I am addicted.

I'm excited though, I've plowed through season 1 of Bones and today the final season 1 dvd and Twilight is coming. I only have Twilight in my queue to appease Vex who keeps going on and on about it. I had to kick it up from #25 lol.

I love netflix though. My father has had it for about a year now and he kept telling me to do it, but we never watched dvds or movies all that much, but after I stopped playing WOW and got a little burnt out writing on SA, I decided to give it a try. I love it!!


Mileron 14 years ago
Issues with Netflix...
I've had 3? 4? broken discs
Had one rash of mailings where I ordered a specific title off the queue, and got season 4 instead of season 1, and when I called to report it they had changed the website to reflect the season 4 availability, and not the season 1
That's about it

Somehow my post office (or somewhere in between) mangles every 50th envelope or so, so I get it in this nice plastic bag with a special card taped to it that says "your article was damaged, please mail this card to this address if you want to file a claim"
ROzbeans 14 years ago
My father said something about the netflix envelopes are marked NOT to be sorted - that's what causes the damage, but sometimes that doesn't happen.
Adiene 14 years ago
e I dont have netflix cuz I can't wait. I go every Tuesday and buy the new releases lol Our DVD collection takes up two walls now .
I do have gamefly tho cuz we beat games to fast to waste 60 to 70 bucks on it and not play it again lol

PS twilight is great .. They left stuff out of the movie, and put stuff in that wasn't in the book and yeah should have added a bit more time but it was meh .. ok in comparison. I think New Moon is going to be much much better. Having a larger budget surely helps tons for sure but yeah its a cute flick regardless. We all know that movies rarely are as good as book anyways so I go in expecting worse hehe I'm glad I have Kat to obsess over twilight & Rob with me or I would black out in the corner somewhere for sure! hehe
Onimi 14 years ago
crazy fangirl imo
Lessa 14 years ago
With Netflix you can queue movies before theyre released and theyll send them out as soon as they open up
Adiene 14 years ago
true but i rather have my dvds and cases to add to my collection. I guess if you dont fuss over such things its great. My mom swears by them but then again she dont buy / collect movies like us either hehe.
Christmas in your mail box is always great! hehe
ROzbeans 14 years ago
My netflix deliveries and returns have slowed to a crawl. Damn holiday season!