where do I find...

A "nehru style jacket"? For V4 and / or M4... or maybe a modern paramedic looking outfit for V4.. Anyone seen anything that could work? Working on a project for someone and those are the outfit choices. =x

Not to mention I need some sort of underground base that looks like it could be the inside of area 51. I have a few ideas but again... either I am failing my "google search" dice rolls or I'm rusty. I tend to lean towards both =x

Temprah 14 years ago
Jacket is awesome Roz!!!!!!! And yeah I was eyeing several SM things pefore the sale ended but just couldn't settle on one I liked for a 50's retro kind of look.
Verity 14 years ago
How about this one?


if that one doesn't work, he *might* have another set that would work, although most seem to be more sci fiish.
Lessa 14 years ago
http://www.daz3d.com/i/shop/itemdetails/?item=2912 ?


both those are daz items and pretty affordable, especially if youve got a voucher to spend.
Temprah 14 years ago
@Verity - oooo he has some really good things! hmmmmm

@ Lessa - Yeah I have the GSFC and that was what I was leaning towards using. I wish I had seen Level 19 before the 50% off sale ended, I really like it. As for my voucher.... yeah that got spent within 5 minutes of getting the email it was available *lol*