Why we watch American Idol


ROzbeans 13 years ago
Other than the auditions, I cannot stand to watch American Idol. Honestly I don't know why it's so popular =x
KaAnna 13 years ago
I be sick of hearing about it. lol
Nianya 13 years ago
I'm with Roz.. I don't get the whole American Idol thing. Its cool and all to give folks the opportunity to become a singer and all, but not sure why all the hype about it. I'll take shows on Animal Planet or History Chanel over Idol anyday. LOL
Temprah 13 years ago
I watched the first season and really liked it. I'm very music oriented, love musicals and such. It's neat to see the different themed songs done.. but I didn't enjoy the auditions and especially not the bad performances. Second season, when they dropped Frenchy because she'd done online modeling I got really angry and swore off the show, never watched it since. Kinda glad since they added in tons more showing of the lame bad performances which I hate.
Lessa 13 years ago
I enjoy it, I loved the first season, and watched a couple other seasons as well, but its on at the same time as NCIS and hubby claims the TV that night ><

I dont think Ill be trying to watch next year when simon isnt there.. hes the smartest of the group of judges ><
Den 13 years ago
"We" don't. I've never seen one episode.
Vulash 13 years ago
Saw the part from that clip last night - pretty funny
Mileron 13 years ago
I don't watch it, but I do acquiesce to certain scenes when m'Lady says "check this person out."

Same as I don't watch "So You Think You Can Dance".
Verileah 13 years ago
I started watching it because it seemed like something the family could watch together. After a couple of seasons, we all sort of lost interest, but I enjoy picking a favorite and following him/her.

Anyway. 62. Wow.
Kelefane 13 years ago
I only watch American Idol for the people who get up there and make fools of themselves so I can lol - I never watch for the success stories....mostly due to the fact that the style of music that usually comes from that show makes my ears and eyes bleed.
Aniyah 13 years ago
I've never been able to watch the regular show -- it doesn't hold my interest. I do, however, love some of the auditions! Between those and the auditions for So You Think You Can Dance folks crack me up!
Adiene 13 years ago
hehe we watch it but it does annoy me. Every time someone new and different comes along they get the boot or screwed over somehow.
It's like if you are not that "carbon copy" of 102930923749283742938642783 singers already out there then you won't last/win no matter if you totally blow the other persons out of the water with that awesome voice/pitch/control/originality /rolleyes
Lessa 13 years ago
Even the losers can be awesome though.. Hello Daughtry /purr

I think its cool hes like, the most successful idol ever and he wasnt even in the top three.
ROzbeans 13 years ago
I thought Kelly Clarkson was the most successful American Idol person - or are you talking about the losers? I like Jordin Sparks - she won though, right? Her snotty speech at the awards ceremony last year though got on my nerves. I'm not an Adam Lambert fan - I like his bravado, just not into his music.
Lessa 13 years ago
Jordin Sparks has done stuff with Akon, shes fairly successful, but I dont think so much as Kelly or that country chick or Daughtry. I love Kelly, i have a buch of her songs on my playlists, shes very good. I dont think any of them have sold as many albums or singles as he has though, or won quite as many awards, though think theyve all gotten grammys.
katlienc 13 years ago
That is a pretty funny clip. I like General Larry LOL. I don't regularly watch American Idol, so thanks for posting that link.
Lessa 13 years ago

Already a hit lol, Neil Young covered it...
Vulash 13 years ago
That was awesome
Adiene 13 years ago
yeah true loosers can be winners to hehe Funny that they used a Daughtry as their song on AI haha
I met Jordin Sparks couple years ago now. She seemed nice enough but was totally fake. One of our friends took care of all her needs and what not while she was in the area and she was like omfg it was a nighmare .. LOL why are people like that ?! I liked her before she told me all the crap she pulled /rolleyes
What was that one chick last year or year before last that was like a biker nurse with the whole "joplin" thing going? hehe she was kinda cool she had attitude lmao