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Captain Hastings reached up and scratched his lip as the deck crew woke the rest of the squad. The female Sergeant stirred and then fell back asleep.

'Sergeant!' He yelled loudly.

The female jerked awake, her eyes wide and her pupils dilated to the size of dinner plates. She swallowed once and then focused in on the Captain's face.

'We're here.'

Here being the Outer Rim, No Man's Land, or affectionately called - Boon Fucking Egypt by the skeleton crew that operated the OR facility. It was a six month trip out from Omega, and that was with a fast ship. The Outer Rim was quite literally the edge of their known universe, not a place anyone wanted to end up, especially Captain Hastings.

Pulling on the straps that held the Sergeant in, he barely gave her enough time to steady herself on her feet when he opened the IV case brace on her arm and ripped out the IV. Much to his surprise, she did not flinch at the pain of the needle extraction. She merely looked past the Captain and blinked slowly at the crew filing out.

'You're it. Report to the deck officer.'

It meaning the last soldier to report to the OR shift change, a five year duty that few did with any type of enthusiasm and none volunteered for, except for her.

Stepping back, he tossed the IV brace on a nearby cart and looked at her. Slightly taller than average height, athletic build with brown eyes and brown hair. Plain, but not ugly. The Outer Rim was not going to be easy for her.

'What did you do to get this detail, Sergeant?' He watched as the woman disengaged herself from the sleep pod and rolled her shoulders. Picking up her bags that were unceremoniously thrown at her feet, she looked up at the Captain with a blank expression.

'I volunteered, sir.'

'Now I know you're crazy.' His second in command came up beside him and they watched her disembark the Valiant as the last passenger and step onto the deck of the OR. 'She volunteered for this.'

The Lieutenant looked at his Captain with a smirk. 'No one does the OR unless they're crazy.'

'Or running from something,' the Captain added more to himself than his subordinate. The OR was the biggest man made outpost with barely a skeleton crew. It was a pathetic excuse of a watch dog for the edge of known space, months away from the closest shipping lane.

You go to the Outer Rim to disappear. Forever.

'Let's get out of here,' Hastings muttered.

'What, not even 24 hours lay-over?'

'No, I want off this ghost ship. All accounted for?'

'Aye Captain,' and checked his log, 'Sergeant Caitlinn V'bran was the last.'

'And good riddance. Saddle up.'

'Aye, Sir.'


Welcome to the Outer Rim Outpost, the last human contact you will see before leaping beyond known space - a fool's errand, at best.

It is five years after the initial Cyborg attack on the Mars Outpost and they have infiltrated every aspect of human life back on Earth Prime, Omega, and Alpha. A truce has led to an agreement that the Cyborgs will live within the three earths peacefully, integrating all aspects of human life.

Created through a joint project between the Cyborgs and Humans, the Outer Rim is the largest, man-made, state-of-the-art facility on the edge of the galaxy known as our Milky Way, beyond the Charlie quadrant, passed the twin class M planets - Earth Alpha and Earth Omega, beyond where human and cyborg dare to travel.

The Outer Rim was, quite literally, the end.

You are part of the OR's five hundred occupants and will be one of the two main classes:

Scientist - The OR is perfect for government science projects - both legal and illegal. You are one of the brightest in your field and you conduct experiments in the secrecy of the OR. You can be either human or cyborg.

Soldier - You are part of the military squad that protects the OR from Pirates who are stupid enough to travel to the edge of space to steal nothing. Unknowingly, you protect the private medical experiments and scientist performing their duties. It's a boring life for you, up until now.

Soldiers are typically human, but Cyborgs that are made up of at least 80% human are allowed to enlist. Your appearance must reflect very little technology to serve.

In the five years since the initial Cyborg invasion, things have finally started to settle down. Cyborgs, wishing only to be reunited with their lost humanity, are viewed as 2nd class citizens. Despite the technological advances their kind has brought to the Earth Triad, they would never truly be...human. Because to be human meant everlasting immortality...or so they thought.

Aboard the OR mankind's brightest minds are doing genetic tests on the cyborgs - taking the improved humanoids, and they were better than the elitist Humans, living longer, stronger, and smarter - and creating genetically altered secular humanoids.


An abomination this perverse isn't born, but is created by the folly of man.

Welcome to the beginning of the end.




Character bio

Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR):
Body Type:
Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements):
History: (OPTIONAL)
Desktop Size:

(You are more than welcomed to reuse the character you used in the previous science fiction event 'Beam Me Up'.)

Pictures: Feel free to create pictures of your character or at least a photo reference



: Any medium is welcomed in this event. TAC events are NEVER exclusively 3D, so feel free to try a new medium or embrace you're own: vectoring, pixel art, freehand, etc.


