Thank you again for participating in The Angry Crayon's first event for 2009 - Special Edition! Feel free to turn in your art anytime from midnight May 2nd to the evening of May 3rd. We all look forward to seeing what everyone has done!

Eve 15 years ago
From ShutUpSara for Snowdragon-
Wystro 15 years ago
I got Darsa, and Darsa chose to have an image made of her lovely daugher JenDancer. Thank you for posting that four-wheeler picture today! I actually made a couple of changes to her face =)

The Cover:

The Image:

Shaelynn 15 years ago
YAY It's finally turn-in time!!!!

I had the lovely

Here's her cover girl debut!

And I also did a sig just for fun!

I had so much fun doing this, one of the funnest exchanges evah!

Thanks Eve and Lessa for hosting!

Quiarrah, I hope you like it! *hugs*
freyals 15 years ago

I really hope you like! ^^

ROzbeans 15 years ago
I had Katlienc!

tamaelia 15 years ago
DarkstormX, here is my take on Orion. I had hoped I would draw you for the exchange, I enjoyed your character description and felt inspired to take on the challenge.

and as promised, the centrefold for this issue.

I promise I will get back to you with a sig as well, just wanted to get these up asap.

Back with the signature!

Adiene 15 years ago
I had Temp!

I suck at font and stuff lol
Lillyanna-Windmane 15 years ago
I had Roz.

Hope you are not too disappointed!

SnowDragon 15 years ago
I had Jet. I will make your signature tomorrow. Sorry bout that but I wanted to throw up your cover now.

And here is her inside Centerfold

And your Siggy

McAfee2000 15 years ago
I got Kittystavern - had this done for about a week and been wanting to post

Lesson learned don't post at 1am in the morning - you end up making mistakes.

An Avatar

A Deviant Art - ID

A TAC Banner

And finally The Magazine Cover - Hope you like

forgot the image without the wordage
Kethaera 15 years ago
I had Shaelynn's Delia Robiliard!


Portrait (a.k.a. the cover minus the text):

And finally, the sig banner:

It just occurred to me that you might rather the sig to say "Shaelynn" rather than Delia. If so, just say the word and I'll fix it!
Jetamio 15 years ago
Well I must say this was one of the more difficult exchanges for me lol. Damned muse...

I had Kethaera!

And a wee sig for you (PS why do you always forget what settings you used for the texts when you need them? lol)

katlienc 15 years ago
I had Lacy Ann, who wanted a cover for her real life character I really hope you like it!! it was a bit frightening to do a real life person instead of a made up character or an in-game persona. Anyway here goes ...

Link to this image on DA
- Full sized version can be viewed here.

PNG file - no postwork

The sig is a bit of an afterthought...

Darsa 15 years ago
My exchange person was


Wow, I got my PM for this and I was all "holy shit... how the hell am I going to make something for WYSTRO?!?!?" And of course slacked cuz I'm an idiot. But I finally got it done; I really hope that you like it Wystro

Here's the magazine cover:

And here's the image without the magazine additions:

And lastly, here's a sig for you!

Oh! And one more thing, almost forgot. Shortly after we received our exchange PMs, I was bemoaning the fact that I wasn't talented enough to create something worthy of Wystro (no really!) and described it to a friend, who created a chibi-like character based on what I told him. I thought it was SO cute I wanted to pass it on to you

: :
DarkStorm 15 years ago
I had the pleasure of being given
to depict her character Beckanai Ravenwood in cover art and Sig.....I hope you like it Lil....

Cover Art:

Avatar Art:

And of course Sig:

Lil, I hope you like it all and of course you said anything goes, so of course My depiction for spring would be TOPLESS elvin huntress. As well I choose to do her in full ceremonial attire cus well, hey she is now a magazine star..... *grins*....

Edit for a typo I had in descpription....
Kittystavern 15 years ago
I had Rae.

I hope that the sizes/layouts/etc on these are all right. I'm horrible with getting sizes right.....

Temprah 15 years ago
And here is FREYALS lovely Lilas. I loved the creative freedom =D Just enough details to get my mind working. I have to admit there were times I wasn't sure it would be possible... this last month included I don't remember how many reloads of my PC trying to fix crashes (and quite a few lost/corrupted pieces in there) and culminated in a new hard drive and memory just a couple days ago. But I knew I would have SOMETHING for you even if I had to scrap what I had started and work on my old machine. But I'm so glad I was able to finish this one.. just love how she came out!

Lilas' Cover :

Lilas, a portrait

and a sig!

Rae 15 years ago
I had ShutUpSara. I am sorry for the delay. I hope you like it.

quiarrah 15 years ago
I had Tamaelia and I decided to do both her Orc and her Vampire. I only did the covers. . nos sig or avatar. .sorry hon. .. .Hope you like them!

First Up. . .Tahmal. . .the beautiful Orc of Oggrimar! (this is her Glamour shots Photo!)

And of course the Lovely Vamp. . . Triss!

LacyAnn 15 years ago
omg im running late sorry!!!!!!!
here is McAfee2000 i hope you like hun i had fun making it!!