Driving- Necessity or Luxury?

So.. I normally stay out of political/news stories, but I read this article

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Exxon Mobil once again reported the largest quarterly profit in U.S. history Thursday, posting net income of $11.68 billion on revenue of $138 billion in the second quarter.

That profit works out to $1,485.55 a second.


The big international oil companies have been criticized for plowing much of their profits back into stock buybacks and other programs to benefit shareholders, as opposed to exploring for more oil which could bring down the price of crude for everyone.
"While oil companies are earning record profits and gas prices are soaring, the largest oil companies have invested more resources in stock buybacks than U.S. production," said Congressional Democrats in a press release shortly after Exxon announced its earnings.
Other critics charge the oil companies with deliberately restricting production in an attempt to keep prices high. ......

Several bills have been introduced in Congress to enact a "windfall" profits tax on these earnings, or at the very least eliminate manufacturing tax exemption oil companies now enjoy. ....

Most plans would either use this new found tax money to fund investments in renewable energy, or give it to low income Americans struggling with high energy prices.
But so far those efforts have been blocked

Now.. at the rate of $1500 a second (that was PROFIT for Exxon) it would take less than 90 seconds to earn what my husband makes in a year. Pretty outrageous IMO. So.. the point of this poll.. My hubby & I were on our way to take him to work this morning, & the radio DJ called it un-American, Hubby disagrees, & says that it's what the "American dream" is all about, but that it sucks that they're stepping on the "little people" to make all that money. Then we got into a discussion about supply vs demand, and He believes that Driving is pure luxury & isn't necessary. Now, while I *partially* agree with him in certain circumstances, in today's society, it has become a necessity. So.. which do you think it is? Luxury, or necessary evil?

I would love nothing more than to take "alternative transportation" such as busing, however, Bozeman's busing system is still in it's initial stages, & the routes are scattered & not very often. (we also live about 2 miles outside of town, so walking to the store, various other places is out, as is Biking, since I'd be riding along the highway with a trailer carrying my 2 year old)

Alot of places have no busing at all, or it's very inadequate, so walking/biking or driving is necessary to get around. And some people with disabilities are unable to walk/bike, thus they have to drive, or be driven to get around.

Those are just my opinion(s) on why driving has become more necessity than luxury in today's society. I'd be plenty interesting in hearing arguments to the contrary, or whatever you guy's opinions are.

Oh.. best thing Hubby's said in a long time... " I really hope the price of gas keeps going up, because that is the only thing that will force our society to become less oil dependent, and make us start looking more seriously at renewable energy"

PS.. Roz, I put this in the news section due to the fact that I'm sure it will end up going OT about the price of oil & stuff.... Hope I pout it in the right place.

Vulash 15 years ago
And no shit about the west coast being more green. When I moved from Oregon to Chicago I was in shock at how filthy the city was compared to Portland/Seattle. I think people on the west coast take more pride in their environment due to the natural beauty that is around.

I disagree with this - There are some beautiful environments on the east coast that rival the west coast. I think the bigger difference is that because of the types of those environments - it's much easier to see negative impact in the west.
Verity 15 years ago

Such a hippy Toni, next thing ya know you will be trying acid or some shit! /spank

Already did... when I was 18.. twice. was also a pothead for a year or so. but I'm allergic to it, and started getting really sick from it, so I stopped.
(Also had kids, & it was a choice between buying pot, or feeding my kids. Feeding my little ones was definitely more important. too bad my idiot ex never figured that concept out. )
Lessa 15 years ago
I dont drive.. dont have a drivers license.. and never have ><

However , my hubby does, he drives alot and every day and sometimes I go with him.. I dont not drive because I dont need to, I dont because its expensive, now.. I cant aford another car, or the insurance it would cost for me ( alot more since I havent been licensed) and the gas itll take. One of these days I will, its just not improtant to me any more.. didnt want to in the city, cant afford to now that theres no traffic but everythings farther away.

I think the price of gas is stupid rediculous and really buying the non gas cars arent any cheaper since you have to pay thousands for the batteries every couple years. Even the amish out here use cars.. They will hire people to drive them around the city to do the things they need done, even tough they dont drive cars themselves. and they use gas powered generators to use their power tools..

so I kinda think that the use of cars is a necessary evil.. although i think the frequency we use them can be luxury..
Jetamio 15 years ago
I thought Chicago was fairly clean...Or maybe its cos I went in the winter when it was bloody -13 or whatever so no one comes out to dirty the place o.O
Vex 15 years ago
i skipped a shit ton of posts, but my parents own an auto repair shop, and they now refuse to service hybrids because they are EXTREMELY VOLATILE to work on.

they can turn on at any given time, as long as the key is within range, and if you got both arms shoved in the motor, you just got branded a double arm amputee, if you're not a corpse by the time you get to the hospital from bleeding to death.

at any rate, its all fuckin sick. we cant afford to get to work, and so we lose our jobs, and can't afford to pay bills, and lose our houses.

pretty fucked up.
Darsa 15 years ago
Yep; generalizing that the East Coast is dirty doesn't take Maine into consideration, I know that I've lived up here... God, like TWENTY YEARS! (holy crap) and this is truly a naturally gorgeous area. Heck, even Massachusetts has some lovely areas, believe it or not.

My husband recently risked a GREAT deal of wrath by purchasing a (pre-owned) Chrysler Pacifica. And this after we moved farther away from his work, so we'll be using MORE gas!! I was sooo angry, I cried. I suppose it'll be easier to get through the back roads this winter, but DANG, with the way gas prices have been I'm scared for our finances.

Vex, in light of your information, I think I will have to think looong and hard about ever owning a hybrid, unless they can correct THAT kind of thing!!