: As with all TAC events - signing up means you will provide (at least) 1 desktop size portrait of the person who's name you were given.

Please do not show the art off until the turn in date - November 16th - It's all secretz!

Please use your time wisely - any late turn ins will result in being banned from future TAC art events. We take this very seriously and we do not want to see ANYONE empty handed. If there is a reason YOU CANNOT TURN IN ON TIME - please let me know AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Or I swear, I will lose my shit. I am not kidding. =( Seriously, please let me know before the turn in date so I can make arrangements for your person not to be empty handed. All I ask is common courtesy. =) Sorry for getting angry there.

If you would like to turn in early, please email them to me at [EMAIL="tacstaff@gmail.com"]tacstaff@gmail.com[/EMAIL] or PM me (rozbeans) the link on www.theangrycrayon.com.

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Thanks all!!




Lessa 14 years ago
Character bio

Name: Vanessa
Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR): Scientist
Hair: short, Black w/ colored tips (any color)
Eyes: Cybernetic gold colored irises
Body Type: average height, fit figure
Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements): Cyborg - Cybernetic Eyes are the only visible enhancements.
Desktop Size: 1280 x 1024
History: (OPTIONAL) Will be added
Refrence http://vanesse.deviantart.com/art/Vanessa-G-A-S-H-TAC-Event-136826665
McAfee2000 14 years ago
Character bio

Name: Graphx

Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR):
Cyborg - female
Black - long pulled back ponytail
Eyes: One eye is mechanical/graphic, the other eye is green
Body Type:
Medium Build - 5'9", WT: 250 Pounds, Muscular, athletic, basically normal except for a leg and an arm are cybernetic. I'd prefer to say she is Oriental. (It will give someone a chance to play with Manga or Anime if they like.)

Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements):
History: (OPTIONAL) Originally recruited for the Corporate wars, Graphx was a brilliant strategic planner, and analyst. Holding to the back of her company, she and her company were caught off guard by an ancient missile deployed by the advancing Taco Bell Franchise Military forces. The explosion nearly killed Graphx. The body parts that were not salvageable were replaced with cybernetic appendages. Her leg, arm, and right eye were replaced. They made her stronger, better, and faster. What the corporation did not expect was the psychotic shock effects the cybernetics have on the human psyche. The episodes have driven her over the edge a few times. She is a survivor and is looking for a way off Earth, and to a new home where she can try to be normal. She also wants to hide from the law as she is a wanted killer. Those psychotic episodes are really bad. She is currently seeking medical attention.

Poser Pro/Poser 8,VUE 7 and Photoshop

Desktop Size: 1280x1024

(You are more than welcomed to reuse the character you used in the previous science fiction event 'Beam Me Up'.) Mr. Hobbs went on another grand adventure in time.
csmalls 14 years ago
Character bio

Syn and Sable Cain
Class specification:
Syn-black, thick and just past shoulders, usually wears some sort of head gear like goggles to keep it out of her face but bits of her choppy bangs slip forward anyway. Sable-pale blonde, feathery and waist length, usually wears it in a smooth shiny ponytail or combed straight back.
Syn-dark brown, with dark thick seductive lashes, Sable-aqua, also has long lashes but are thin and baby-doll-like.
Body Type:
Syn-5’5”, swift thin legs, strong shoulders and well-endowed. Sable-5’5”, wide round hips, slender delicate shoulders and waist (She is the yin to Syn’s yang)
Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements):
Cyborg. They appear completely human but beneath their skin hides intricate circuitry and solid machinery that allows them to fight harder, longer. The only evidence of their non-humanness is a trail of small lights along their spines under the skin.
Scientist or Soldier:
History: (OPTIONAL)>>

Syn and Sable Cain are sisters…but only because the scientist who created them cut them from the same material, literally. Their minds are linked to the point that the one cannot act without the other. They are polar opposites while at the same time fitting together like neighboring puzzle pieces.

They were created before the Scientists figured out how to meld all the things Syn and Sable can do, into one perfect genetically altered body, so what one lacks the other fills in.

Syn is the muscle of the two while Sable is the brains. They both fight-and always side by side-but their styles are slightly different. When Syn lunges for an outright attack, Sable slips in unnoticed and jabs from behind. When Sable alights into the air for a fatal kick, Syn crushes their opponent’s ribcage. While Syn is blunt, violent, and sexier than hell, Sable is silent, deadly, and adorable.

