Dannieo, EQ1 enchanter

Latest one; she seems to really like it and yes, she wanted "see-thru white dress cut "down to there", thigh boots and lots of jewelry". She also requested the print on the boots, tho I wouldn't have picked that myself.

Thanks for peeking! And yep, I know the color of the toes and the color of the heels are different, but as long as that took to render I ain't re-doing it!

ShutUpSara 14 years ago
Bling bling baby! Love the dress + hair, what are they?

Subtitle: Enchanting... yer doing it right
Darsa 14 years ago
The dress is called "Redemption", http://market.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=68057&keyword=redemption, I never even noticed it before this request, and did a search for "sorceress" on Renderosity She wanted sheer and white, and that's what she got! The hair is Pallene http://www.daz3d.com/i/3d-models/-/pallene-hair?item=8638&_m=d without the braids and with LOTS of wind morphing

They want a sig to match that has a quote: "Who needs spells to charm when you have a body like this?"
Adiene 14 years ago
Love it ~! Shes so purdy
ShutUpSara 14 years ago
Niiice morphs on Pallene! I didn't recognize it at all XD Methinks that dress is going on my wishlist, it is very mage-y, and come hither XD
Lessa 14 years ago
the dress was designed after a Royo book cover for Sara Douglas (horrible writing, but nice covers)

I almost grabbed it when it was 50% off the week before last and totally forgot to check out with my cart ><
Lillyanna-Windmane 14 years ago
That looks great! Everything works well together and I love the hair!