Round 9 OOC:

Shiver some timbers or somethin!

lemmy101 16 years ago
Cocksticks! I had SnowDragon's name wrote out in the Doc SKIDS for like a minute before I changed and sent. I was *this* close to doing it thinking there would be a frame up of some kind but bottled out in the last second.

I hate to say it but BR you made me REALLY suspicious last night asking me who I was about to send the Doc SKIDS for.... There wasn't enough time to consider changing my vote. Still not convinced, but both the bold twins thought it was you as well.

So the bold thing was definitely bollocks then. Sorry guys! :S
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
It wouldn't be Mafia if everyone weren't suspicious of everyone else. As yet though, I have not seen any compelling evidence that would lead folks to believe I'm the SK.

Suspicious questions aside, where are the clues that point to Nola as SK?
lemmy101 16 years ago
Look at what happened last time I gathered clues. I'll leave the clues to those who are less likely to get a townie lynched on something stupid My reading of people's behaviour in PMs seems to have been a lot more trustworthy than my pants sleuthing on OOC so I'l just mention that I found your asking for my Doc SKIDS in advance of the SKIDS deadline a bit suspicious.

I said I'd save myself to you alone, and I don't get hit. Also a bit odd.

We're so close now
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
Actually you left it pretty vague, and as you had already told me you saved yourself twice early on in the game, I found your own claim more suspicious.

However, you are pretty certain to be wrong if you cease looking for clues at this point and try to go simply on player interaction.

Tonight is our last lynch. If we mess it up, we all lose. 3 townies to 1 SK. Lynch tonight, hit tomorrow if it's wrong. That leaves 1 townie and 1 SK, and that scenario = teh winz for the SK.

Anyhow, I realize that's not much help. However I have wedding shopping to do as the Big Day is exactly 2 weeks away. I will post later with the scant insight I haev managed to glean from the clues.
lemmy101 16 years ago
Argh! This is worrying!
nickenstien 16 years ago
God damn it!!!

Does anybody have anything even _remotely_ credible as evedince to any of the remaining players?

I wasn't mega certain of anybodies guilt when we lynched last night, but I was certain of Jessop being the doctor. Given the choice of lynching a possible townie, or allowing a definate doctor to be killed I had to vote for Lillaanya.

The situation we are in now is indeed very worrying.
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
Yes. I have credible evidence.

No, I cannot post -right- this second but will do so within the next few hours.

I am not sure I'm 100% right, but Of the four people remaining there is one that stands out among all others.

Particularly given that our SK is quite the chatterbox, and CGE can't talk at all, and Jessop has no lips.

That makes it me, or Nova. And guess which one of us is very chatty and raised in the desert, therefore having to learn to swim?

More on that in a bit!
Verileah 16 years ago
*dry* Wait, don't tell me, I want to work it out for myself.

I'm having trouble getting past my crazy instinct that somehow Ginger Ears is killing all these people but I'll try and break it down and really give everything a fair look. I know all three of you can't be evil but it's gotta be someone and I don't think it's wise to eliminate anyone from suspicion.

*puts on tinfoil hat*
lemmy101 16 years ago
The way I see it here, I'm pretty damn sure this, as BR says, comes down to BR or Veri..


If me and Nick pick the wrong one, townies lose. If we pick the right one, townies win. Goddamn it!!!


So the question is, which one of you is guilty? Which one of you can convince this jury of two that the other is the guilty party?

Goddamn we're doomed!
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
Okay, with a few minutes on my hands here's my compilation of clues as I see them.

We have Captain Ginger Ears, who admittedly cannot speak. So I omitted him in my search for the SK.

We have Captain Jessop, who makes no mention of whether he can speak or not. However, when one has no lips, certain sounds (called labiodental phonics) become impossible to pronounce... like the sounds for m, v, f, b, p to name a few. Obviously the SK can chat it up. So unless this is a glaring oversight on the parts of the mods, Jessop cannot be the SK.