But lately Sable’s motives have drifted from Syn’s, a possible defect in their design. Quiet little Sable has evil behind her eyes and a bloodlust beyond reason. Syn, just wanting to be accepted into the human world, now has to keep her sister under control or risk expulsion from the human’s circle of trust…or worse, being turned into scrap parts.
Desktop Size: 1280x1024
Screenshots or Photo URLs: (Sorry, I got a little behind, it's just a sketch)
sketch of syn and sable
Roguegoddess 14 years ago
Character bio

Name: Stasia
Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR): Soldier
Hair: Long, brown, can be tied up in a pony tail or cliped back in curls
Eyes: Violet explosions
Body Type: Voluptious (large chest but not overly large)
Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements): human
History: (OPTIONAL) will be added when I wake up
Desktop Size: 1600 x1050
Lillyanna-Windmane 14 years ago
Character bio

Job Profession :
Former wife of a Soldier
Short, black (Anything spunky works)
Amber eyes
Body Type:
Human or Cyborg :
Human currently in the process of a mutation - Bigger, stronger, and a more powerful.
History: I'll update this tomorrow
Desktop Size: I prefer 1280 x 1024

I'm feeling quite terrible atm, I've got a picture that needs the post work finished and I'll update the history tomorrow.

Image I created of her
tamaelia 14 years ago
Character bio

Name: Tami Creagh
Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR): Soldier
Hair: Natually dark but dyed pink
Eyes: Brown but wears coloured contact lenses to match her hair
Body Type: Muscular and fleshy
Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements): Human and proud of it
Desktop Size:1280x1024

History: (OPTIONAL)
Tami stretched her shoulders back and yawned, it was quiet at 0200 and she was passing time by configuring a mod-chip for her EMPG. She wasn’t anti-tech, far from it. She just believed it had its place and that place wasn’t inside people. She considered herself a gadgets girl; making tech do the work she chose for it, not the other way round. Others considered her eccentric and to be avoided.

She was human of course, borne of human parents back on Earth Prime before the attacks that took her parent’s lives along with, well, nearly everyone. Including Nate. His memory furrowed her brow and clouded her eyes briefly. Oh yes it still stung, raw as then, raw as bone. She brushed her fingertips over her eyelids and blinked at her reflection on the monitor screen suspended over her desk. Everything still slept, even though time and day and night and love and laughter didn’t seem to matter out here.

Space travel happened so fast, certainly faster than the “Glory Days” of the 20th and 21st Centuries. Alien tech certainly sped things up and when the tech got its own smarts things just spiraled from there. Apologists marveled at space stations that practically built themselves and said the tech made people better at being people. Tami thought it made people lazy and not really people; and it was getting harder to tell them apart. The waiting lists for enhancements grew out of control and the latest craze was getting a micro-pro inserted into your retina so you could have a HUD that streamed whatever content you chose.

Tami wasn’t on any list. She firmly believed in keeping her body and tech separate. No enhancements, no spare parts. She just didn’t trust it. She didn’t have any proof but she always suspected that tech was just a way to control the masses. Heck, she didn’t trust that the tech wasn’t putting something in the air. This was why she earned the nut-job tag. That and her penchant for 20th Century folklore and relics. It amused her to read paper books and listen to music made by people.

She was a good soldier; it was the only solid connection she had with her old life. She was actually surprisingly normal back then as a young woman, approaching her twenties with relish and excitement. Nate encouraged her to find her creative side and she used to paint and sculpt and write. She used to dream in colour too. That all seemed so long ago now, was it really only 7 years since…

Captain Creagh, report. Captain Creagh, report. The voice of General Foster droned through her headset. “Sir, 0200 and status is green.” She twisted down to her pack and rifled through its contents, dragging a dog-eared and tattered book from within. Thumbing to her bookmark, she settled into her chair and picked up the story of Susan Calvin. She knew that filling her mind with fiction from over 100 years ago was probably going to earn her more dark looks from her team but she delighted in the paper and ink and wordcraft anyway. It kept her human.
Kethaera 14 years ago
Character bio

Name: Dr. Valerie Morgan, too many Ph.D's to count
Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR): Scientist, theoretical physics and more
Hair: Reddish-Brown, curly, medium length. May be worn tied up in some way.
Eyes: Gray (see info under Cybornetics)
Body Type: Very petite. She's only a hair over 5'0" and less than 100lbs, appears childlike next to the often-modified Soldiers.
Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements): Cyborg, but most cybernetics are internal enhancements to the brain. Her brain functions literally like a computer, giving her an infallible memory and an incredible ability to make complex computations in her head. Her eyes are also cybernetic, but appear as normal eyes except for an occasional glimpse of the HUD on her pupils. Her right hand is mechanical due to an unfortunate lab experiment.
History: (OPTIONAL)
Valerie Morgan was born already intellectually gifted, and her parents had her modified to further enhance her abilities. She had graduated with her first Bachelor's (in theoretical physics) by the time she was 14 and had two Ph.D's by the time she was 20. Because of her cybernetic enhancements, she has a difficult time relating socially to people and therefore spends most of her time alone. She appears to be in her late 20s to early 30s, but appearances in this day and age can be deceiving and she's not telling. With her petite stature, heart-shaped face, and dimples, she has a sweet, girl-next-door appearance, but her knack for remembering at the most inopportune times the things other people wish forgotten has left her unmarried and with few friends. She usually dresses practically and somewhat dumpily as befits her lab work, unless one of her few friends can sweettalk her into something nicer. She's somewhat self-concious about her most visible cybernetic enhancement, a replacement right hand for one she lost in an explosion.
Desktop Size: 1680 x 1050

