The Bachelor bomb (no, not that one, the other not that one either...)

Paying to fly to some city, to audition your life and body for a tv show - $1500

Letting said tv show film you throwing yourself at 1 man - $500 (for the makeup, at least)

Getting your ass thrown off the show because you fucked a producer of the SAME SHOW you are on to find a HUSBAND - Priceless

Vulash 14 years ago
Adiene 14 years ago
ROFL "I don't think my personal life is anyones business ..." WTF u on the show for then stupid bitch hehe /rolleyes
ROzbeans 14 years ago
'I don't think me sucking that producer's dick is a it?'

You know that's what she was thinking.
Verileah 14 years ago
What, they expect people to just, like, abstain for the whole season?
Aniyah 14 years ago
hahah... wow. Why didn't the producer propose? :P
katlienc 14 years ago
I have to admit that I have never watched any incarnation of the bachelor. This clip is fraught with irony on SO many levels.
Onimi 14 years ago
wow this made me laugh. lol
Lillaanya 14 years ago
Ok, since I find other people's drama funny, I had to go watch this on Hulu now. I simply can't imagine being one of the women in that house. I just can't wrap my mind around competing against a houseful of women for, of all things, a man. Throw in a nice big check or something too and then I could prolly get on board with it lol.
Nianya 14 years ago
ROFL.. Now I'm gonna have to go watch it on hulu to see how the Bachelor reacted !
Lillaanya 14 years ago
OMG the show is like a train wreck. Make sure you make popcorn lol.
Aniyah 14 years ago
Trainwreck... like... Rock of Love! Although, I confess that I watched Rock of Love faithfully ---- left over from my teenage (years ago, mind you) fascination with Bret Hart and all things "hair band!"

Now those women were off the hook!
Lillaanya 14 years ago
I'm secretly just watching it hoping for a good catfight lol
Gongaa 14 years ago
In related news, Kenneth Starr is calling for the producer to be impeached.