That leaves you with Captain Seung and Captain Piestewa. Now granted I am not about to make a case for myself as the SK because simply put, I am not the SK. However, if you feel that might not be the case, you are welcome to present me with any evidence that supports your theory.

However, I chose a fairly unique ship (the Kobukson, also known as the turtle ship because of its sometimes plated hull, but most notably, it is covered. There is no deck as such, like you find in traditional pirate ships. Therefore, you do not board from it, which we've seen the SK do.)... I digress. I chose a unique ship on a gamble, knowing it could serve as my defense as a townie, or my downfall as a baddie. I see no evidence pointing to my ship, or even to my flag, which also was very unique in the sense that I used traditional heraldry to pick it out.

However, I do have some evidence that casts a suspicious light upon Nova Piestewa as the SK, and given that the evidence I can find on our other two remaining townies is even less, that makes me pretty certain I'm on the right track.

So from the start:

SK hit 1: The odd accent the SK talks with. It's almost Americanized, the way it's written.
-also, I had thought this clue pointed to Bontempe but it can apply here. Bart tries to face his killer, which I thought was a clue and still think is. However, it would point here to the US Right of Due Process... part of the US constitution.

SK hit 2: Takes place in a bar. Nova is rather fond of drinking, as is pointed out repeatedly in her bio.
-The expression of surprise. Angela Tasman was looking for a man to take advantage of, but found a woman instead.
-Someone mentioned previously, weighing barrels was part of a smuggling deal to ensure they'd sink, to be retrieved later, or at low tide when waters receded. Nova's background is from a family of smugglers.

SK hit 3: In my opinion this was light on clues. All I saw was a reference in Nova's bio to her dislike of being dry and empty-handed, and this hit has no mention of treasure or alcohol, which could point that way.

SK hit 4: This hit specifically mentions "honor among thieves" (again with the smuggling reference?) and also a madman's lure. Nova's bio states that "those who knew her might well later whisper that she was a little bit of a lunatic."
-The SK is laughing, and Nove "always seemed to be having a good time." This is the first of a chain of recurring instances in SK where our killer seems to be in a VERY good mood.

SK hit 5: Again light on the clues? A reference to lady luck, and Nove refers to herself as Lady Nova.

SK hit 6: The biggest clue here; it mentions the SK having learned to swim. Nove was raised in the desert. She, among all the people left, mentions all the things she did to learn to become a pirate, and having lived in the desert she is the ONLY one of us left who we know without a doubt would have HAD to learn to swim.
-We also have the first mate looking up into the night sky for a sign, again referencing Nova's beginning's as a lookout girl for the smuggling ring.

SK hit 7: Again with the confusion for me. All I could think is that he scene was reminiscent of a desert canyon, like the ambush scenes you find in the old west.

SK hit 8: Mentions being brave and bold. Nova started off on a life of adventure.
-Also, the SK is referred to as a hunter. Nova's bio states she was motivated "not by booty but the thrill of the chase."
-Also the SK finds the "necessities" which include alcohol. Again the pervading theme of drink.

I do apologize, Veri, if I'm totally wrong here. Cause Lemmy is acting awfully sneaky about stuff, and while that may be because he doesn't trust me, I am never going to claim I am 100% right about anything. So my disclaimer stands... if it's not Veri and it IS one of you other sneakies, kudos. But this is how I see it right now!
lemmy101 16 years ago
Hmm could be. some of them are a llittle weak, but hell this is gonna be hard. :S
nickenstien 16 years ago
BR, I have a question:

What were you trying to figure out when you requested a list of previous doctor-protections, and the upcoming protection?

Sorry for putting you on the spot here, but if you have some pertinent information based on doctor protections then lets be honest and get it out in the open. Otherwise, asking for that info seems a little dodgy.
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
Well if I felt they were particularly strong I'd have brought them up several hits ago, but like I said... for me it's a simple matter of process of elimination. I don't see HOW either lemmy or nick are the SK since I don't see them being so chatty, and I know it's not me. Therefore it has to be Veri.

I saw one or two really good ones for her and have been slightly suspicious.