EDIT: Here's my picture of her. http://fav.me/d29nx3q
quiarrah 14 years ago
Name: Miriam

Job/Profession: Ace fighter pilot

Hair: Long and Red

Eyes: Blue

Human/ Cyborg : HAlf and half she has a mechanical eye like Star Trek TNG's "Seven of Nine".

History: N/A

Miriam is the creation of a union between a human male and a female known as a Zentrani (they were 50 foot Giants and knew of nothing but technology.) Her mother and father were both air pilots and both aces in their field.
They met one night as her mother was about to attempt to kill her father because he had defeated her in battle. But they fell in love instead.
freyals 14 years ago
Character bio

Name: Dr Medea Ambrosia.

Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR): Scientist.

Hair: Long black and straight.

Eyes: Very light blue most of the time, but strangely turn bright red when activating various functions.

Body Type: Tall and thin, very pale.

Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements): Human, however the rumours are rife that she has implanted herself with many illegal cyborg components. No one really knows for sure if she can still be considered human, despite her appearingly normal physical form.

History: (OPTIONAL)
Dr Medea Ambrosia graduated at the top of her class at the Alpha Academy of Biochemistry & Biometric Research and was quickly recruited into a top post dealing with cybord research. Medea won several awards for her innovative work dealing with circuitry and intergration, but it finally came to light that she had been pursuing illegal after-hours research involving the kidnapping and experimenting on unwilling homeless people, many of which died as a result and only the successful experiments making it into her more mainstream monitored research. As a result she was arrested and charged with kidnapping, mass murder & illegal use of government property among other things.
Medea eventually escaped to the last place in the solar system that anyone would come looking for her, the OR. She was able to work her way back up the ranks of the OR's small science team and has been resuming her work into the cybermetric foray.
There is much gossip about the strange and very quiet doctor who works such late nights, and her ability to escape the Alpha military with such ease has promted the romours that she had been operating on more than just the homeless people ...

Desktop Size: 1280 x 1024
ShutUpSara 14 years ago
Character bio

Name: Pyth Iara
Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR): Scientist, bio-engineer
Hair: Naturally dark brown, dyed bright red or whatever color catches her fancy - usually kept in buns or pigtails when she's working (and she usually is)
Eyes: Emerald Green
Body Type: curvy (5'4, 160 lbs) - She's spent many nights in the lab, and usually only eats junk food.
Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements): Human, but due to a horrible accident at her previous post, she has a bionic left arm. She also has a cyborg hearing chip on her right ear.
History: (OPTIONAL) (Really long.. sorry!) Pyth Iara had an extremely rough childhood. Her mother was a scientist on Earth Omega, and her father.... was a drunk, at best. Pyth's mom was often off-planet, studying alien flora and fauna, and leaving Pyth and her younger siblings at home with their father. Mr. Iara was an extremely violent man, and would beat the children for the slightest infraction. This hostile environment led to Pyth loosing her hearing in one ear after a particularly bad beating, and she sank into autism. It wasn't until her mother returned home from a 5 year expedition that anyone ever knew what went on in the house. Mr. Iara was locked up in an insane asylum - he claimed he had to beat the children (almost) to death so that they might live. Mrs. Iara ended up taking her children on the ship with her from that time on. Even though the threat was gone, Pyth remained deepy seated in her autism, and never responded to anything until meeting another "child" aboard the ship - a cyborg created by a scientist to help ease the loss of his young son. Pyth sprang back into the world of the living, and tailed the bio-engineer around constantly. With his help, and the young cyborg Rex, Pyth blossomed again and became a happy little girl again. The bio-engineer and the newly-divorced Mrs. Iara ended marrying several years later, when Pyth had just received her Master's in bio-engineering. The O.R. is the second post Pyth has been on - the first cost her her left arm, and her dear childhood companion, Rex. She doesn't talk to anyone about what happens, but is often caught staring vacantly at a screen or out a window, lost in her memories.

