Birthday Gift - Poem

When are you going to realize,
it doesn't matter what's wrapped in paper?
My love for you will not wane
Nor will my appreciation taper

You say you're sorry, but I don't mind
A lot of me to learn, I think you'll find
This simple truth you'll have to take,
I don't care that there was no cake

The simple meal of fishsticks and tater tots
Capped with tartar sauce and green beans
Easy cooking, it fulfilled, it hit the spot
But you don't seem to remember what that means.

I don't care if there were no presents wrapped
And I don't want you to feel at all trapped.
The very best present, that you could give
is knowing that the two of you are alive.

Sitting at the table with my parents, it's true,
Was all on my birthday, I had hoped to do.
Between you and me, this will cause no rift,
And you should know that's the perfect gift.

Verileah 19 years ago
I'm such a girl. That one made me cry.
Guest 19 years ago
Im crying too, but for a different reason. Some of you read the story about my mother in law passing away this past september, and my baby girl (just turned three) loved her soo much, their birthdays are 4 days apart, and weve always celebrated them on the same day. Until this year anyway. No one can really know how much that poem can mean until their gone.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for that.