Hello. . .New here

Hello! I am new to this one . .wanted to see what this was all about as I saw Lulerianiel's recent post on Renderocities for here.

I also know her from EQ2 Players and was in the Frostfell Sig exchange over there. I play bot EQ and WoW and make sig tags for both. .along with Guild Wars. So if there are any gamers here, (which I can tell by the sigs that there are!). .HI! Have probably see you on the forums there. .at least EQ. . .

so. . . .I hope to learn something here or at the very least. .have fun. . .see you later.

Signatureless Quiarrah

ROzbeans 15 years ago
Hi there and welcome to TAC!

Thanks for taking the time to register and check things out. You're more than welcomed to post any and all types of your artwork in the art section, and we do have a literature section as well if you're a writer. Looking forward to getting to know you!
quiarrah 15 years ago
Thank you for the welcome. I t is always nice to find a new place to roam . . .since some of my favorites have gone out . .I need to find some new stomopping grounds.

I will have to find out the copyright rules here. . .. if there are any. . so . . .just point me in the right direction.
ROzbeans 15 years ago
Basically just credit your sources and do not let people intentionally assume that something that is yours, actually isn't. A lot of us poser here, but it isn't necessary to note every single piece you used - that's more of a courtesy just in case someone else liked what you did with it and want to pick up their own.

A lot of what we see done to other people, as well as our own work, is basically someone taking our art and fucking it up with additional sparkles, text, etc. For example - did you do your avatar and signature or does it belong to someone else? If so, do you have permission from the artist to use their artwork for personal use?

We just ask that everyone respect the art you love. =) Any questions, let me know.
Shaelynn 15 years ago
Hi and welcome!
Lessa 15 years ago
Hehe, I only use the Luler name on sites I signed up on before I ever knew better Lessa here! Welcome hun!
Adiene 15 years ago
hi hi hi welcome
Kethaera 15 years ago
Hi Quiarrah! Nice to see you here, too. (I know her from EQ2.)
Lillaanya 15 years ago