Do you believe in psychics?

Please read this with a completely open mind if you will. It's gonna sound crazy maybe... I feel silly writing it to be honest but what happened today got me thinking.

Over the years I have had the occasional glimpse of something that hadn't happened yet. Mostly in the form of a dream, many of which I still remember to this day. One that particularly sticks in my mind is 2 days before my 13th birthday have a terrible dream about a volcano erupting in my house. It was bad enough to wake me up, and when I went back to sleep I fell back into the same dream only it was happening at school too. A matter of days later, my parents battle finally exploded out of control and thats when life took a drastic turn for the worse at the time, resulting in a divorce a year later.

Coincidence, or sensing the tension in the house perhaps, I can accept both explanations.

Fast forward to 19 years old. I am with a friend from college and her 10 year old niece, walking into town. It was cold, and I had my hands deep in my pockets. We come to a place where we usually cross the road (jaywalking doesn't apply in the UK, I didnt even know what it was til I came here). Its a blind corner, a thick hedge hiding the bend in the road. I have a sudden image of a big black car speeding round the bend, and I take my hands out of my jeans pockets. Laura starts to cross the road, thinking it safe, her neice steps onto the road to follow. I literally screamed "No!" and grabbed the girl, yanking her back to me just as a big black car comes zooming round the corner doing like 50 in a 30 zone. Laura barely made it across in time. Her niece was pretty shaken too, plus I bruised her arm from where I grabbed her But she's alive. Laura then interrogated me a few minutes later on how I knew to pull her back, but how can I explain what I don't know myself? I just knew.

And then there's the pregnancy thing. For both my Dad's youngest two children, I knew before they told me. With Teri I still only visited at weekends at the time, but had a dream of Julia having a baby. I told her about it for a laugh, and she asked me what sex the child was. Thinking it an odd question to ask, I told her it was a boy but she said no more on it til the following weekend. She asked me then if I had had any more prophetic dreams, to which I looked at her with a 'wtf?' expression. She then told me I was 50% right with my dream, that she was pregnant. I was stunned to say the least. The baby turned out to be a girl, but can't have it all ways lol.

Couple years later I have another dream of her, but not the sex of the baby. I dismiss the dream because I figure the chances of it happening twice are highly unlikely, and they'd be mad to be wanting another child anyway, our house was too small. A few days later, I dunno if it was the way she was standing or what, but it occured to me that she was indeed preggers. I almost asked her outright, but she wasn't showing really, and I didn't want to offend her after we'd just been on a 5 month diet to lose a shitload of weight. Couple weeks later, Dad is waiting for me when I get home and shows me a picture of the ultrasound. First thought was 'Shit!' but the first words that slip out of my mouth were 'I knew it!' to which my father goes inside and announces that I already know. Way to go dad, I could have acted surprised for her.

And finally the most recent.

My friend here has been trying for kids for 3 years. She's been for tests and everything. Around a month ago I had a particularly disturbing dream concerning her and her husband and erm...well me. I'll say no more than that about that dream! The next day I see her at work and I just know it. I felt like dead certain. Now she's very sensative about the kid thing, and I didn't want to get her hopes up in case I was wrong. So I was trying to tactfully get her to do a test or something but she insisted she couldn't be pregnant. So I drop the subject and she goes off on her cruise a week later, comes back and I hardly see her for 2 weeks after she gets back.
Then she calls me today and squeals down the phone that she thinks she's pregnant (dollar store test, so cant be sure eh? hehe). She reckons it started on the cruise, but I insist she was pregnant before she left. One way to sort this out! She goes to the A&E and gets an ultrasound, and lo and behold, she's one month pregnant. I win. She just laughs and says she didn't want to believe me, and tbh I don't blame her lol, I likely would not have believed either in her situation.

But seriously, does shit like this happen to any of you, or do I really have this knack for knowing stuff?

Verileah 14 years ago
I knew a girl at school (acquaintance, we sat next to each other in art history) who dreamed I was pregnant about a week before I took the test (or even suspected, really). Same thing, where she told me for laughs.

I don't believe anything mystical is happening (spirits from the great beyond whispering secrets in your ear, demons advising you and then expected payment, etc) but I think it's possible that humans have a 6th sense - or, rather, are 'in tune' with their five senses, living in the moment, and really paying attention. Using their 'animal sense', if that makes sense - you know how dogs always know? It's not just because they're lower to the ground or have a better sense of smell - it's because they're in the moment, in tune with their surroundings and nature and the more primal aspects of life.
Kels 14 years ago
I do. when in school people told me I was 'highly empathic' which I always took to mean I was good with people. I've had some odd things happen to me. When I was 18, I woke up at what the paramedics told me was the moment my grandfather died. I felt this odd sense of peace and fell back asleep. It happened again when my husband died. This time I was in the hospital with him. It happened a third time last year when my grandmother died. This time I was 4 states away, but I woke up and wrote down the time, and it was the exact time the paramedics pronounced her. I also knew when my aunts were calling what the phone call was about.

