved from round one is just _way_ too fanciful to even be considered as anything other than a preposterous mafia defense. Nice try though, Mash.
Verileah 15 years ago
Yeah I'm for Rosa too.
Blackrabbit 15 years ago
Sure, Rosa sounds like as good a lynch as any!
Lillaanya 15 years ago
SnowDragon 15 years ago
Mike 15 years ago
Rae 15 years ago
Voting is closed