The Flu - Poem

Lying in my bed
Staring at the ceiling
I don't think you want to know
Exactly what I'm feeling
The tickle in my throat
The gurble in my belly
The wave of nausea
that rolls over me like jelly
Looking left, looking right
The eyes hurt when used for sight
Even with medicine, I know
The pounding ache just won't go
A twist of my innards
A yank at my balance
My body tilts towards
that porcelain bowl challenge
I know I laughed at my family
when sick with this they got
I know it wasn't nice of me
but I deserve it not!

Guest 19 years ago
oh dear! Im so totally in love with you hon. Damn he makes me cry with the parents poem, then the next one I read and Ive got the flu. The achy, snotty, feverish, chilled, nausea ridden, nose clogged, body achin, flu. LoL