President Obama signed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

Monday in the Rose Garden, President Obama signed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, a bill that gives the Food and Drug Administration the responsibility to regulate tobacco products.

Before signing the bill, Obama said that tobacco-related illnesses are the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, and he detailed all the ways that kids get hooked on smokes before they turn 18. He ought to know, he said, because "I was one of these teenagers, so I know how difficult it can be to break this habit when it's been with you for a long time."

Is the prez still taking drags while nobody's looking? He wouldn't say, but he did say what's in the new law:

* FDA regulations will supersede weaker state laws, a major expansion of federal power;
* The bill bans the words "light" or "mild" in tobacco advertising, as well as any words that give the impression that one cigarette is less dangerous than another;
* It bans flavored tobacco products, like clove or cappuccino cigarettes (yes, they exist);
* It requires companies to submit a complete list of ingredients in the tobacco, paper, filter and other components, and allows the FDA to require the removal of any additive it says is dangerous;
* It requires this list of ingredients to be placed on all labels, which will itemize chemicals added to tobacco products;
* It restricts tobacco marketing to children, such as tobacco billboards near schools.

Lessa 14 years ago

not that I am a smoker or for kids smoking.. I personally think its a nasty habit but then I dont smoke.

I personally think the whole adding to federal power and taking personal power and choice is a bad thing.. but thats what democracy is.. after all
Kelefane 14 years ago
I miss Bush already =(
Kelefane 14 years ago
Quick question though - Will cigs etc still be sold the same as they normally are? Are will there be some gay loops to jump through to get them?
Lessa 14 years ago
theyll probably not be allowed to have the word "smoking" or cigarettes in the name of the store, not be allowed to have posters in their windows, prolly have to designate them to a certain parrt of the cities and prolly double their taxes... again. (but the tax wont go to fill in any of the deficits or anything, theyll pay for some other bs like making more laws we dont want.

I wonder why they target cigarettes more than alcohol? is it just cause theyve already tried getting rid of that and figured out it didnt work?
Lessa 14 years ago

you might enjoy this Kel, its pretty interesting and informative, I was suprised hehe, usually this sort of thing bores me.
Kelefane 14 years ago
Im guessing you can still buy them the same way as always. At worst you would have to sign something saying you're buying them, but that's still a bit away although tobacco was placed under the FDA a few weeks back, which basically gave the government total control over any cigarettes.

Gotta love legislation that's for the children.
The children that would smoke.
The children that would fund government health care.
The children that would fund government health care that won't be eligible for it.

If you're overweight, drop it... someone else will be needed to fund that stuff, and you're next on the list.

If you're overweight and smoke, just go kill yourself. You're fucked.

Anyway, laws like these piss me off.
ROzbeans 14 years ago
Because the tabacco industry has made hundreds of millions of people addicted and kill millions a year? A president signing a bill to help save lives.

Gosh, what a fucking idiot.
Kelefane 14 years ago
Obama is a smoker, I wonder if he will exempt himself from this like they are doing with healthcare?

i've always been quite a bit of a libertarian when it comes to social civil issues, very opposed to nanny state behavior, and this has just really kicked my hatred of federal interference into people's personal lives into high gear.

there's something about the idea of being told that, as an adult, i can't have a clove cigarette in my fucking house (example, I dip if curious) where i live by myself, because some bohemian douchebag thinks their existence makes teens smoke, that just really rubs me the wrong way.

ya know, republicans always make me morally outraged at times by trying to institute social change that doesn't effect me at all but opposes my ethical compass (like trying to ban gay marriage) but fucking christ, the fucking democrats are always the ones to *really* fuck up your day.

I miss Bush.
ROzbeans 14 years ago
Yeah, he left an awesome legacy for all of us to be proud of. God bless Bush. Plus he was white.
Kelefane 14 years ago
My opinions and mentioning Bush didnt have anything at all to do with skin color.
ROzbeans 14 years ago
Yeah but that's where threads like this always seem to go. I suppose I should have just called Bush our savior and Obama a facist socialist. I mean, he is a democrat. He's a fucking liberal, right? Ripping away all our constitutional rights like to kill our sevles on a product that causes cancer to those who smoke it and those exposed to it. Is it your right to smoke a cancer stick? Sure, but only because the tobbacco industry pumped millions into bills allowing it to be legal, ignoring the obvious health concerns. It's a no brainer to me.