All 3 were people extremely close to me, so maybe it is an energy thing. My husband and I were extremely close and it was like the two of us were, well it'll sound cheesy, but soulbonded. We completed each other and we knew a lot about each other. Like when we first dated he said he was going to marry me. I knew that he hadn't been born in the US. I also knew that he had family where I grew up. When he asked me how I knew that I remember saying he smelled like the bay.

Ive always believed in reincarnation and that souls know each other from life to life. It seems like a more plausable explanation than psychics. Although... I wouldn't mind living in an Anne McCaffrey novel. If there were more people who were empathic, there would be a heck of a lot less suffering in the world.
Lessa 14 years ago
I do also.. Things like that happen fairly often in my family.. My grandmother had alot of exxamples, but only things Ive head from in stories, since she died when I was about 9.

Once, my brother was due to walk home from school, and grandma and mom were sitting at the kitchen table talking, reading magazines whatever they did before the kids came home. Grandma got a shocked look on her face and said "Paul!" Mom lookedup and asked her what? hes not due home for a few more minutes. Grandma threw on her house slippers and ran out the door, came back a moment later with paul in the car, his face bloody and torn up, he had been attacked by a dog on the way home from school.

Another time my father.. he used to always write down his dreams.. I remember getting ready for school one day, and we were supposed to leave but he made us wait, the Challenger was going to launch and for whatever reason it was really important that we watched it. So we did and we saw it explode and he was terribly upset by it.. it was shocking to us too but we didnt know til later that Dad had dreamed of its explosion and had written it all down in detail.

There used to be these games my friends would play when i was in high school.. they would turn out all the lights and tell me to concentrate on one of them and tell them what I saw.. which I always thought was weird, but I would, and usually it ended up spooking them, though Im not particularily sure why.

I usually know when my husband buys a new car.. he hates that he can never suprise me, I can usually tell him the clor of it too before I see it. Though I cant get the model right past car or truck. hehe.

And this one time, again trying to suprise me, he left the house on enight. Hes gone an hour or two, said he had to meet someone.. which wasnt unusual for him. He same back and he has this silly grin on his face and a tear in his shirt. I looked at him and I said, "you have an animal in the car." Now to seems perfectly logical that the tear in his shirt.. the angle and size of it.. seems just right for something like .. oh.. a kangaroo. But thats crazy right? who has a kangaroo? So I dismiss it and ask him if he got a dog. His eyes get all big and he grins", "what no? I dont have a dog, why would you think i got a dog?" I say, "Do you have a kangaroo in the car? He says "Who told you?!"

rofl. The dork had brought home a wallaby
Jetamio 14 years ago
Phew, I feel better now And I suppose psychic might have been the wrong word to use, I like how Kels describes it better, empathy. Perhaps that would explain how I know people are lying to me. Thats kinda of frustrating though, cos I can't call them on it without proof and then I sit and stew over the fact they lied to me lol.
ROzbeans 14 years ago
I did growing up. One thing in particular that stood out was September 20th back in like...86 I think? I kept walking around all day thinking - what day is it today? What I am forgetting? Later that night, they called to tell my father that his grandmother, the woman who raised him, died. I've only seen my father cry twice in his life, that was the first time.

Then little things - deja vu mostly. I'd wake up from a dream, nothing amazing, just a picture in my head of something - some place. Couple months later, I'd see it. Not so much now that I'm older, but happened quite a bit growing up. I remember dreaming one thing, these twin girls in my 3rd grade class jumping rope - not super specific, but the dream itself was in that weird negative view. Couple weeks later, I saw it.
Lessa 14 years ago
Think alot of it is more like intuition.. Ive had deja vu experiences too. Most of the time I dismiss my thoughts as random thoughts or common sense and dont think anything of it til later when some odd coincedence comes up. Only sometimes when its especially strange do I really make note of it. Ive spooked friends and family before with what I would think is common sense only to have them think its creepy or extraordinary. It doesnt feel like any thing out of the ordinary.. you know? It also happens most often with people I know well or am very close to.
Kelefane 14 years ago
I do.