Hi there to the people that still may remember me. Its been a very long time. Hope all is well with you guys. Life seems to keep me fairly busy these days. My son is in baseball now which is an almost every day of the week event. And my tiny daughter is about to be 2 (well in a couple months) but she acts like she's two now.

Now that I have my new computer (well an upgrade to what I had anyway) I've got TAC bookmarked again. Will try to stop by more often.

Just waiting on Aion to release so I can get started on that game.

Anyhoo I'll try to stop by more often!!! Hi Roz!

Don aka Rikr

tamaelia 14 years ago
Nice to have you back posting Sounds like life is hectic for you these days
Verileah 14 years ago
Good to see you
Eve 14 years ago
Hey Rikr! Glad to see you lurking about again I can't wait for Aion either! It's releasing on my B-day so we already have it pre-ordered to get here that day hopefully. Hoping that the game play is as good as the game itself looks, cuz damn it's pretty *nodnodnod*
Den 14 years ago
Woot! Hey Don, glad to hear from you again, and that the family is well! How bout a pic of that little two year old of yours? She must be getting so big now
ROzbeans 14 years ago
Huhu Don! Welcome back!
Rikr 14 years ago
I'll dig a pic of Lex off the camera for ya as soon as I can. Eve, Aion game play is nice I pre-ordered too and have been playing the betas when they open them up. I was playing warhammer and heard about aion in chat...i cancelled my warhammer acct yesterday. haha yeah it is pretty NC knows how to make pretty games. Our guild is just sitting and waiting impatiently for it to release. lol
ROzbeans 14 years ago
Ooh, sexy sig!
Mizen 14 years ago

Rikr 14 years ago
Ooh, sexy sig!

Character creation is very nice. One of the cool things about the game is that lets say you get some sexy armor or weapon, but you get a new ugly armor or weapon with better stats. There is a way to keep the skin of the sexy, but get the stats of the ugly.

HEY HEY Mizen! How you been bro?
ROzbeans 14 years ago
Character creation is pretty cool. The armor is sick sexy!
shiyla 14 years ago
what server are you guys on? Kwina and i are on Ariel