Come on, Kele. Restrictions on smoking and smokers isn't the president's fault, but it's change that I thought people wanted. God forbid he actually do what he campagined to do. Just annoys me when people blame the current administration for what is going on NOW and it's only what - 7 months old? Bush had 8 years to fuck it up, and fuck it up he did, so why not wait at least 4 before we blame the end of the world on Obama?
ROzbeans 14 years ago
And I still <3 Kele. =(
Kelefane 14 years ago
Another typical liberal idea that sounds much, much better in theory then it does in practice. Obviously, banning bubblegum flavored/packaged cigs makes some sense (clearly being marketed to kids, which should be illegal). But, the bill will probably do nothing about teenage smoking, while hurting many adult smokers.

I just found out about another fucked up, reactionary, law passed in WA that will likely stop parents from volunteering to coach various youth sports. Basically, some fucking kid died (or something) from a concussion, so the state passes a concussion bill. Obviously, the notion of training HEAD coaches of teams in concussion prevention is a good idea, but, as per the norm, the law is over-reaching and appears to be causing all sorts of legal liabilities. Basically, EVERY person who wants to be near a kid on the team MUST attend a concussion seminar. This may sound like it isn't a major issue, but, in youth sports, parents like to be "unofficial" coaches and many coaches sign on after practices begin.

So, that means if some guy tries to help some kids and some fucking kid gets a concussion, they can sue YOU for damages....not the league, not the district...YOU; the *volunteer*. On top of that, it's hard to get parents together to sign the information sheet (required by law now) and it's near impossible to get hundreds (if not thousands) of coaches all "certified"; especially given the law passed one month ago.

Fuck I hate reactionary legislation......but, then again, reactionary legislation is all that ever passes.
Lessa 14 years ago
if Hillary had won id feel exactly the same way about her as I do about him, maybe even worse depending on the crap laws she put through.
ROzbeans 14 years ago
I guess if we all don't like it, maybe we should do something about it instead of complaining? And you want to talk about reactionary law? Hi2u 911 patriate act.

It's not just the democrats that fuck shit up, not by a long shot. They just won this time. Last time I checked, the things Bush will be remembered for aren't exactly that great either. You know what fucks shit up? People who are compliant.

Now I'm going to go to my happy place and ignore this thread since all it's doing is pissing me off.
Laschae 14 years ago
Obama might be trying to do some good but it kind of starts at home, and he smokes. Hypocrisy is evil.
Lessa 14 years ago
good plan

Everyone has faults, and that goes for both parties too as far as Im concerned, but the thing that scares me is the government gaining more and more control until eventually our votes, our emails, our letters to government officials dont go anywhere but into someones trash can.
tamaelia 14 years ago
LOL Roz, I think I share your feelings on this. A regulatory system that discourages smoking is a good thing as far as I can tell.

If folks want the right to smoke, they should similarly be entited to die from their addiction with no ability to seek medical help from the state. I know it is different down here as we have a much broader public health system but the idea pans out the same. If you smoke, don't expect health benefits. I think you would see a huge rush to ban smoking if people thought they would have to be out of pocket to pay for their lung surgeons.
Eve 14 years ago
Frankly them telling me I can't smoke just makes me want to go have a cigarette. *snort* Gonna go kill myself a lil more thanks...
pharren 14 years ago
It's funny how nobody complains when cancer-causing food additives are banned.

Not that I smoke anymore, but banning clove cigarettes makes me sad anyways. They are so tasty and fine.

Overall, I agree with Roz, but I agree emphatically with this:
Just annoys me when people blame the current administration for what is going on NOW and it's only what - 7 months old? Bush had 8 years to fuck it up, and fuck it up he did, so why not wait at least 4 before we blame the end of the world on Obama?

I work with a bunch of die-hard Republicans: an ordained-minister-turned-database-admin, a newly-converted Born-Again Christian, a Cuban executive (still bitter about the Bay of Pigs I guess; I would have thought he was a Democrat), and a bunch of redneck bigots who come up to me spewing their propaganda, talking about "we", as if I'm part of "we" by virtue of my skin tone. I just smile and nod at most of it, but when, not even 60 days into Obama's presidency, they started talking about "Obama ruined the economy", I had to walk away. Really? Ruined the economy in 60 days? And what shape was the economy in for all of 2008? How about 2007?

One of them is constantly talking about taking his son and going to Petra, because Obama is trying to "take our guns and bibles away"... ??? ???

The whole thing is very confusing to me. I'm not saying its never existed before, but I've certainly never noticed such widespread irrational behavior.

PS: The United States of America is not now, and never has been, a democracy.

PPS: I am not a Democrat.