EQ Mafia Day 1: A clean kill

One of Farhnold’s many errand boys had once asked him, in a fit of impertinence, if it wasn’t a little…sissy…to take so many baths. Farhnold felt that his intimidating gaze was enough to silence the lad, and smirked in reflection as he picked up the soap and began to lather.


“Where is he? Where is that man? If he’s taking one of his poncy baths again I swear…”

Eurlich was nervous. He was to find his master and deliver a note, but his master was nowhere to be found. Well, there was one place he had not checked…but he was only supposed to interrupt one of Farhnold’s beauty sessions, er, baths, in an emergency! Was this an emergency? He wasn’t sure….the person who handed him the note had seemed to think it was pretty important, though it was hard to say for sure what with the black cloak covering the messenger’s form.


Farhnold struggled wildly against the many hands that seemed to come out of nowhere to hold down his head in the bathtub. Every time he evaded one hand, it seemed there was another to take its place, as though whoever held him was some hybrid creature, part human and part octopus. Finally, Farhnold was able to break the surface of the water, but even as he took a great gasping breath, he was forced under again.


Eurlich walked slowly up to the door, wondering what he would say to his master. Though he may mock Farhnold inwardly, he knew his master was no one to be fooled with and his knees trembled as he approached the door and turned the knob.

It occurred to Eurlich, as he looked in horror at his master’s dead form, that if he wasn’t involved in an emergency before, he certainly was now. With shaking hands he opened the note, and almost immediately dropped it on the ground as he let out a wail of grief and fear.

Drifting harmlessly to the floor, the note could be read by any who entered Farhnold’s bathroom.

“We are coming.”

Rasberry 19 years ago

"Beauty session indeed. I've told Farhnold that those baths of his were a waste of time. It doesn't matter how often a human washes, he still smells like the underbelly of a mule.

Now the poor fool is dead, and I imagine this nonsense is going to greatly inconvenience my research..."
Larene_Stormfire 19 years ago
Taylina sat in the Tavern.....a tankard of ale in hand. She had just heard the news...and fondling the amulet she had worn around her neck for several years he thought to herself.........*Who in thier right mind would kill someone in New Tannan?**

"Ah well back to the ale, barkeep another!"
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Hammerthynn Healingson watched the flurry of people run about in the streets. He slowly hitched his horse as he watched with his one eye. He did not catch the attention of anyone on the street as he rested his hand on his mounts saddle and chuckled.
James Fraser 19 years ago
The young boy comes running as fast as he can, and nearly trips over the bit of rubble lying about in the doorway.

"Master! Master!"

I look up from my papers trying to figure the expenses of the days work, to see what the boy wanted, and knew. So he'd heard. Well, I have to deal with it at some time.

"Theres been a killing! Fahrnold was murdered during his bath!"

I choked off a sarcastic quip about the poor dear's constant bathing and instead said "Aye, I heard boy. Do 'ee have any messages from the town?"

The boy looked confused for a second. Ah so he forgot.

"Ah weel, boy it's alright. Let us both head into town and find out together. I should like to check out the faces of our friends today, anyway."
Aramous 19 years ago
Brujah mixes in with the people gathered in the commotion and tries to hear what each individual is saying. He looks around, with a coy look, letting everything sink into his mind, to see what exactly happened. As he bottles up all the facts into his head he looks around to find another bar to sit back and contemplate what has happened thus far.
Vulash 19 years ago
Pity. This mess is getting out of hand.
Aziyade 19 years ago
Muschi sat alone, forlornly sipping her ale. It was common knowledge among the League that he was a frequent bather, but who else would know that? She refused to believe that it could be one of their own that would commit such a foul deed...unless...she began to think of who had left the League, who among the recently departed would bear such a grudge?
Danq 19 years ago
Carlan walks into the tavern quietly. His sparkling blue eyes magnify his icy countenance as he peers across the room. A look of skepticism and disgust meets each individual as he silently surveys his guildmates.

"I assure you that Lord Mithaniel is not pleased," he snarls as he makes his way towards Ladina.

"Ladina, say what you will. None of it matters, as your dainty race has yet to produce a paladin as strong, as handsome or as pious as I am. Many a time I have denied females from your race the pleasure. Ha!" Carlan playfully nudges Ladina and breaks his stern face for a brief second, before regaining his seriousness.

"I suspect Innoruuk's work here. All descendants of Innoruuk will meet a bloody and violent fate like our comrade Fahnold met. Our trust in ourselves and the League itself is going to crumble, so I suggest that you use the natural survival instincts given by your false god Tunare to keep yourself from meeting your own pre-ordained fate earlier than you'd wish."

Carlan sets his half-drank ale on the bar, and walks out of the room.
Larene_Stormfire 19 years ago
Taylina hearing Carlan, begins to speak in a slurred voice "Innoruuk indeed brother mine!" "Tis the work of a Death Squad mark my words!"
Stormystone 19 years ago
Szordrin looks around from a corner table. His dark armor and dark skin nearly making him invisible in the shadows, he surveys the room. Perhaps this place isn't as different than Neriak as he thought. There are dark times ahead. It is indeed frightening to not know friend from foe. As he looks to each one of his guildmates he remembers some words from his past. " The one who watches for daggers in his back, usually meets death unexpected from the front." It's going to be a long night.
Aramous 19 years ago