Ok, so shockingly enough my poser still works. This is my Arasai inquisitor, Diena. CC 5 more than welcome please as I still keep finding more little postwork fixes for her anyways.

Char is Bambi morphs + Gaia skin + some shader tweaking by me to make her a little purplish. Aery Soul clothes, DM set, and that elfdance hair.

Temprah 15 years ago
*inner EQ2 geeek goes off* Oh! A spires replica on the desk and a miners lamp and looks like those kerran candles... and hmmm ok arched door so a Neriak home.. *coughs* Ahem yes, I do decorate a bit too much me thinks. A perfect Arasai, I would have guessed it even without you saying!! But the walls should be teal
Vex 15 years ago
VERY teal.

good job on those wings, i spot handpaintedness?
Darsa 15 years ago
She did indeed! That's what I told her too (and I thought I had posted here, apparently not!) that the wings are fantastic and spot on!

I love this one, Lill. Now it's time to get to work on mine!!

Lillaanya 15 years ago
Thanks She actually lives in Freeport, no teal choices there hehe. And, yes, I decorate too much too lol.
zaura 15 years ago
OMG is right! This is absolutely gorgeous!
Guest 15 years ago
I don't normally like the 3D type work but this is super.
Nards 15 years ago
Can I just say that in all my years of raiding Everquest, having one shaman buff an entire raid when there is more than one present is the most retarded idea that I have ever heard.
Lunna 15 years ago
I saw this over on the EQ2 forums the other day! Well done Lillaanya! She looks gorgeous!