Round 9: Vote Thread Take 2

The majority choice was for there to be a second chance at the voting so here it is. Chat it up in the ooc if you like and we'll close this at 12 EST. (Really Really, this time )

Blackrabbit 16 years ago
I'll be gone most of the day, so won't be around to defend myself if needed. I'll have a laptop with me, but I really don't think a birthday celebration is the ideal place for me to be furiously playing Mafia.

I'll be back this evening, probably in time to vote.
Verileah 16 years ago
Meh, I will not be staying up that late :X. But I have to think it over and be sure BR is still who I want to go with. So...Placeholder!

Edit - Blackrabbit

Sorry, wanted to chat and maybe talk it out a little more, but I gotta go to bed and I guess I'm sure enough of who I want to vote for :\.
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
Well, once again I apologise for any wrong clue interpretation, but as I do not see how either captain Squirrel Lips or Captain Ginger Ears can talk, I must vote for Captain Piestewa through process of elimination.
nickenstien 16 years ago
My vote is purely based on the clues available. After much wrestling with inner thoughts, the only potentialy credible thing I have to go on, is the reference towards learning to swim as a latent challange that needed overcoming.

With no credible evidence or pointers to the contrary, I must vote ..... Captain Piestewa
lemmy101 16 years ago
Okay, so after long deliberations, the person who I am going to vote for is...

Captain Piestewa

Sorry Veri. I kinda have an inckling and a gut feeling pointing to BR, but the actual evidence beyond a bit of subjective suspiciousness is just not there. I've looked but can't see anything substantial pointing at BR, and you've failed to provide anything.

Since this is the last vote I can't just go off baseless gut feeling when the only real clues are pointing the other way, as there's too much resting on it. If I'm wrong I'm really sorry.

Good game all!

*fingers crossed*
Rae 16 years ago
Voting is now closed. Mafia conclusion to follow shortly.