How possible is this?

Ok, those are the reference images. Now I know I'm new to 3D art, but if anybody has seen my thoughts on, you'll know that ideas and images are pounding my brain again, so much that I can't keep up with it. I may be working something to complex with this idea, but honestly, this is for a later project, but one I want to gradually work on over time before I actually use and render the image I have in my head. So here's my question, and I've searched everywhere I can think of to find an outfit similar to this...most importantly the skirt with the belts and leather backing.

How can this dress (skirt) be created to work like other outfits where they can stretch and move, twist and bend to the movements of the character? Is it possible to add the weight of the buckles? Incorporate what TYPE of leather to use? ie. soft, worked white tailed deer leather vs thick, hard as hell to work with cow leather/rawhide?

My goal: Fit it to a V4 model like a normal dress that will stretch and conform to the figure of the model, while allowing freedom of movement during an animation. Max movement should be running speed/strides.

If this is possible, HOW can I do this? What's the best approach? I talked to Temprah, and she said she had never done it before, and all my searches of 3D artwork of the character of Lulu turned up with nothing that could be of use.

Thanks ahead of time for any responses!

-Devyenn aka Adam

Temprah 15 years ago
To be completely honest I am thinking for a moveable item it almost needs to be modeled and made. Or done with displacement maps and a high quality texture / transmap on like the MF dress? maaaybe?
Nards 15 years ago
I am sensing a move for this thread.
NoxCruor 15 years ago
Sorry I didn't know where to put it.
ROzbeans 15 years ago
No big deal. =)
Lessa 15 years ago
I would imagine you could retexture the same sets they use for this

and get a pretty good likeness, dont think you could get the belt weght or anything out of it, but with disp and all that it would look pretty good.
Lessa 15 years ago

this hair might work for it too, if you were to do that character, though dont think the braids are as long

could always paint in the hair as well,
the---virus 15 years ago
i think it's easiest to start from scratch and model it. There are some good tutorials on the web, explaining how to make 'fitting/conforming' clothes. Still learning a (modeling-)3D app might take a while... Maybe look for someone who is good at modeling?
The textures will not be so hard once you have the model done

You could even start selling it in the daz store or anywhere else and earn some profit of it if you made it yourself
Adiene 15 years ago
not if it looks just like lulu's dress from FF. due to copyright/trademark. You canmake one similar to it and maybe get away with it. Textures for the MFD would be quickest imho. Then again i dont texture clothing hehe I have tried but I get distracted to easy lol and very short lol

I'm surprised Maya dont have any hairs like that =/ I am sure I have seen some similar tho ... just donno where =X
NoxCruor 15 years ago
Well I wasn't planning on making an EXACT copy of it...just pretty dang close with a touch or two of my own - like perhaps flames on the sleeves instead of those purple flowery...things. That among other things are changing/improvements that I would like to make with the design.

Thank you all very much for all the responses. I'll definately be sure to see what I can do, or if I can locate someone who is an apparent master at it.

-Devyenn Loway