omg, don't do good deeds!

People disgust me, sometimes. F'realz

Adiene 15 years ago
Kelefane 15 years ago
Stuff like that is why a lot of people stand around and watch things instead of reacting - Simply because they just dont want to get involved.

You can blame motherfuckers like that for reasons as to why people react the way they do sometimes.
MoonLily 15 years ago
Well now, I think I just threw up a little. To sue someone after they help you? Besides, how are they going to prove her responsible after the fact? The damage was already done, it wasn't as though her removing her from the wreck broke what was probably already broken. Aggravated a little, but the damage was most likely done.

Stupid bitch, hope someone doesn't pull her out next time.

/end scornful ranting
Vishanti 15 years ago
What makes it even worse is that they're supposedly friends.