Desktop Size: 1280 x 1024

Pic linkies below!
Eve 14 years ago
Name: Thirteen
Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR): Soldier
Hair: Dark auburn, all about the same length and hanging to her shoulders or right above
Eyes: Blue/Grey depends on the lighting really
Body Type: Just over 5ft and very trim/athletic.. likes to wear muted browns and golds because of all her time spent in the desert wastelands.
Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements): Human
History: (OPTIONAL)

From a young age, she was always deemed unlucky, hence her nickname of Thirteen. Abandoned as a child, under the pretense of giving her a better life, she grew up at the orphanage unwanted and unloved. At the blossoming age of thirteen, she struck out on her own, escaping the watchful eyes of her caretakers. As if they would possibly miss her.

For quite some time she kept to the streets, growing wiser beyond her years as she learned fighting techniques along with daily living. Roughly three years later, when she was about sixteen, she met a boy not much older than herself. It could have been love, perhaps, but more likely than not just a severe case of teenage hormones on both sides. When Joel was taken by hostile aliens, she mourned his loss and sunk deeper within herself, vowing to never love again.

Five years have passed since then. A hard life has left Thirteen able to fend for herself, occasionally even helping out some of the small groups of nomads who move from safety zone to safety zone. It's not easy, but it's the life she lives, and she'll be damned if anyone or anything takes it away from her!

Another five years, and 13 finds herself stationed at the Outer Rim. Older? Definitely. Wiser? Perhaps. Pissed off at the world? You know it. She held out for so long, fighting for freedom not just for herself, but for her world. She found herself surrounded constantly by that 'otherness' that she had grown to hate: those who had succumbed to the 'borgs and taken them into their own bodies and even into their minds. All because a bunch of bureaucrats decided it was better to make peace than continue the fight. Perhaps she should have kept her strong opinions on the matter to herself. Perhaps then she wouldn't be stationed here in her own personal hell, a hell that was about to become very, very real.

Desktop Size: 1440x900 or 1920x1200 your choice
SCREENSHOTS OR PHOTO URLS: Current Pic Younger #1 Younger #2
DarkStorm 14 years ago
I would like to put this placeholder here now. Seeing as I do not participate in dA any longer as I will not pay nor even sponser in any way such blatant art theft and other such matters at hand lately. (Not open for debate on this forum) I would however continue to enjoy the annual rendering and exchanges that occur here.

Character bio

Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR):

Body Type:
Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements):
History: (OPTIONAL)
Desktop Size:
SnowDragon 14 years ago
My place holder trying to write up all the stuff now. Will fill it in all at one time

Character bio

Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR):Mechanic
Hair:Jet Black with streaks of colors depends on her mood. Definitaley NOTHING remotely PINK!!! Can been seen in twin braids if she is working. Sometimes she will put it up in a mohawk depending on her mood when she is off work.
Eyes: Pale Blue
Body Type:Athletic muscular but well toned. She is tattooed all over her body. She dresses in SteamPunk way or 80's punk style. She would never be caught dead in a dress.
Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements): Human completely
History: (OPTIONAL)

As she stepped off the ship she looked around the god forsaken hell-hole and thought to herself how had she got into this mess. Then she got bumped as a gangly blonde came stumbling down from the ship carrying too many bags filled with plants and tools. She looked over at the blonde and just rolled her eyes and shook her head she was the reason she was in this forsaken place. If it had been anyone but Ember she probably would have gotten into a fight. She did not do well around other people she mostly stayed to herself. Ember was the only one that was close to her to call family.

She remembered the first day she had seen Ember. Ember was brought into the orphanage and introduced by the Matron Mother. Ember was this six year old, shoulder length pale blonde hair tangled in knots, her big emerald doe eyes flooded with tears snot running down her nose and sucking her thumb. She carried 2 raggedy looking stuffed rabbits with her. Echo was 8 at the time and just rolled her eyes and walked out of the room thinking just great another cry baby just what the orphanage needed. She had basically lived in the orphanage her whole life. She was an abandoned baby at the age of seven months. She had hardened herself against emotions and caring about anyone. She had a temper on her and all the kids stayed away from her.

About six months after Ember arrived she had come upon the other kids bullying Ember and trying to steal her things. For some reason the pain and hurt look on Ember’s face touched Echo and she jumped in starting to beat up on the other kids. From that day forward none of the other kids messed with Ember. Ember gave Echo one of the rabbits that day in gratitude. She became Echo’s shadow and she became Ember’s protector. Even 14 years later she was still protecting Ember. Both of the girls still carry the rabbits to this day showing the world their bond they formed that fateful day. Now she was stuck on OR because Ember just knew she could make this place a green haven for all.

Desktop Size:Have to check again(lol at work right now)
Darsa 14 years ago
Yeah, me too on placeholder thingie there... still hunting for my muse on this one:

Character bio

Name: Ember

Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR): Scientist (Botanist)

Hair: pale blonde

Eyes: green (am I predictable there?)

Body Type: thin, gangly; she looks like a teenager.

Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements): Human, mostly. Her "improvements" do not show on the outside.

History: (OPTIONAL) Okay, here goes (sorry):
Ember didn't remember much of her life for her first six years or so. She remembers being hungry, tired, cold and sick a lot, and that was about it. She hid from most people, as she had learned more than anything that people can be cruel, and you never know what they'll do. She did find, after a storm when she was very young, a pair of stuffed rabbits among a large pile of trash blown against a wall. She, being about five years old, claimed the two as her own, and carried them with her everywhere.

She remembered shuffling into the orphanage they had relegated her to when they finally found her on the streets (still to this day a little vague on who "they" was), and remembered her arm aching vaguely from the incessant pulling of the matron as she clicked down the hallway to the girls' dorm. She was left at the door of the dorm while the matron hurried away murmuring something about "washing up".

That was a horrible day. She found a bed that looked to be deserted, shoved her meager things under it, and curled up to sleep. Thus began a seemingly endless round of... nothing. It was dull, boring, tedious... until the other kids decided she was fair game for bullying. She was yanked from her bed one day, and tossed around along with taunts and pokes, kicks and punches. Her stuffed rabbits flew from her arms, and they were picked up and tossed around as well.


She was about at the point of wishing to die; suddenly it stopped. She was on the floor at this point, and looked up, pushing stringy silver-blond hair out of her face, and seeing a bigger girl with a wild face and a couple of whipping tails standing on the worst offender. She casually reached down and pulled a chunk of hair out of the bully's head, then stuffed it into his screaming mouth. The other children quickly dispersed, and Ember scrambled to her feet and looked fearfully around. The girl shoved the wailing bully out of the area and turned to Ember, handing her her rabbits and mumbling,
Ember decided that this person, Echo, was good for her self-preservation. In gratitude she offered one of her twin buns, and was amazed that the seemingly tough girl accepted it, and her, under her wing. Ember became Echo's shadow, and the two became inseparable. Even when Ember's relatively benign cyborg implants were added, Echo stayed by her side through the healing and orientation process.
When Ember heard about the OR and the seemingly desolate condition of the land, she decided she needed to do something about that. She pestered and hinted and nagged and begged and suggested until in utter frustration Echo relented, and signed the two of them up. As they descended the platform to the rough, grey landscape, Echo wondered why she gave in.>>

Desktop Size: 1280 X 1024

Jetamio 14 years ago
Ok, ROz convinced me...

Name: Issy
Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR): Soldier
Hair: Straight, shoulder length hair. Her hair is a very pale blonde, almost silver, and she often has coloured streaks in it. The colour depends upon her mood.
Eyes: Very pale watery blue.
Body Type: Apart from being Albino, Issy is your typical soldier, fit, athletic and strong.
Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements): Purely human, though she has tattooed much of her body with cyborg like patterns, mostly to distract from the paleness of her skin. (Like Aery-Souls Hanyma skin) She is not adverse to wearing bio-mech suits and such, she will happily take advantage of anything that makes her stronger without actually having cybornetic implants.
History: (OPTIONAL) Issy was born on Earth Prime, and is the oldest of 7. She did not have a bad childhood as such, but lacked the emotional attention she craved. Jealous of the attention lavished on her younger siblings by her stepmother, Issy left to find her fortune elsewhere. She joined the Military where she got almost constant flack for being Albino. One day she snapped and struck out, killing one and injuring numerous others in a fit of rage. Instead of being thrown in one of the many overcrowded jails however, she was offered service on the OR instead to serve her sentance. Despite her initial reservations about the place, she came to almost like the place. She was mostly left to her own devices so long as she did her duties, and it had the added bonus of staying out of the Sun which burned her pale skin in minutes.
Desktop Size: Erm, 1280 x 800 I think. Laptop lol.
Faeini 14 years ago
Name:Esbella surname unknown
Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR):scientist
Hairurple , alittle past the shoulder.She usually likes it anyway thats out of her face.
Body Type:small not really a fighter type
Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements): Human from what they can tell..
History: (OPTIONAL) Little is known on Esbella's history , she was found at a crash site with no other survivors.
She picked her frist name but chosen to have no last name.Shes rather intellect so she works with the other sicentists.
Desktop Size:1024x768
Picture link http://faeini.deviantart.com/art/Esbella-G-A-S-H-TAC-138082029
Nianya 14 years ago
Name: Xandra
Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR): Scientist.
Hair: Her luxurious, thick straight, bone-white hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a mysterious hood
Eyes: She has round gray eyes that are like two pools of mercury
Body Type: She has a voluptuous build. Her skin is pale.
Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements): Human
History: (OPTIONAL)
Desktop Size: 1600x1200
Laschae 14 years ago
Name: Naimah

Job Profession (Scientist, Soldiers, or your choice of profession on the OR): Scientist; or rather a glorified lab assistant. She's usually the one cleaning up cages and tending to the creatures that experiments are done on.

