omfg N E W !

house ~!! woot woot woot mg

can see the listing here :

we plan on taking out the carpet and replacing with wood floor. and omfg getting rid of those 70s shagadelic lighting in the grand entrance lol Next year will be my new dark granite counter top. This house is huge i am soooooooo excited. The room off to the left down stairs is the laundry room which is the size of Jewels bedroom now (and she got the larger of the rooms lol) Which means i have room for my drafting table, easel and my sewing/crafts cabinet!! /faints I will be able to actually really paint with real paints! ainter hehe

*passes out random huggles and assgrabs~! :P

Jetamio 15 years ago
omg hamster overload!

But gratz!
Lessa 15 years ago
woot! grats hun!
Shaelynn 15 years ago
That's awesome, congrats, Adi!!
Eve 15 years ago
Wooooot! Gratz hon
ROzbeans 15 years ago
Grats! We lived on Knik Goose too! It's beautiful!!!
Lillyanna-Windmane 15 years ago

The house looks great, but I LOVE that picture of the backyard!
Adiene 15 years ago
=D thx. You can't really see but the windows in the loft area there has a great view of the waterfrount and mountians ... i am so going to make it my lib/study/lounge *nodnodnod
tamaelia 15 years ago
So excited for you hun! The pics look wonderful, when do you settle?
Onimi 15 years ago
i never seen her so happy before! Grats again you
Darsa 15 years ago
Wow, that house is GORGEOUS!! Congrats Adi!
Adiene 15 years ago
settle at the Mid May, close to school being out.
Love this house it has sooo much character none of the others we have looked at do. I can't wait to get my hands on it and paint some stuff for it! I am doing HaverHill course too Good stuff So maybe I can get a temp job with the people They are super nice and the lady helping us with the house like lives right down the road hehe Car pool LOL

Also we were approved for new pup too!! omg we have been waiting 11 years for a weim i am soo happy he is sooo pretty. Papered, Purebred, Champion Blood-line. 7 Month Old Male Blue Weimeraner name is Casper hehe (weims are nickednamed "grey ghost")
The people got him but change of life and stuff they are unable to take care of him and where screen families for the best suited home nahnahnah we win! lol

Isn't he purdy <3

Onimi 15 years ago
Laschae 15 years ago
Double congrats Adi! Looks like a beautiful place to live
Lillyanna-Windmane 15 years ago
Aww, he's so cute, but he's going to be huge though! lol Should have named him Moose! *giggles*
Adiene 15 years ago
hehe yeah but they already named him
Temprah 15 years ago
Congrats the house is gorgeous! You're right, tons of character there and that upstairs loft would make a fantastic library / lounge!!

that puppy is SO cute! don't know the breed but hey, even if he is big it looks like he will have a beautiful backyard to play in =)
DarkStorm 15 years ago
Adi I am so jealous and yet so happy for you all, its always great to get the home of your dreams. I wish you nothing but greatness in your new home once in. Oh and da puppy is a cutie as well...
ROzbeans 15 years ago
Vebran 15 years ago
If you haven't already, definately check out the BBQ place at mile 5 or 6, if it is still there, good prices for good food, and they delivered. Pretty much the only delivery you'll get in the area.
Adiene 15 years ago
=] Thanks will do