china diverting resources for olympics.,,

China - Li Zengxia's fish are dead and his crops are dying. The stream that was once his lifeline is gone, diverted 155 miles to Beijing to create a picture-perfect green setting for the 2008 Summer Games.
Li and other villagers here are now nearly destitute, but he said he remains proud to have done his part to make the Olympics a success.
"This is a small thing for individuals," Li explained. "We should make contributions to the country. I understand -- we are a socialist family."

China is so gross.. bad decisions or mistakes or not.. so glad to be in America.. ugh..

Cobert 15 years ago
The olympics is a show for the world stage.

All things considered, they are doing a pretty good job with what they have, if the last eight years have been any indication.
Den 15 years ago
On one hand, I'm glad there were no protests, etc., because this should be an event of world peace, and good sportsmanship. On the other hand, I'm terribly disgusted with so much China has done, and almost wish there had been some outside protest...but being in China, I guess they were successful in keeping the dissidents quiet. I hope the IOC doesn't make such a freaking screwed up decision like this again though.
Cobert 15 years ago
Like they did in 1936?

As for china, I don't think you could ask for a better emergence of a new power. When you went to Wal-Mart in the 70's you didn't see "Made in the Soviet Union". So peaceful and our economic lifeline? yay!