Hair: Dark brown, long, usually up in a ponytail or bun. Example : http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/9421/naimah.jpg

Eyes: Dark Brown

Body Type: Curvy, just over 5 feet tall, 145 lbs.

Human or Cyborg (please be descriptive in your technology enhancements): Human
History: (OPTIONAL) She's not very forthcoming with her background but what we do know is that she didn't start speaking until she was 7 or 8 years old. Many times she feels alone because she's not a great communicator. Sometimes she resents her limitations and gets frustrated but working in the lab and caring for the creatures they find in the OR makes her feel like she's doing some good.

Desktop Size: 1680X1050
Vex 14 years ago
NAME: Lotus


RACE (other than human; ie Cyborgs): Cyborg

HAIR: Long and Black, no bangs but shorter tufts of hair that fall over her eyes

EYES: Left Eye Gray / Silvery ; Right Eye Red Iris / Black eyewhite

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 24 years old, 5'6" ; very lean and agile ; most of her bio machinery is internal, but you can see the circuitry beneath her skin on her hands and around her temples. Purple lotus tattoo on her lower-mid back

HISTORY: She was orphaned as a little girl, her parents were abducted but never returned to Earth. She eventually became an abductee as well. This particular organization of aliens worked outside of their government. They were mercs-for-hire, available to both aliens and humans. The aliens had plans to turn her into an assassin. The first thing to go was her human sight. Her eyes were enhanced with alien technology. During the operation, there was a complication and one of her eyes were damaged, turning it red and black. Other operations included augmented ligaments and tendons in her limbs, to increase her reflexes. Her heart and lungs were also enhanced to increase her stamina for fighting.

She resented the aliens for taking her parents away but after the hardships she experienced as an orphan, it was a relief to be taken in and given a home. Life in an alien environment was anything but soothing, very emotionless and robotic, but there was never a problem attaining what she desired.

The aliens trained her in various forms of combat, morphing her into a weapon for precision destruction, quick and clean. She was designed for infiltration and elimination. Her jobs usually involved assassinations of figureheads for different organizations, surrounded by some of the toughest security measures possible with the universe's technology.


DESKTOP SIZE: 1920x1200

REFERENCES: http://vexiphne.deviantart.com/art/Lotus-Cyborg-38375696
alltheoriginalnames 14 years ago
SAT COM LINK>/Loading...
>/Initialization Complete
>/Collective Mainframe Sat. Com.
........running passcode sniffer script
1----- 17---- 17r--- 17r5-- 17r5L- 17r5l9

Key Retrieval Successful

>// Subject Inquiry:

Subject Inquiry:

Name: :Sulborn
Race: Earth Prime Terran Class Human 100%, Cybernetic Assimilation 0% Pre O.R. Incident
Profession: Soldier
Rank: Master Sgt U.S.M.C.
Hair: Unknown, reportedly Dark Brown, Short
Eyes: Unknown, reportedly Green
E.Y. Age: Unknown, Estimated 20 to 30
Height: Unknown, Approximately 5' 10''
Weight: Unknown, Approximately 185 lbs
Blood Type: Unknown
Physique: Athletic, Medium Muscular Build
Distinguishing Marks: Numerous Battle Scars and minor Burns over 50% of body, none disfiguring. Numerous Tattoos on body, including Military U.S.M.S. and Patriots Logos.
Mostly hidden by his Mark IV Medium Assault Suit or Military Uniform.
Reference I.D. : http://alltheoriginalnames.deviantart.com/art/Patrol-on-Titan-Outpost-113381551

Background Check:

Personal History Incomplete

Subject Master Sargent Sulborn does not have an ATI I.D. implant, nor any records on file whether Medical, legal or otherwise prior to service in the Corps. all ATI scan checkpoints and GPS/IPTS tracking systems thereby rendered useless. Intel regarding subject is limited.

Sulborn's Parents/Family believed killed during the first incursion on Earth Prime, during the attack on the North Eastern Seacoast disabling the entire Eastern Defense Grid knocking it offline for the main assault. Estimated E.Y.(Earth Years) Age: 12

Sulborn, aka "Sully" became vagrant and joined other youths developing one of many groups that would later be known as "Ratpacks"(roving vagrant youth gangs). By estimated E.Y. age: 16 he had become one of the founding members of the "New Patriots" a paramilitary Resistance group which excelled at Guerrilla Warfare tactics using small arms and improvised explosives. "New Patriots" were comprised of many unified "Ratpacks", now focusing organized assaults which were achieving positive, albeit minimal results.

