Photoshop Elements 4

Ok, I'm getting really fucking pissed off with this

I used to have PSE4 on my PC back in Scotland. I even still have the serial code. But I cant seem to redownload the damned thing onto this comp for love nor money. It doesn't show in my order history at Adobe (even though I have the serial code, wtf?). When I contacted their customer service they were about as useful as a kick in the teeth. They gave me an ftp link to redownload, but it asked for a username and pass all the time. I asked them what pw was and they said there isnt one.

I just ...want...PSE4...back. I paid for it, and I want it back. PSE7 trial ran out and I cant afford to buy it right now. I preferred 4.0 anyway, I'm used to it

I tried googling it and they all lead me back to Adobe to download it.

So might anyone know where I can just download it, not rebuy it? Or even better, if someone of you has it and can send me the files?

Or know of a free editing software cos atm I have none and all these sigs need finished off

/rant off

Vex 15 years ago
there's the gimp , free editor.

sorry i forgot what else I was going to post cause i had a call that took my ear for 2.5 hours ( i havent done that shit since before highschool )
Vulash 15 years ago
Did you giggle and gossip?
Jetamio 15 years ago
Grrr. Still cant bloody get it jeezus. Got at least 4 sigs need finished and cant do a bloody thing about it. Either that or I really am just retarded. Which, of course, is a very strong possibility.

I looked at gimp, went to download page and it offers a vast choice of links to download different bits of it or something. Why cant these things just have a big ol' download button for idiots like me?!
Lessa 15 years ago

you can dl a trial of photoshop elements here, not sure how long its for, but it might be enough to get something done

hotoshop%5Felements&promoid=DZHDI""> you have to log in or register
Jetamio 15 years ago
yeah already used up my trial and now they wanna make me buy it
Lessa 15 years ago

heres a dl for PSP whch I like to use hehe. ITs also a trial.