Why are there no other hello posts?

Cuz I feel like I'm doing something wrong for sure lol! It says to say hello, so here I am!


I'm a gamer chick that loves to draw, gamer as in where's my purple d20, not so much the nintendo sort. I do like MMORPGs, I'm currently playing DDO, but I also play EQ2, WoW and CoX. I've been playing pen & paper RPGs since 1980.

I kinda think that's how I got into drawing and stuff. I was always drawing my characters, and my friends' characters, and so on.

I love the digital aspect, it's brought a lot of cool new ways to express myself. When mom gave me her old wacom artpad, things really took off.

So, um.. not sure what all else to say. I found this place through a link on StudioMMO. Looked like a fun place, so I thought, Why not?

Verileah 16 years ago
Nice to meet you! You should totally check out sanguine affliction, our vampire/werewolf roleplaying board. It's not really a d20 type of gig, just a bunch of people writing together under a defined universe and character creation. Hope I'm explaining that right :X.

Anyway, welcome to TAC. Hope you can join us for our next event, sign ups are going on now, and yes, it is a pretty fun place.

Oh, the reason you might not see any other hello posts is because I think the board default is to hide all messages more than 30 days old. I could be wrong about that number but I'm pretty sure it doesn't automatically display everything. If you go into your user CP you can change that to whatever you'd like, along with your skin, timezone, and whatever else you're interested in playing with.

So, welcome again, you did exactly right and we hope to hear more from you!
Shadesiren 16 years ago
Nice to meet you too - I'd love to check out Sanguine Affliction - I just have to figure out how to find it now I actually run a Play By Post board, myself, based primarily on Firefly.

I'm interested in the Faerie prject - I have to find the details again, because I think I'd love to get involved, but I wanna make sure I know what I'm getting in to lol.

And thanks, I feel better now - I was a little afraid I was posting int he wrong place!
Linus 16 years ago
post the PbP board you run if it's public(and you don't mind), I play several games on a different PbP site, and I am always looking for more.

I'm away from my real life games until the end of June for the time being so I make up for it with PbP.

Also, Welcome.
Shadesiren 16 years ago
The firefly board I run is called the Oberon. We're a fairly small group, there's only three actual stories going. The Oberon ship is currrently full (I think we've filled almost EVERY bunk, and then some!) but the Sallie could use someone who really loves firefly, can work with my team, and WANTS to post. I think we're in need of a pilot, for sure. The last story, Crown's Cross, is sort of a superhero sort of thing. It's a bit slow moving, as it's "just for fun". (We take the Obie and Sallie very seriously, for all that we have a ton of fun).

We'll be flyin' four years September this year. *proud*

I miss real life gaming, my poor dice have dust on them. We haven't had a ral group to play with in ages. Ahhh, well... there are benefits to be able to log on and play whenever, instead of having to wait a week in between games.

Den 16 years ago
I'm a Sanguine resident too, though I love TAC equally...just differently lol
Hope you find things to pique your interest, and encourage you to check out Sanguine too! There is a link in the upper left column, click it! lol
Shadesiren 16 years ago
I'm working on a bio as we... type.. >.<
Jetamio 16 years ago
Welcome to TAC We like the F word here *nods* Im on SA too but my char is rather quiet so far, I need to livenher up :P
Lessa 16 years ago

Im too chicken shit to go to SA still... very shy bout my writing.. and these people are too awesome

But I love it here, and the guys and gals here have taoght me more bout art than anyone else and I lubs em.
Mileron 16 years ago
Greetings and salutations, silicon-connected carbon-based lifeform!
ROzbeans 16 years ago
HUHU! Welcome to TAC! I've seen you on Smmo so I'm glad you made your way over here. We're a slightly different crowd, as in we cater to bad words and boobies whereas Smmo is a little more rated G. A good portion of us all started over there, in fact!

I'm Roz the resident troll (/hugs post count) and part of staff here at this fine fucking establishment =D Looking forward to getting to know you - feel free to join our event and stop by www.sanguineaffliction.com for some rp'ing!