It starts with one line.

From 1 line we'll write a story. It can be whatever we want it to be. Take it wherever you want it to go. Let it live and breathe thru our words.

Lets begin, shall we?


She stood staring up into the sky not believing her eyes as the deafening noise roared around her.

Nards 19 years ago
She had no idea that the chili that she had for lunch earlier in the day would have such a dramatic effect on her.
Rikr 19 years ago
Juaquita thought to herself, "If I don't get to a toilet ASAP, I'm gonna have to change mah drawers!"
Guest 19 years ago
Suddenly Juaquita looks up from the book she was reading and yells " Jermain! Stay the hell outta my diary!"

Edited for clarification. I didnt understand it when I came back and looked. lol.
tamaelia 19 years ago
Jermain clicks his tongue as he draws up the prescribed dose of lithium into the syringe, regarding Juaquita with a quizzical eye...he almost felt sorry for the girl.
Rasberry 19 years ago
Then again, he wasn't sure how anyone could be expected to feel sorry for someone who spends her weekends kidnapping the homeless and forcing them to perform Shakespearean theater in her living room.