Christmas Cards in Pencil

Christmas cards for some of my friends:

"May you find prosperity this Holiday Season and in the New Year"

"May all of your dreams come true this Holiday Season"

"From one fish to another, Merry Christmas!" -- we're both Pieces

"May you shed your worries this holiday season" -- Niko sheds like crazy

"May you receive an extra helping of Love this Holiday Season" -- he's into bears...the human'll have to come to your own conclusions privately.

Verileah 13 years ago
*school girl giggles whilst coming to her own conclusions*

Very sweet - I like that they're so personalized .
ROzbeans 13 years ago
LOL That is awesome! /claps!
Eve 13 years ago
Love all the personality in each card, definitely suited to each friend in turn. With the last, I would say the ball gag doesn't leave much room for speculation
Den 13 years ago
LOL - awesome John! I adore it when I get personalized cards like that, though I've only received two in my entire life! lol But I still have them!
tamaelia 13 years ago
LOL John, all the cards are fab I am a fish too, perhaps that is why your Dream of Fish scene was so alluring for me! That goldfish is a delight... it has the right amount of "lumpiness" and the expression is too funny, that startled, slightly grumpy face LOL

I like how you captured the expression on the dog's face, such a simple rendering and yet it has everything it needs. That is something I still struggle with... resisting the temptation to add more to a picture instead of letting the eye fill in the details and leave abit to the imagination.
Wystro 13 years ago
Thank you for the kind words =)

I'm so excited! I had to go to the dentist so that he could fix a filling, but I couldn't bear to stop working on one of my cards, so I brought it with me. Long story short, the dentist's receptionist is commissioning me to do a portrait of her two dogs! This is the card I was working on:

"May your holiday season be merciful..." <---Don King is a lovable but crabby dog. He co-starred with my friend Cindy in the "Cindy Noir" comic that I did this summer.

Two more to go for some random people, so they won't be quite so targeted =)
Aniyah 13 years ago
These are fabulous and I bet your friends treasure them. I would!