Writing Block - Poem

Writing Block

I have a story I've been working on
The flow of thought has come and gone
The ideas don't move and words don't write
I can't get out anymore tonight.

It's been three weeks since I put words to page
Twenty one days, yet they seem like an age
An eon of stale thought, no creativity flow
Where oh where did my imagination go?

I think I left it on the desk at work,
Maybe it was vacuumed by some uncaring jerk?
Did I leave it in my shorts to be washed?
Or was it in that meal I just flushed?

I watch TV, and laugh at the comedy
In my heart I'm crying, at mental tragedy
The words just don't move, don't come out
Someone turned off my creation spout.

I found a picture today, of a quarry in Maine
The huge rock I saw embodied my pain
How can myself a writer be claimed?
But I knew my creativity would come again.

I just have to wait, to be patient I must
And rushing back to me it would come, I trust.
My pen sits dormant on my desk, gathering rust
Over all but a tiny poem, my insight has fussed.

And these words do flow, their meaning true,
I hope they help me, and also you too.
Try something different, it's strange, I'm sure
But you'll be writing again, for real, for sure.

ROzbeans 19 years ago
ROFL, in that meal you just flushed. nice one.
Guest 19 years ago
cute, I like it!