Following some pretty intense (yet happy!) RP the last coupla day, my human coercer has been adopted into a happy family and is no longer rothe. Yay for RP and for Antonia Bayle and the Raven-Mythic. I'm kinda proud of these two. Constructive Criticism is welcome for future learning (and boy do I need to learn) but they are done. Yay!

ROzbeans 15 years ago
Great poses and thoughtful setting on both. The one thing that stood out the most to me was the lighting on your character in relation to the background.

In the beach scene: the background has more of a grainy feel which your model doesn't match. She's brighter than the soft beach lighting the background picture has - keeping an eye on the flow of the lighting is something that I always have a problem with, myself. In addition, maybe softening up the model, so she's not so sharp against the beach would help lend to the realism as well.

In the garden scene: You have the same issues in this one as well. The ground is extremely dark underneath the grass and the bush on the left. They don't quite look like they're part of the background. The lighting seems unnatural compared to the darkness of the trees further behind the gate.

Just something to keep in mind. Both are lovely scenes, but the lighting kind of confuses the eye - at least it does for me. Hope that helped. =)
Kels 15 years ago
Oh it does! I started playing with this back in march. Daz lighting still confuses me. The beach scene was from the cyclorama and I wasn't really amused with the way it worked. I've heard a lot about the IC and I'm giving thought to picking it up. I didn't realize how sharp it was on my macbook till I went to look at them on my gaming pc. Thanks Roz, this is exactly what I'm looking for *hugs*
Kels 15 years ago
Illustrating a scene from my character's rp story -- C/C is very much welcome. Today we learned about D|S Shaders. I think I did better with the lighting too. My first 'real' attempt with postworking spell effects so I'm not completely thrilled with how they turned out. This was a 3 day obsession to get right and I just can't work on it any more right now :-)

Lessa 15 years ago
small tip for working with glowy effects is to make the center of the effect a bit brighter and lighter in color and have it fade into the main color you want it to be.. you can do this using multiple brushes, or just casting a shadow on your brysh with a bit of blur in the color you want, or using some of the layer effects in ps

I see a bit of a line on her neck.. separating head from torso I guess.. you may wish to smudge that a bit.
Adiene 15 years ago
looking good , would have to agree with Lessa with the effects and neck .. Gods I hate V4 head./neck area sucks so much heh