Dreaming - Poem

I glanced over at you, sitting across the way
It wasn't the first time I'd looked at you that day
I'd been hoping you'd catch what my eyes were trying to say
I hope the message gets to you without undue delay
I know you're single, and so'm I, and I can't stop thinking

My brain isn't running very far for it has nowhere to go
I wish there were an easy way to say what you need to know
The way I interact with you is not a farce, not for show
Between us I'd been hoping to let the friendship flow
But a girl won't be alone forever, won't stop waiting

Away from our seats, I'm hoping you would lead
That part of me that's talking, may be my male-based greed
So we could hold each other and fulfill that primal need
It could grow to be much more, or too deep am I trying to read?
I can't help but wonder, where is this tension going

I open my mouth sometimes, preparing a line to speak
But I know anything I say will portray me as a geek
I'm rubbing my forehead now so toughly my brain may leak
I want to do this, get this said, before the end of the week
Preparation done, courage gone, brain hasn't been helping

Will you go to a movie? Oh I hope that you'll say yes
Or maybe even dinner? Or something else, I guess
No, it wouldn't be too formal, casual, jeans, no dress
If we dirty our clothing, home we can go to clean the mess
Towards your seat, my body seems to be moving.

I feel the touch on my shoulder, a brush on my head
A sudden twitch in my neck, a vague feeling of dread
All thoughts of you gone, away they have fled
With much more haste I now know I should have sped
As the cat licks my face awake, I know the pain of dreaming.

Guest 19 years ago