Xmas 08 plans

Looks like everyone is off doing their thing for Xmas already, but if there's anyone still here...got plans?

Den 15 years ago
Normally we go to the movies on Christmas day, but because this is the first year without my brother, my SIL and niece are coming Christmas day. I'm off Wed thru Sunday, so I'm sure we'll still hit the movies one day, if not two. Other than that just a lot of eating, boozing, family, friends, and still some shopping as well :P
Lessa 15 years ago
We dont even have a tree up yet.. Hubby wants to bring in a fake one.. *shudders*

We are just staying here this year, which is kinda nice.. itll be the first time Ive really experienced snow and cold weather ( like colder than 50 degrees during the holidays hehe. Just wish I could decorate and shop with my mom.. missing all that
ROzbeans 15 years ago
We're staying here in Tacoma this year and had hoped both sets of grandparents would be down for David's first Christmas, but the snow here has been ridiculous. Apparently we brought Alaska weather with us =x Sorry, our bad!

Mike's parents are still planning on coming down and so I got all the fixin's for a spiral ham, twice baked potatos (and mashed), candied yams and real cranberry sauce, not canberry hehe. I got all the recipes from Jello who I'm sad we can't spend the holidays with again. I miss herz =(
Jetamio 15 years ago
I'm going to Grand Prairie tomorrow morning, 10 hour drive, yay! /groan. I'm taking my boss/roomie's wife and kids to see their families cos Guy cant take the time off and they'd not get to go otherwise so muggins here opened her mouth and offered to take them all that way lol. I havent even left the town im in since I moved here >.<
Adiene 15 years ago
We chillin at the house *nodnodnodnod
Eve 15 years ago
Hubby's working on xmas but come Saturday morn we're takin' off for my folks' place over in TN. Spend a couple days there with them and 2 out of 3 nephews, then leave our kiddo there for a lil while more to play with her cousins and stuff. Will be spending New Year's by my lonesome I guess since she'll still be over there and he'll be back at work Maybe I'll just get shitfaced by my self
Jetamio 15 years ago
Blegh, New Years I gotta work til freakin 4am or some shit...damn these people who want pizzas at silly times of morning. Although, better than the last few years where I simply see the Bells in with my dad, then cry for an hour when they all go to bed at 10 past midnight and leave me. I WILL NOT cry this year!!!
Lolanae 15 years ago
We are at my parent's house. We are having a birthday party for Alison, my dad and Ryan tomorrow. We'll be doing Christmas on Tuesday, as my dad has to work Christmas day.
Kels 15 years ago
my housemate is going to louisville to be with his family, and i have the house to myself. my best friend will be coming over at some point on christmas day to help me make food, but since no family and husband passed away... no big holiday.

i asked to go home and be with my husband's family, like i used to when he was alive, but i was told it would be too hard on them and they were finally starting to get over his death after 3 years.

i'm positive there will be people in eq2 though - so i'll prolly run some TSO instances. So many I've not yet been to - like Guk!
Den 15 years ago

i asked to go home and be with my husband's family, like i used to when he was alive, but i was told it would be too hard on them and they were finally starting to get over his death after 3 years.

That...just...omg...how sad that they feel that way. That they have to obliterate everything that reminds them of him to deal with his passing... *hugs*
ROzbeans 15 years ago
Merry Christmas!

shiyla 15 years ago
merry catmas!

Crikett 15 years ago
Well it started out on the 19th I shoveled snow and hurt muh back doing that... yeah should have let hubby do that. Woke up last night and was parched, so I went down stairs and yeah missed a step and took the rest on my ass all the way down. Went to the Dr. today got 2 pain meds and a muscle relaxer so, yeah I am feeling NO pain. Went to my brothers for dinner and its nearly sleepy time so Santa can drop the stuff I bought for my son under the trer... lol. Hope you all have a happy and safe holiday.