U.S.M.C. Recon Reports certify that New Patriots grew in strength, numbers, and resourcefulness. During an enemy incursion into Dorchester Bay area in Massachusetts that were intended to wipe out Guerrilla resistance groups, New patriots were ambushed and Sulborn was apparently injured. With high casualties reports conclude they retreated to South Station to regroup. 1st Battalion 25th Marines converged on the scene at this time, in what would be unofficially called "The Battle of Southie". 1st Sargent Spears recovered Sulborn and any known survivors. With Sulborn and the New Patriots assistance as local guides and providing intel, they were able to use tunnel systems to evade enemy attack while applying hit and run tactics to cover their escape.

Scattered reports show that over the next few years many New Patriots worked with and integrated into the 1st Battalion 25th, with Sulborn being trained by 1st Sargent Spears. 1st Sargent would later be killed in action at what was to be known as the "2nd Battle of New York" were the Corps took heavy casualties. Sulborn would then officially join the Corps.

While with the Corps and New Patriots in New York, Sulborn reportedly saves a young woman during a 12 block street skirmish in downtown Manhattan, identity of woman unknown. They became inseparable over the next few years. She was reported killed during the failed major extraction of remaining east coast civilians to an unknown Midwest Facility. Very high casualties of the 1st Battalion, New Patriots and Civilians reported. Unknown female was believed pregnant at the time of death. These reports are unconfirmed. The New Patriots were believed to have been all killed or MIA, and the main group dissolved, though splinter factions believe to have survived.

With East Cost in flames and ruins after the 3rd wave of arial assaults followed by significant enemy infantry/calvary presence and activity, 1st Battalion and remaining civilians moved west without air support in hopes of encountering surviving civilians and pockets of human resistance who would join in the Exodus. 1st Battalions plan was to head west away from major populations areas and roadways to lead civilians to an undisclosed extract point. Survivors would be extradited off world via converted freighters to safety, as Civilians staying on Earth prime was no longer a viable option. 1st Battalion would then return to the battlefront.

Master Sargent Sulborn's conduct was exemplary, and was awarded many Medals Of Distinguished Service, including the Medal of Honor. Troops under his command won many small victories in what was viewed as an otherwise hopeless war. He rose in rank quickly, as did his fellow NCO's. His 1st Battalion 25th Marines were renamed "The Patriots" and have been seen fighting in Earth Prime all across U.S, Europe, Asia, Africa and more. They would latter bring the fight to Mars, to assist the Mars Planetary Coalition and won battles on Moon Outposts Phobos, Deimos and later on Mars itself with countless sorties and missions.

Master Sargent Sulborn was stationed on an outpost at Hellas impact basin at the time of the U.N.P.C Declaration of Surrender, when the terms of assimilation were released. Sulborn was reported AWOL shortly after, as well as many of his NonCom's. Assaults on newly developed Cybernetic Facilities reportedly skyrocketed, as Anti-Tech Terrorism ensued. Sulborn returned over 1 E.Y. later, and was Court Marshaled. Though the details of the hearing are classified, it is believed due to his exemplary record and distinguished service he would remain in the Corps and return to active duty, though demoted in rank and reassigned. When he returned terrorist activity on Cybernetic Research and Assimilation Facilities dropped over 27%. A formal N.C.I.S. investigation on his and his former N.C.O.'s possible involvement was requested, but quickly denied. Master Sargent Sulborn would subsequently file a formal request for reassignment to Security Detail at the Outer Rim Cybernetic Facilities. His motives for requesting reassignment to Outer Rim Facility Corp Detail are unknown. But he is still a highly decorated Officer, and his request was accepted by Captain Hastings personally.

He has also been formally reprimanded by a superior officer for voicing Anti-Cybernetic views and arguing over potentially classified information during an WSTF News interview in regards to questions of the "5 Year War" making accusational statements that it actually lasted well over 10 years and suggested political spin control and possible cover-up. These reports are not reputed.

Little is known about his personal conduct, and all psych eval records are either missing or classified. While he is believed to be Anti-Cybernetic, he is not Anti-Tek. He has utilized much Nano Technology in improvised Armor Suits, Weaponry, Equipment and Vehicles. And is extremely adept with both Human and Cybernetic Technology, and had consistently found ways to use enemies technology against them. Even though he himself has no apparent cybernetic implants nor training in Cybernetics. It is unclear whether or not he was a possible chosen candidate for the Genetically Altered Secular Humanoid Project on the Outer Rim Cybernetic and Genome Research Facility before his arrival. No further information i available at the time of this status report.

Any information regarding Master Sargent Sulborn and mission status after his arrival on the Outer Rim Facility is classified. Level 10 Clearance Protocol required.

Signal Interrupted at Source.

End Transmission....________________