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ROzbeans 14 years ago
'What's 'hyperbole mechanics'?' The newcomer or stranger, take your pick, asked as she turned her back on him. He looked at her braided, long, black hair that, even in the dirtiest, grimiest part of the world, possessed that undeniable elven glimmer. The thick braid came to a pointed curl at the bottom and it swished as she let out a long sigh.

'You don't like questions, do you?' It wasn't a question, more of a statement, but he couldn't help but grin as she finally turned around only to look passed him at his steam mount. He watched her as she gave it an appraising look and ignored his questions. Finally she pushed off her work bench and walked passed him, getting a closer look at the mount. Her long elven ears were tied back along with her braid and the pierced metal rings twinkled in the sun.

Without slowing the least bit, she approached the mount and knelt down. 'Mind?' She asked already poking at its outer carriage. Pulling a tool out of her back pocket, underneath her jacket, she opened the carriage cage and made a face at the steam mount's innards. Reaching in, the newcomer watched her poke this, poke that, and then finally lay her hands on the mounts ribcage. It trembled for a moment and he felt the distinct rumble of earth beneath him.

'What are you...?' She cut him off with a dirty look and then closed her eyes, leaning in closer to the mount. A minute passed before she expertly twirled her tool in her hand and closed up the carriage. She looked down at her hands and rubbed her fingers together. Finally, she said something.

'Why were you out in the Noman?'

Noman was actually 'No Man's land', but people in these parts seemed to want to combine every word worth speaking. It was local speak and he was so tired of hearing it. Still, she wasn't local, that was obvious, but damned if she wasn't suspicious like all of them. If she could figure out where he was just by feeling his mount and looking at the dirt, then she could fix it. He shrugged.

'Does knowing that help you fix it?'


Pulling out his wallet he picked out some of the local cash and laid two bills on her work bench. 'Tomorrow or a couple days?'

'A couple days but,' the newcomer cut her off by walking passed her after he gently laid a hand on the mount, then he walked out of her merchant shack and back into the marketplace toward the local pub. 'What, you're not going to answer my question?'

He turned with an ungracious grin, 'Irritating, isn't it?' He winked as he crossed the road to the pub's wooden porch leading into the stone building when suddenly the ground beneath him turned to pure ice, causing him to slip and fall back with a loud crash.

Ice? In Morbourne? Turning back, he watched 'Just Naddie' twirl her tool and tuck it back into her back pocket. With a slow blink, she grabbed the steam mount by its reins and led it back behind her shack. There was very little effort on her part to hide her laughter.
ShutUpSara 14 years ago
Girls in corsets = win
Girls in corsets who how to fix your steam bike = epic

Kethaera 14 years ago
OK, so it's just a re-postworked version of my earlier piece of Clara, but I liked it!

ShutUpSara 14 years ago
Secret Service agents never let kids have any fun

Eve 14 years ago

Say hello to Osbert "Oz" Taylor, and his lil friend, Maximilian Cornelius Bonaparte, better known simply as Max the Monkey. Oz tends bar over at The Rusty Cog in Morbourne, and Max likes to "help". No one dares complain if a drink is spilled here and there when Max is trying to serve. For one thing, he's just too damn cute. For another, no one dares incur the wrath of the former steam pirate. No one touches a man's monkey!

Kethaera 14 years ago
Clara again, this time in her secret role as a mechanic. Roz can breath easy because this time I only used a few small elements from Littlefox's Steampunk set.

Feel free to ask me if you want to know how I did the outfit or whatevs.

Lessa 14 years ago

Steampunk elf
Eve 14 years ago

"Lord" Melvin Baxter by *DesignsByEve on deviantART

Hubby seems to think he looks like a real asshole. I was going for pompous jerk, so I guess that's close enough LoL
Jetamio 14 years ago
*needs to get paid*
Verity 14 years ago
First Mate Rachelle (Rusty) Sweeny, of the HMS Dalmatia. "The Calm Before the Storm"

Verileah 14 years ago
Yay, new sig!
ROzbeans 14 years ago
That turned out cool, Veri! Everyone's pictures are inspiring! I need to finish mine lol
quiarrah 14 years ago
When I first heard about this I ran off and started experimenting. (None of these are giveaways to who I have as they are all my charcter. . . .. )

Anyway. . .. these are what I came up with for my own. . . .

Eve 14 years ago

Lucky by *DesignsByEve on deviantART

Rawr! Everyone ready for next week?!
Lessa 14 years ago
I cant wait to see what everyone comes up with, seeing everyone else's work is my favorite part!
Nianya 14 years ago
LOL ummm.. not really Eve. =X I haven't even started. LOL Normally I would have started the day I got the name of the person.. but with buying a house, moving, unpacking, hubby starting new job, kids starting new schools.. I just haven't had time to scratch my own ass lately.

I promise though, it will be done in time for turn-ins!