Finale - A Pirate's Life

Nova returned to the scene of the previous night’s discussion. Only for the moment, she was alone. Though normally jovial, and quite mad, the quiet reflection and rum suited her for the moment. There were only three captain’s left, and she knew just what to do about them. Nova had been given a job and she had completed most of it in her own special way. Still, it seemed only fair that she give them some of what they asked for.

Taking another gulp of her rum, Nova smiled delightedly to herself. She had invited the other captains back to the tavern in what she had told them would be another attempt to figure things out. Only this time, she wouldn’t be here when they arrived. Nova had left word with the Port Authority that two and a half pirates could be found in the tavern later this evening. When the captains arrived tonight, they would be arrested. At least that was the plan.

Captains Jessop, Seung, and Ears walked into the tavern earlier than requested. A friendly invitation among pirates generally meant a double cross. But more than that, they had finally figured it out. The three of them had discovered that the delightful lunatic was in fact a raving psycho killer out to destroy them all. Only one thing to do, kill her first. But how?

Ginger Ears acted first, by tripping an approaching waitress. The poor wench fell and dropped hot soup on Nova’s head. Startled, the drunk American captain jumped up from her seat and then promptly stumbled into the waiting blade of Captain Seung. The final blow came from Captain Jessop who gave the slightly off balance Nova a shove. Hitting her head a against the stone wall, Nova slid to the alcohol, food, vomit, and what seemed to be piss covered floor. It was at this precise moment that the arrival of the Port Authority could be heard outside.


Escaping the notice of the Port Authority had been a difficult task. Especially while trying to hide a dead body. Still, the three had managed to do so and had now arrived at the hidden cave which was the final destination of this race. Each captain led their own small excursion party into the cave. Entering the cave with their crews, they realized that this was still a race and that perhaps the murderers had had the right idea after all. Preparing for battle, they each noticed something was distinctly missing from this cave. Gold and a big ass pirate ship. Perplexed, they put away their weapons and began to look around.

Sitting on a rock further into the cave were three gold coins and a note which read, “ Nice try.” They had been swindled by the greatest pirate that had ever lived, but at least they were still alive.

The end, a.k.a Townies Win!

nickenstien 15 years ago


Darsa 15 years ago
Whew! LOL
Den 15 years ago
SEE!! SEE!!!! I voted for that bitch Nova way back on round THREE!!!!

LOL -- Great game as usual, and GRATZ to the townies who survived. Just wish I could have been along side ya

Many, MANY THANKS to Rae, and Mai, whose brilliant talents made it all possible. WOOT ladies!!
Slipnish 15 years ago
I'm still dead...

FyreGarnett 15 years ago
lol - ya know - only in mafia can we lie, steal, cheat, pillage, plunder, call names, point fingers... and still be friends int eh morning!!!

awesome game Rae and Mai!! some of those scenes were just too perfect!!!
CaptainBinky 15 years ago

(I mean "Bwaaaark!")

Cool game - thanks Rae and Mai
Next time I'm sheriff, I'll try and ID more than one mafia
Laha 15 years ago

Was lots of fun!