Incidentally, she is the only person who knew I had been chatting with Mike (Devilish Mary) for the entire game, and what a coinkydink when Mike was offed the day after I told her that. Not sure if there was strategy involved there, but it did happen. Maybe just coincidence. *shrug*
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
It was a last-minute thing honestly lemmy. For one, I don't trust YOU entirely, so I wanted to see if you'd lie to me, which you had.

For another, I did suspect Veri, and I was hoping if you or I had a save yet we could potentially trap her up and try to get her to hit one of us. Because I've been telling her this entire time I think you're not what you said, which is pretty much the truth.. I knew you weren't the sheriff.

Anyhow, doesn't hurt me any to confess, since tonight's vote is likely the last. We didn't have time last night to do anything anyhow. It was kind of a Hail Mary play (that's the football term right?).
nickenstien 16 years ago
ARRRRRGGGGG!!!!!! *pulls hair out*

I don't see anything strong in the clues that you presented, but I can't find anything better myself! ;(

Could the real serial killer please make themselves known? As a reward for coming forward, we will lynch the other one, I promise!
lemmy101 16 years ago
*Pads pockets for a coin.*

Blackrabbit 16 years ago
You don't think the person living in the desert having to learn how to swim was kind of a clue? At all? Even a little?

Then vote Lemmy out... cause it wasn't you who can't talk, and it sure as heck isn't me. :P
nickenstien 16 years ago
Actualy, I agree that the swimming thing could be a good clue.
Verileah 16 years ago
*shrugs* hell, -I- agree that the learning to swim could be a good clue. Trouble being that it could fit any one of us to some extent. Rabbit is the other person who went into some detail on her pirating education, btw - how she was taken hostage from a slave ship bound for the Americas, got by on her wits, willingness to take risks, and backstabbing as necessary. She even mentions an appropriate apprenticeship. I'm just saying, I'm not the only one who mentions coming into piracy and having to learn how to do it. *thinks* I don't want to take it to the extreme that everything is meaningless and nothing makes sense, because that's just whining, but geez. There's a nice list of 'clues' on Lemmy from day 8 /ooc, but everyone seems to think his guilt is impossible. I guess. Unlikely, anyway.

Anyway, the spunky, talkie personality for the SK fits the self-described 'dark-haired little spitfire' as well as anyone. We're both female, if that counts for shocked reactions or anything else in this mess. But I don't feel like anything clue-wise is strong enough to go on, all things being equal.

All things -aren't- equal, though. Some are more suspicious-acting than others. Nick is, hell, he's a torso, how is he going to kill anyone? I feel like it's only fair to suspect everyone equally, and I still think the mods are perverse enough, crafty enough, to have it all make sense at the end, but...dude, torso. And then one of us got saved. So, yeah, there's a spectrum of suspicion. Still, I can't honestly say I know for certain who I would be voting for if this dichotomy hadn't been forced on BR and I and I'm reluctant to agree that it comes down to that.
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
I agree with you veri, and I do feel like the clues perhaps are somewhat vague. Given that we're on the last round here, we ought to have a clearer idea of who's at fault.

However, lest you muddy the waters TOO much, spitfire does not = chatty and/or good natured, which are two traits the SK most certainly has and are directly linked in your bio. It's more of a feisty energetic thing. See here:

spit·fire /ˈspɪtˌfaɪər/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[spit-fahyuhr] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–noun 1.a person, esp. a girl or woman, who is of fiery temper and easily provoked to outbursts.

I don't see how you would interpret chatty and good-natured to mean spitfire. In addition, while my character may have had to learn to swim, there is no concrete evidence she had to do so; nothing in her history mentions whether or not she could swim. You would have no reason to cite that as any kind of concrete evidence for a case against me. However, Nova, being from the DESERT, had to. There are no large bodies of water in the desert. None. Whatsoever. Period.

Eh, I have made my case and I don't know at this point what else to do. Unless I see compelling evidence to the contrary my vote will be Nova... if I'm wrong, then I apologize and good game, SK