the game that will make me quit EQ

The big "Copernicus" unveil will probably not happen this year.
Mary took this on, “Probably not this year. We were going to unveil the game at Comic Con, but we’ve since decided that if we can’t show it all, we’d rather not show anything, because we know that whatever we show, it won’t be enough for some people and too much for others. So we’re going to sit on it for a while longer, let it gel.”

I asked if postponing the unveiling meant that the game was delayed at all.

“We’ve built our schedule around a December, 2010 launch.” Mary replied, “That has not changed.”

R.A. Salvatore will be writing a prequel novel, that will not only set up the greater lore of the game world and introduce significant in-game characters, but it will also serve as a starting point for multiple novel lines that will take place in the world that they are currently creating.
“Bob will be writing a prequel book for the launch of the game.” Mary revealed, “A lot of his energy, in addition to crafting the larger story that drives the IP, will go into telling the introductory story before launch.”

“There will be other novel lines that will support the content that Steve and others are writing,” she continued, “Characters that provide the infrastructure of the game will appear in a variety of novel lines, led by the prequel novel.”

I immediately wanted to know how they planned to market the novels, whether they’d be sold independently along traditional publishing markets, or tied in with game sales (particularly for the prequel).

“All of the above.” Mary said, “We will follow the traditional channels, but the appealing thing to me as a publisher is that this product line has the online experience to tie these things together within the game itself. We’ll use a mixture of the existing and new book models for publishing.”

Verileah 15 years ago
RA Salvatore sounds like a good choice for this. I can't see myself getting on another hype train though. We'll see when we see, 2010 is a ways away.
Kelefane 15 years ago
EQ maybe dead and gone by then